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electromagnetic spectrum

n. (context physics English) The entire range of wavelengths of all known electromagnetic radiations extending from gamma rays through visible light, infrared, and radio wave, to X-ray.

electromagnetic spectrum

n. the entire frequency range of electromagnetic waves

Electromagnetic spectrum

colspan=3 | Class




rowspan=11 | Ionizingradiation

rowspan=3 | γ

rowspan=3 | Gamma rays

300 EHz

30 EHz

10 pm

124 keV

rowspan=2 | HX

rowspan=2 | Hard X-rays

3 EHz

100 pm

12.4 keV

rowspan=4 | SX

rowspan=4 | Soft X-rays

300 PHz

1 nm

1.24 keV

30 PHz

10 nm

124 eV

rowspan=2 | EUV

rowspan=2 | Extremeultraviolet

3 PHz

100 nm

12.4 eV

rowspan=2 | NUV

rowspan=2 | Nearultraviolet

rowspan=2 style="background:linear-gradient(to bottom,#f6f 0%,#0ff 30%,#ff0 80%,#f66 100%);" | Visible

300 THz

1 μm

1.24 eV

rowspan=2 | NIR

rowspan=2 | Near infrared

30 THz

10 μm

124 meV

rowspan=2 | MIR

rowspan=2 | Mid infrared

3 THz

100 μm

12.4 meV

rowspan=2 | FIR

rowspan=2 | Far infrared

300 GHz

1 mm

1.24 meV

rowspan=16 | Micro-waves



rowspan=2 | EHF

rowspan=2 | Extremely highfrequency

30 GHz

1 cm

124 μeV

rowspan=2 | SHF

rowspan=2 | Super highfrequency

3 GHz

1 dm

12.4 μeV

rowspan=2 | UHF

rowspan=2 | Ultra highfrequency

300 MHz

1 m

1.24 μeV

rowspan=2 | VHF

rowspan=2 | Very highfrequency

30 MHz

10 m

124 neV

rowspan=2 | HF

rowspan=2 | Highfrequency

3 MHz

100 m

12.4 neV

rowspan=2 | MF

rowspan=2 | Mediumfrequency

300 kHz

1 km

1.24 neV

rowspan=2 | LF

rowspan=2 | Lowfrequency

30 kHz

10 km

124 peV

rowspan=2 | VLF

rowspan=2 | Very lowfrequency

3 kHz

100 km

12.4 peV

rowspan=2 | ULF

rowspan=2 | Ultra low frequency

300 Hz

1 Mm

1.24 peV

rowspan=2 | SLF

rowspan=2 | Super lowfrequency

30 Hz

10 Mm

124 feV

rowspan=3 | ELF

rowspan=3 | Extremely lowfrequency

3 Hz

100 Mm

12.4 feV

colspan=7 | Sources: :File:Light spectrum.svg

The electromagnetic spectrum is the collective term for all known frequencies and their linked wavelengths of the known photons ( electromagnetic radiation ). The "electromagnetic spectrum" of an object has a different meaning, and is instead the characteristic distribution of electromagnetic radiation emitted or absorbed by that particular object.

The electromagnetic spectrum extends from below the low frequencies used for modern radio communication to gamma radiation at the short- wavelength (high-frequency) end, thereby covering wavelengths from thousands of kilometers down to a fraction of the size of an atom. Visible light lies toward the shorter end, with wavelengths from 400 to 700 nanometres. The limit for long wavelengths is the size of the universe itself, while it is thought that the short wavelength limit is in the vicinity of the Planck length. Until the middle of the 20th century it was believed by most physicists that this spectrum was infinite and continuous.

Nearly all types of electromagnetic radiation can be used for spectroscopy, to study and characterize matter. Other technological uses are described under electromagnetic radiation.

Usage examples of "electromagnetic spectrum".

It may be that the lower light vibration - the one that falls within the electromagnetic spectrum and therefore guides our perception - decodes the higher vibration of the quantum hologram.

For instance, a black hole as light as a small asteroid would emit about as much radiation as a million-megaton hydrogen bomb, with radiation concentrated in the gamma-ray part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

All the high, dry sites around the globe were now thronged with telescopes that spied upward in every band of the electromagnetic spectrum: radio to gamma ray, with many stops in between.

They have no fire, either, so they cannot 'see' the electromagnetic spectrum like other creatures do.

And the elements of the second triad of the periodic table proved to be a key to the use of his new spectrum, a kind of imperfect philosophers' stone, as iron and nickel and cobalt had always been to the sister energies of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Therefore we should be able to communicate by optical techniques, using the part of the electromagnetic spectrum visible to humans.

Ozma went wrong: they were only looking for signals in the electromagnetic spectrum.

That's where Project Ozma went wrong: they were only looking for signals in the electromagnetic spectrum.

Electrons chittered all over the electromagnetic spectrum, violently roiling in the aftermath of the weapon.

Under controlled conditions, I could not generate the least attoerg of detectable energy anywhere in the electromagnetic spectrum let alone produce a coherent laserlike beam.

And may the Prophets ensure that neither the planetary sensors nor the spoon-heads will think to check the electromagnetic spectrum for low-tech radio broadcasts, breathed Joson Wabak silently.

Imperial technology was EMP-proof, but they'd counted on lighter weapons, with less ruinous effect on the electromagnetic spectrum, and she only hoped the targeting data had gotten through .