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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Rille \Rille\ (r[i^]l), n. [G. rille a furrow.] (Astron.) One of certain narrow, crooked valleys seen, by aid of the telescope, on the surface of the moon.


n. (context planetology English) A long, narrow depression in that resembles a channel, found on the surface of various lunar and planetary bodies.


Rillé is a commune in the Indre-et-Loire department in central France.

Rille (disambiguation)

A rille is a groove-like depression in the lunar surface. It may also refer to:

  • Risle, river in Normandy also spelt Rille
  • Rillé, village and commune in Indre-et-Loire

Usage examples of "rille".

When the two photographs were developed and placed side by side in a stereopticon viewer, almost identical with the ones that had enchanted tea parties in the 1890s, features leaped from the flat surface, and one could see Moon rocks looming up ahead and craters and rilles.

He closed his eyes, wrapped his untrapped right arm around her so that he cupped her delicate shoulder blade in his palm and felt the long, smooth rille of her spine all pinched up receiving the intensity of his returning kiss.

The rilles, dry seas, and mountain chains were preternaturally distinct.

She was outfitted in black capri pants, rilles, and a sleeveless blue midriff blouse that pre- r matched the color of her eyes.

And already Henry could see Jays Malone's rille: Schröter's Valley, a dry valley gouged into the sandy surface of the Moon by a brief, late spasm of lunar volcanism.

He set up his pc, checked the data link to the remote station he'd set up in the rille, and started tapping at his keyboard.

It was an outcrop of Cobra Head, the old volcanic dome here, the source of the lava which had gouged out the rille.