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privative prefix, from Greek an-, "not, without," related to ne- and cognate with Sanskrit an-, Latin in-, Gothic and Old English un- (see un- (1)).


form of Latin ad- before -n- (see ad-).


Etymology 1 alt. A prefix of Anglo-Saxon origin, the same as (l en on-). pre. A prefix of Anglo-Saxon origin, the same as (l en on-). Etymology 2

pre. A prefix of Anglo-Saxon origin, a reduced form of (l en and-). Etymology 3

pre. not; used to make words that have a sense opposite to the word (or stem) to which the prefix is attached. Used with stems that begin with vowels and "h".

Usage examples of "an-".

Really I did and I was so pleased the Lady Fara- I mean-' and he trailed off aimlessly.

Stan-nail turned to the seven with the comment that Jokan was absent on a special mission for the Council.

Small wonder that this pastoral planet, with its earthlike atmosphere, its slightly-less-than-Earth gravity presented such a desirable Eden.

Even at faster-than-light speeds, it will take four and a half days to reach Earth .

And they would have at least eight or nine days, even with the faster-than-light speed of the capsule, before Codep could instruct him on procedures.

Pending subsequent approval, there is no reason why the animals can-not be given to our Hrruban friends who have already evinced considerable interest in them.

There was a rough lean-to back in the woods where they'd been logging and that would give him a night's shelter.

Landreau's aide was able to act as prosecutor before the Treaty Council only because noncolonizable Human-claimed planets were kept under the aegis of his department.

My notes show that some of them came from Hrruban-marked planets, and some from the Amalgamated Worlds.

They set off at the easy ground-covering lope most Doonan-bred horses were trained to use, kind to both horse and rider.

They could have been taken to any one of several dozen Hrruban-settled worlds.

Beside a low console not far from the landing deck, Todd noticed a man-sized device with the Spacedep insignia on the side: the missing probe.

At Grizz's encouragement, Todd demonstrated more Hayuman-style dives, using the highest of the pillar islands to do a half-gaynor.

As we learn to know each other better, I am sure there will be other goods we want, but for the present, we are eager to obtain largenesses of Hayuman-manufactured eating stuffs.

He'd been so convinced that the best possible outcome for all Hayuman and Hrruban-kind was to form a partnership with the new species that he'd ardently pursued that goal.