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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a laundry basket
▪ Pete put his dirty clothes in the laundry basket.
a picnic basket/hamper (=a container in which you carry food for a picnic)
basket case
clothes basket
hanging basket
laundry basket
Moses basket
shopping basket
wastepaper basket
▪ Another way to grow a carrot top is in a hanging basket.
▪ Some overlook the inner well of the building adorned with hanging baskets.
▪ If you don't have one, get a window box or hanging basket.
▪ When the feathery shoots appear, they will grow up around the carrot top to make a pretty hanging basket.
▪ Businesses and residents have done their bit with hanging baskets.
▪ Plant out bedding plants, hanging baskets and window boxes now.
▪ Tubs, urns, hanging baskets and even old butler sinks all make ideal containers for flowers and foliage.
▪ We sell dried flowers and herbs by the bunch and a large range of baskets.
▪ I have seen poultry and rabbits and large baskets of butter and eggs sharing seats down to Barnard Castle.
▪ Gabians are large wire baskets filled with rocks and linked together.
▪ A young porter stood in the corridor, a large laundry basket by his side.
▪ Aptly named Tumbler is an ideal tomato for a large basket or even a patio tub or window box.
▪ When discovered, her face and upper body were protected by a large woven winnowing basket.
▪ Colour the remaining royal icing brown and pipe with a medium writing nozzle attachment ropes between the large basket and the balloon.
▪ What a crafty little basket I was.
▪ She took a little basket and filled it with bread from the cupboard, lying a white cloth over the top.
▪ They had a little basket they put over there right by the casket.
▪ She lowers a little basket down to me on a rope.
▪ Quickly she went into the next room, returning a moment later with a small linen basket.
▪ The truffles are sorted, brushed clean, weighed on Roman scales and placed in small chestnut baskets.
▪ Louis' head fell into a small basket placed to catch it.
▪ By any measure, the delta is an environmental basket case.
▪ Compared to them, I was without skill, a vocational basket case.
▪ Time to get out the tree, the ornaments, the special gift baskets and the ceramic figurines to decorate the house.
▪ The teenager won't put her soiled clothing in the laundry basket as requested; they don't get washed.
▪ But her daughter lined a huge laundry basket for the infant, and wherever she went, the basket went with her.
▪ She wore a swirling dress with something bright wrapped round the waist, and she carried a laundry basket.
▪ There were flowers on the table but no pants in the laundry basket.
▪ Iachimo had fallen into a laundry basket.
▪ A young porter stood in the corridor, a large laundry basket by his side.
▪ Between them and Geoffrey was the little stool Geoffrey had been sitting on while his computer sat on top of an upturned laundry basket.
▪ Whilst cricket was played onlookers would sit along the bank at Petts Field with picnic baskets and with gramophones playing.
▪ Families with children carrying picnic baskets, thermoses, baseball bats, shoulder bags.
▪ She brought lashings of food in a picnic basket.
▪ Families spread checkered cloths on the lawn and opened picnic baskets.
▪ I'd better collect the picnic basket.
▪ This is what I think of as true peasant bread and it makes a terrific loaf for the picnic basket.
▪ Matthew looked up from the picnic basket as though aware of her intent, serious gaze.
▪ He began to pack things into the picnic basket.
▪ Fumbling with the latch key, she rushed for the telephone, thrusting the shopping basket at Edward.
▪ The effects of inflation are not limited to the shopping basket, says Raoul Pinnell, Prudential's marketing director.
▪ We chose a shopping basket of 29 items to compare them with Tesco and Sainsbury.
▪ Their shopping basket was £2.43 cheaper than in Sainsbury's, and £2.46p cheaper than in Tesco's.
▪ She dropped it into her wastepaper basket.
▪ Getting up from rummaging in the wastepaper basket, she bumped her head, very lightly, on the sink.
▪ Draft after draft was relegated to the wastepaper basket.
▪ But the advent of the computer game generation and the recession has consigned Roy of the Rovers to football's wastepaper basket.
▪ Rather than leave it on the floor they perhaps put it in the wastepaper basket to deal with later.
▪ Doug slowly tore up the report before dropping the pieces in the wastepaper basket.
▪ Before she could throw the water into the wastepaper basket, the reports had gone up in smoke.
▪ Then she consigned the letter to the wastepaper basket.
▪ Yes B: Nude tramp carrying wicker basket 5 V: More information on the hover mower.
▪ Present-day medicine men use wicker baskets and reed arrows.
▪ Nobody asked her what was in the wicker basket she had put under the seat.
▪ There's a wicker basket in the middle of the table and plates and glasses and stuff on the table.
▪ She looked for him in the oven, the fridge, the wicker basket that held wastepaper beside her desk.
▪ Louise walked ahead of him up the path carrying the pie in a wicker basket.
▪ The toboggan consists of a wide wicker basket with a cushioned seat, set on wooden runners.
▪ Ivy, candles and fruit arranged in a wire basket make a sumptuous centrepiece.
▪ Gabians are large wire baskets filled with rocks and linked together.
▪ In practice, spray containers are laid in a wire basket inside a sealed container.
▪ He held a wire basket with a modest stack of provisions.
▪ He had a wire basket in his left hand, in which he had placed two tins of pineapple cubes.
▪ She took the loaded wire basket to the outlet, paid, filled her carrier bags, and went homewards by Underground.
▪ Mrs MacNeice brought a basket of potatoes to roast in their jackets and a fine supply of tomatoes.
▪ This time all had brought baskets, knowing that the flowers were now at their perfection.
▪ In Brussels, prices rose, after late buying of baskets of shares overcame profit-taking.
▪ They bought six hanging baskets, three bird feeders, three wind chimes, plus the chains and hooks.
▪ Yes B: Nude tramp carrying wicker basket 5 V: More information on the hover mower.
▪ I bumped into porters carrying baskets on their shoulders.
▪ She wore a swirling dress with something bright wrapped round the waist, and she carried a laundry basket.
▪ They each carried two baskets, leaving the fifth behind until the weather cleared.
▪ She travelled partly by carriage and partly on foot, carrying her basket.
▪ Do let me carry that basket for you.
▪ In the distance she saw Fräulein, carrying a flower basket.
▪ The company will also fill your existing baskets and containers with flowers of your choice.
▪ At first, they were sending up sponges every few minutes, filling wooden baskets.
▪ He put roses into her hair and filled her basket with strawberries and flowers.
▪ The big church was filled with baskets of beautiful flowers and an organ played soft music.
▪ A solitary fern-gatherer was filling his basket with specimens.
▪ Alternatively, you could fill the basket with his favourite foods or toiletries.
▪ Most gardeners will want to grow them in hanging baskets, window boxes and tubs.
▪ Fern bars sprung up with hanging macrame baskets.
▪ In the light breeze, all of the hanging things danced, baskets and feeders and chimes.
▪ We have time to go get those hanging baskets you want.
▪ They bought six hanging baskets, three bird feeders, three wind chimes, plus the chains and hooks.
▪ He held a wire basket with a modest stack of provisions.
▪ Léonie ran up the stairs to the grenier and reappeared holding a basket of plums.
▪ Customers pick up a basket and walk around the store, selecting the goods they require.
▪ Her father said he had never seen a man pick a basket of apples faster.
▪ They placed the baskets in a convenient hollow by a large pine and covered them with the blanket.
▪ These objects add instant nostalgia when hung on your kitchen wall or placed in a basket on your counter top.
▪ He placed the basket on one of the shelves and closed the door.
▪ The truffles are sorted, brushed clean, weighed on Roman scales and placed in small chestnut baskets.
▪ She places the basket in the center of the floor.
▪ She put down her basket and advanced towards the bed.
▪ Pam puts together holiday food baskets topped with her own special home-made brownies.
▪ Gently, he carried him outside and put him in the basket.
▪ One of them put a basket of hot bread on the table.
▪ She put them into the basket and Chola stretched across the fire to pass her a puri.
▪ She put down the basket to get a look at some fish.
▪ Ignoring said message, I climbed on to the wall and put the trailing fuchsia basket up on high.
▪ You put it in the basket yourself.
▪ I was shooting baskets with a fourth-grade boy.
▪ I could not even ride a bicycle, much less shoot baskets or play tennis.
▪ Terry ran after it, and for about ten minutes he tried to show her how to shoot a basket.
▪ I shoot baskets and I see a car coming down.
▪ She learned to shoot baskets from her much older brothers in the driveway of their Vancouver, Washington, home.
▪ She had been shooting baskets since she was old enough to hold a ball.
▪ With eleven seconds left to play, Arizona State sinks a basket.
▪ She goes on to make two great passes, two assists, and then sink another three-point basket.
▪ Jess and Sally are cold, but Red sinks five baskets in three minutes, and Roy hits three of her shots.
▪ She watches as Anita Kaplan, the hulking six-foot-five senior, sinks the first basket for Stanford.
▪ Red goes up for one more fake, comes down fast and, triple-teamed, sinks the basket.
▪ No pep talk is going to be as meaningful as sinking a basket or two.
put all your eggs in one basket
shoot hoops/baskets
▪ Let's go out and shoot a few hoops.
▪ I shoot baskets and I see a car coming down.
▪ I could not even ride a bicycle, much less shoot baskets or play tennis.
▪ I was shooting baskets with a fourth-grade boy.
▪ She had been shooting baskets since she was old enough to hold a ball.
▪ She learned to shoot baskets from her much older brothers in the driveway of their Vancouver, Washington, home.
▪ a basket full of fruit
▪ Every basket she makes gives her permission to go for another.
▪ He knew he must make the return crossing, as he had advertised, blindfolded and with baskets on his feet.
▪ I stood on the low wall and tried to unhook the basket.
▪ Men kept feeling my puris and throwing them back into the baskets if they were not satisfied as to their softness.
▪ She also gave her a basket, to be like Red Riding Hood in the story.
▪ To go along, grab one of the garlic knot rolls from the bread basket.
▪ Wicker waste paper baskets and bathroom sponges are guaranteed to be disintegrated at an alarming rate if left in the open.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Receptacle \Re*cep"ta*cle\ (r[-e]*s[e^]p"t[.a]*k'l), n. [F. r['e]ceptacle, L. receptaculum, fr. receptare, v. intens. fr. recipere to receive. See Receive.]

  1. That which serves, or is used, for receiving and containing something, as for examople, a basket, a vase, a bag, a reservoir; a repository.

    O sacred receptacle of my joys!

  2. (Bot.)

    1. The apex of the flower stalk, from which the organs of the flower grow, or into which they are inserted. See Illust. of Flower, and Ovary.

    2. The dilated apex of a pedicel which serves as a common support to a head of flowers.

    3. An intercellular cavity containing oil or resin or other matters.

    4. A special branch which bears the fructification in many cryptogamous plants.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

early 13c., from Anglo-French bascat, origin obscure despite much speculation. On one theory from Latin bascauda "kettle, table-vessel," said by the Roman poet Martial to be from Celtic British and perhaps cognate with Latin fascis "bundle, faggot," in which case it probably originally meant "wicker basket." But OED frowns on this, and there is no evidence of such a word in Celtic unless later words in Irish and Welsh, counted as borrowings from English, are original.


n. 1 A lightweight container, generally round, open at the top, and tapering toward the bottom. 2 A wire or plastic container similar in shape to a basket, used for carrying articles for purchase in a shop. 3 In an online shop, a notional place to store items before ordering them. 4 (context basketball English) A circular hoop, from which a net is suspended, which is the goal through which the players try to throw the ball. 5 (context basketball English) The act of putting the ball through the basket, thereby scoring points. 6 The game of basketball. 7 A dance movement in some line dances, where men put their arms round the women's lower backs, and the women put their arms over the mens' shoulders, and the group (usually of four, any more is difficult) spins round, which should result in the women's feet leaving the ground. 8 (context UK slang English) genitals. 9 (context obsolete English) In a stage-coach, two outside seats facing each other. 10 (context archaic English) A protection for the hand on a sword or a singlestick; a guard of a bladed weapon. 11 # A singlestick with a basket hilt. 12 (context ballooning English) Where the pilot and passengers are. vb. To place in a #Noun or in baskets.

  1. n. a container that is usually woven and has handles [syn: handbasket]

  2. the quantity contained in a basket [syn: basketful]

  3. horizontal hoop with a net through which players try to throw the basketball [syn: basketball hoop, hoop]

  4. a score in basketball made by throwing the ball through the hoop [syn: field goal]


A basket is a container which is traditionally constructed from stiff fibers, which can be made from a range of materials, including wood splints, runners, and cane. While most baskets are made from plant materials, other materials such as horsehair, baleen, or metal wire can be used. Baskets are generally woven by hand. Some baskets are fitted with a lid, others are left open.

Basket (disambiguation)

A basket is a wicker container used for transporting many things from small animals to food products.

Basket or baskets may also refer to:

  • Baskets, the two back seats facing one another on the outside of a stagecoach
  • Basket (finance), an economic term for a collection of securities aggregated into a single product to allow for simultaneous trading
  • Baskets (TV series), a U.S. television series on FX
  • Market basket, an economic term for a collection of goods for tracking their price
  • Basket Dome, a mountain in California
  • Breadbasket, a region of country which produces an agricultural surplus which is considered vital for the country as a whole
  • Basketball, a sport
  • BasKet Note Pads, a note taking piece of software; part of the KDE environment
Basket (finance)

In finance, a basket is a group of several securities created for the purpose of simultaneous buying or selling. Baskets are frequently used for program trading.

Certain specific products can be seen as specialized "baskets".

  • Index funds are a basket for all the securities in a particular exchange, weighted appropriately.
  • Market baskets are baskets for all the securities on a particular market, weighted appropriately.
  • Basket options are exotic options for which the underlying is a (weighted) combination of individual assets.

Usage examples of "basket".

An excellent poison can be swiftly produced under field conditions by boiling two baskets of oleander leaves, distilling the essence, and adding three ounces of dried aconite tubers.

When I came to look at my third basket, judge my dismay to find that it was addressed to the Cavaliere Aquamorta, at the Albergo del Sole.

On watch in the fir tree early the third afternoon, Alec saw Stamie emerge though the postern with a large basket on her back and set off into the woods.

The bottom of the basket bumped, then acted as a break as the balloon, pulled by the slight breeze, rushed on up the slope, so of course the basket tipped on to its side and we were dragged for many bone-shaking yards while the actual ground came nearer and nearer our heads until finally the basket was grounded on its beam ends and we were all stacked as if in pigeonholes above it.

Ayla opened a small parfleche, a carrying case made of stiff rawhide, in which she had packed food for them, some dried meat that she thought was aurochs, and a small basket of dried blueberries and little tart plums.

She selected three, adding them to the small roast chicken, French baguette, and assorted vegetables in her shopping basket, and took it all over to the cashier.

Vanessa unpacks the picnic basket while I run around trying to find intact baobab pods so that we can crack open their hairy shells and suck the sour white powder off the seeds.

He had collected some palm fronds for the task and was devising ways of weaving them together to form meat baskets, a huge one for Bazil and a small one for himself.

They wandered deeper into the woods, Sister Hyacinthe adding various leaves and roots to her basket: scallions, borage, primrose and mints.

Philo came back with a basket, Sebastian took his leave and strode to the bordello, watching the street, watching the people.

Gerraent climbed up the side of the broch, working his way up the rough stone while the priest waited below with a basket.

The last basket was long and shallow, so heavy that to move it Bram had been forced to drag it across the Brume Hall floor.

Biddie Byce rushed by, a basket of winter grown carrots pressed against her chest.

Next to the swan-necked silver ewer containing the coffee rested a plate of sliced fresh fruit, a keep-warm basket filled with sweetened bread, and a three-tiered dish containing colorful miniature cakelets and cookies.

Smith spread the plantain leaf on the ground and began to remove the contents of the basket, displaying a large baked fish, the half of a cold roast suckling pig, cooked breadfruit, scraped white and wrapped in leaves, and a small calabash filled with the delicious coconut sauce called taioro.