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A bandplan or band plan is a plan for using a particular band of radio frequencies, that are a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Each bandplan defines the frequency range to be included, how channels are to be defined, and what will be carried on those channels. Typical definitions set forth in a bandplan are:

  • numbering scheme – which channel numbers or letters (if any) will be assigned
  • center frequencies – how far apart the carrier wave for each channel will be
  • bandwidth and/or deviation – how wide each channel will be
  • spectral mask – how extraneous signals will be attenuated by frequency
  • modulation – what type will be used or are permissible
  • content – what types of information are allowed, such as audio or video, analog or digital
  • licensing – what the procedure will be to obtain a broadcast license

The actual authorized frequency bands are defined by the ITU and the local regulating agencies like the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the USA.