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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Curiously anodyne music from heroes that hip-hop forgot.
▪ For the next five years, until his death in 1953, he ground out anodyne pieces.
▪ He thus seems to go too far initially, and then shrink back to an anodyne conclusion.
▪ The introductions in both books are anodyne and brief.
▪ The only consultations now were with Beckman's market research consultancy over anodyne questions of marketing.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Anodyne \An"o*dyne\ ([a^]n"[-o]*d[imac]n), a. [L. anodynus, Gr. ? free from pain, stilling pain; 'an priv. + ? pain: cf. F. anodin.] Serving to assuage pain; soothing.

The anodyne draught of oblivion.

Note: ``The word [in a medical sense] in chiefly applied to the different preparations of opium, belladonna, hyoscyamus, and lettuce.''
--Am. Cyc.


Anodyne \An"o*dyne\, n. [L. anodynon. See Anodyne, a.] Any medicine which allays pain, as an opiate or narcotic; anything that soothes disturbed feelings.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1540s, from Medieval Latin anodynus "pain-removing, allaying pain," from Latin anodynus "painless," from Greek anodynos "free from pain," from an- "without" (see an- (1)) + odyne "pain," a word perhaps from PIE root *ed- "to eat" (source of Lithuanian edžioti "to devour, bite," edžiotis "to suffer pain;" see eat). In old slang, frequently a euphemism for "death;" as in anodyne necklace "hangman's noose."


a. 1 capable of soothe or eliminating pain. (from 16th c.) 2 (context figuratively English) soothing or relaxing. (from 18th c.) 3 noncontentious, blandly agreeable, unlikely to cause offence or debate; bland, inoffensive. (from 20th c.) n. 1 (context pharmacology English) Any medicine or other agent that relieves pain. 2 (context figuratively English) A source of relaxation or comfort.

  1. adj. capable of relieving pain; "the anodyne properties of certain drugs"; "an analgesic effect" [syn: analgesic, analgetic]

  2. n. a medicine used to relieve pain [syn: analgesic, painkiller, pain pill]


An anodyne is a drug used to lessen pain through reducing the sensitivity of the brain or nervous system. The term was common in medicine before the 20th century, but such drugs are now more often known as analgesics or painkillers. __NOTOC__

Anodyne (album)

Anodyne is the fourth and final studio album by alternative country band Uncle Tupelo, released on October 5, 1993. The recording of the album was preceded by the departure of the original drummer Mike Heidorn and the addition of three new band members: bassist John Stirratt, drummer Ken Coomer, and multi-instrumentalist Max Johnston. The band signed with Sire Records shortly before recording the album; Anodyne was Uncle Tupelo's only major label release until 89/93: An Anthology in 2002.

Recorded in Austin, Texas, Anodyne featured a split in songwriting credits between singers Jay Farrar and Jeff Tweedy, plus a cover version of the Doug Sahm song "Give Back the Key to My Heart", with Sahm on vocals. The lyrical themes were influenced by country music and—more than their preceding releases—touched on interpersonal relationships. After two promotional tours for the album, tensions between Farrar and Tweedy culminated in the breakup of Uncle Tupelo. Well-received upon its initial release, Anodyne was re-mastered and re-released in 2003 by Rhino Entertainment including five bonus tracks.

Anodyne (band)

Anodyne was an American hardcore band, that existed from 1997 to 2005. Their music was characterized by chaotic song structures coupled with layers of feedback and noise similar to bands like Kiss It Goodbye, Today is the Day and Black Flag. The lyrics were broodingly introspective and emotional. The band went through several lineup changes before arriving at the definitive line up of Mike Hill, Joshua Scott, and Joel Stallings. Drummer Joel Stallings is notable for introducing blast beats to the band’s sound, which were often employed later in the band's existence. Anodyne was affiliated with a number of independent record labels including Escape Artist, Level Plane, and Chainsaw Safety. They completed several US tours and one European Tour. Members went on to perform in Versoma, Tombs and Defeatist.

Anodyne (disambiguation)

An anodyne is a type of drug.

Anodyne may also refer to:

  • Anodyne (album), an album by Uncle Tupelo
  • Anodyne (band), an American hardcore band
  • Anodyne (video game), a 2013 independent video game
  • Anodyne morphism
  • Anodyne Records
Anodyne (video game)

Anodyne is an independent video game created by Sean Han-Tani-Chen-Hogan and Joni Kittaka, who together form the independent game company Analgesic Productions. After a nearly year-long development through Han-Tani-Chen-Hogan and Kittaka's last years in college the game was released on February 4, 2013, for Windows PC, Mac OS X and Linux. An Android version was released as part of a Humble Bundle on October 15, 2013. The Anodyne soundtrack was also made available for purchase at the time of release, including all of the music in the game as well as a few bonus tracks.

The game features action and adventure elements, and puts the player in the shoes of Young, exploring a dream world.

Reviews of the game were mostly positive, generally praising the game's mix of adventure and action gameplay with an immersive, dream-like atmosphere created by the game's soundtrack and use of pixel art. Critiques tended to center on the story's lack of clearness, as well as some of the jumping mechanics. The game placed as an honorable mention in the 2013 Student Independent Games Festival.

Usage examples of "anodyne".

The circumstances and conditions of the system increase or diminish the effects of medicine, so that an aperient at one time may act as a cathartic at another, and a dose that will simply prove to be an anodyne when the patient is suffering great pain will act as a narcotic when he is not.

Greek dimeter, but also containing the echo of troche, a circular pill or tablet taken as an anodyne, its shape derived from trokhos, the wheel.

One of those anodynes that had once passed so easily into his hands, some soothing and euphoriant chemical or even a homely little joint.

The infusion of Wormwood makes a useful fomentation for inflammatory pains, and, combined with chamomile flowers and bay leaves, it formed the anodyne fomentation of the earlier dispensatories.

Anodyne, Peroxide, Smothers, Coltar, Antipyreen, Cepalgeen, Alicompane, Gycal, Hygeen, Rambo, Saliclate.

These paroxysms, in the milder form of the disease, are not so severe, and are readily controlled by anodynes.

In medicinal doses it is anodyne, antispasmodic, diaphoretic, and diuretic.

The effort required to control the instrument of a well-tuned garden is sufficient to repress quotidian worries and anxieties, but this anodyne property is not the principal goal of the gardener, who must be more devoted to creating a garden than to using it.

But in the time that had passed since Barere suggested he do that, the political climate had abruptly changed, and seeing him working through the night on the speech in the offices of the Committee, Billaud and Carnot knew that, far from an anodyne statement on unity, they could expect a tirade of dangerous denunciation.

Florence Nightingale taught so well, will work backwards through anodynes, palliatives, curatives, preventives, until with little show of science it imparts most of what is most valuable in those branches of the healing art it professes to teach.

Or these women who are hammering at the gates on which is written "No admittance for the mothers of mankind," will by and by organize an institution, which starting from that skilful kind of nursing which Florence Nightingale taught so well, will work backwards through anodynes, palliatives, curatives, preventives, until with little show of science it imparts most of what is most valuable in those branches of the healing art it professes to teach.

And his was one of those natures which, encountering spiritual difficulty, at once jib off, seek anodynes, try to bandage wounded egoism with excess--a spoiled child, with the desperations and the inherent pathos, the something repulsive and the something lovable that belong to all such.

Momentarily the Duchess closed her eyes, letting waves of relief, like soothing anodynes, wash over her.

He yearned especially towards the good old unquestioning, authoritative Mother Church, with her articles of faith which took away the necessity for private judgment, with her traditional forms and ceremonies, and her whole apparatus of stimulants and anodynes.

I have returned to you because of your knowledge of chloroform and skill with the anaesthetic drug, yet were you to tell me you needs must extract this accursed bicuspid with no such alleviating anodyne, I should not hesitate in begging you to proceed.