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Poirier is a French surname, meaning pear tree (cf. poire).

Those bearing this surname include:

  • Roland G Poirier, Decorated Korean War Veteran
  • Anne and Patrick Poirier, French artists
  • Dustin Poirier, an Acadian-American professional mixed martial arts fighter
  • Claude Poirier, a French-Canadian television journalist
  • Denise Poirier, an American voice actress
  • Denise Poirier-Rivard, a French-Canadian politician from Quebec
  • Edgar (Eddy) Poirier, an Acadian musician
  • Ghislain Poirier, a French-Canadian DJ and record producer
  • Gregory Poirier, an American film and television writer, director, and producer
  • Jean Poirier, a Canadian politician from Ontario
  • Kim Poirier, a French-Canadian actress, singer, film producer, and television host
  • Luc Poirier, a French-Canadian professional wrestler known as Rambo
  • Lyne Poirier, a French-Canadian Olympic judoka
  • Manuel Poirier, a French film director
  • Mark Poirier, an American novelist and screenwriter
  • Narcisse Poirier, a French-Canadian artist
  • Normand Poirier, an American writer of French-Canadian descent
  • Pascal Poirier, a French-Canadian author, lawyer, and politician from New Brunswick
  • Paul Poirier, a Canadian ice dancer
  • Richard Poirier, an American literary critic
  • Rose-May Poirier, a French-Canadian politician from New Brunswick