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Word usage examples

We mean stand around outside with the other tourists staring incomprehendingly at the menu, which should look like this: CARTE DE MENU Les Petites Eyeballes de Mackerelle en Huile de Voiture Le Debenture en Camisole au Bibliothieque Le Spamme avec un Side de Fries Le Poisson du Votre Fr6re Raoul Le Roni du Zoo en La Ware de la Tupper Prix Pour Le Wholle Ball de Waxe: 156,000,000,000,000,000 Franks.

Every weapon of cryptanalytic science—which in the stratospheric realm of this solution drew heavily upon mathematics, using group theory, congruences, Poisson distributions—was thrown into the fray.

Bernoulli's Theorem, the Bayes-Laplace theorem, the Poisson Distribution, Negative Binomial Distribution .

Suffice it that Poisson was a mathematician and that Poisson's frequency distribution is a good approximation to the binomial distribution as the number of trials increases and probability of success in a single trial is small.

I pass swiftly and uneasily over Poisson distributions, the Central Limit Theorem, the Kolmogorov axioms, Ehrenhaft games, Markov chains, the Pascal triangle, and all the rest.

Murky brown soupe de poisson, tomato salad, moules marinières, poulet basquaise (we were only a few miles from the Basque country).

You see here we have a normal Poisson distribution for the animal population.

If you assume that event arrival times follow a Poisson distribution, and just go ahead and calculate the probability that a given number will occur in some small interval of time, you'll find—.

Either treatment is not beneficial to humans, and millions of litres of cockroach poisons are sprayed around kitchens and bathrooms, places where people spend a great deal of their time.

In an effort to cut down on poisons and spurred on by the rat's immunity, New York City built nesting boxes in its parks to attract families of barn owls, citing the fact that a family of six owls will consume fifteen to eighteen rats per night.