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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Birt \Birt\ (b[~e]rt), n. [OE. byrte; cf. F. bertonneau. Cf. Bret, Burt.] (Zo["o]l.) A fish of the turbot kind; the brill. [Written also burt, bret, or brut.] [Prov. Eng.]


Brill \Brill\, n. [Cf. Corn. brilli mackerel, fr. brith streaked, speckled.] (Zo["o]l.) A fish allied to the turbot ( Rhombus levis), much esteemed in England for food; -- called also bret, pearl, prill. See Bret. [1913 Webster] ||


Bret is a male given name, which derives from Breton, a person from Brittany in France.

People so named include:

  • Bret Anderson (born 1974), Canadian football player
  • Bret Baier (born 1970), American journalist
  • Bret Bergmark (born 1973), American mixed martial artist
  • Bret Bielema (born 1970), American football coach
  • Bret Blevins (born 1960), American comic book artist
  • Bret Boone (born 1969), American baseball player
  • Bret Cooper (born 1970), American football player
  • Bret Easton Ellis (born 1964), American writer
  • Bret Gilliam, American diver
  • Bret Haaland (born 1959), American animator
  • Bret Harrison (born 1982), American actor
  • Bret Hart (born 1957), Canadian wrestler
  • Bret Harte (1836-1902), American author
  • Bret Hedican (born 1970), American ice hockey player
  • Bret Iwan (born 1982), American voice actor
  • Bret Anthony Johnston (born 1972), American writer
  • Bret Loehr (born 1993), American actor
  • Bret McKenzie (born 1976), New Zealand musician and actor
  • Bret Michaels (born 1963), American singer
  • Bret Morrison (1912-1978), American actor
  • Bret Saberhagen (born 1964), American baseball player
  • Bret Schundler (born 1959), American politician
  • Bret Stephens (born 1973), American journalist
  • Bret Thornton (born 1983), Australian football player

Fictional characters with the given name include:

  • Bret Leather, in the comic book series Planetary
  • Bret Maverick, in the television series Maverick and subsequent movies
  • Bret Rensselaer, in several spy novels by Len Deighton
Bret (given name)
Bret (disambiguation)

Bret is a male first name.

Bret may also refer to:

  • David Bret (born 1954), French-born British author
  • Patrice Bret (born 1971), French ski mountaineer
  • Bioluminescence Resonance Energy Transfer
  • Hurricane Bret (disambiguation)

Usage examples of "bret".

Childhood incidents and the compelling magnetism of Bret Cavanaugh make Jessica Butler a heroine you will not soon forget.

When she had been a teenager, she and the rest of the family had always thought of Bret as simply the finest quarterback in the history of Southern college football, but Jess had long since dismissed that as family prejudice.

She was getting a little tired of waiting for Bret to answer the phone.

The security guard was a young woman and when Bret Cavanaugh smiled, his gray eyes glowed with a warm light that women had been known to have trouble resisting.

As more people emptied out of the concourse, Bret realized why she was no nearer.

His mother used to sigh and joke that Bret had been born a hundred years too late.

Football was an autumn sport, and Bret found himself restless during the rest of the year.

He knew that although no one was going to inherit the farm for a good, long time, in the end it would be Bret who did.

He resented the orders his father gave him and the quick way Clay made decisions, not consulting Bret, never explaining his reasons.

Clay would turn stony, refusing to explain himself or listen to Bret at all.

Bret Cavanaugh and less than a year younger than his brother Luke, but Bret knew her better.

Last summer Rafe Storey had lost his hired hand, and Clay Cavanaugh had, without asking Bret about it, sent his oldest son over to the Storey place to help out some.

Since his mother had begged him to be especially nice to the girl, Bret started spending a little bit of time with her before and after his work.

But even so, Bret had been surprised at how quickly she learned how to accompany herself on every song she knew.

He found Cal Winsley, an emaciated, pockmarked man in his midthirties, for whom Bret had about as much use as he did for Storey.