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n. (plural of poison English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: poison)

Usage examples of "poisons".

Either treatment is not beneficial to humans, and millions of litres of cockroach poisons are sprayed around kitchens and bathrooms, places where people spend a great deal of their time.

In an effort to cut down on poisons and spurred on by the rat's immunity, New York City built nesting boxes in its parks to attract families of barn owls, citing the fact that a family of six owls will consume fifteen to eighteen rats per night.

Using poison around your own food supplies is as close as you can get to ingesting these poisons yourself.

We walk up and down the aisles and study the vast array of poisons available to us.

For instance, in 1990, the NSW Poisons Information Centre received 4015 calls concerning pesticides.

But since you are not using toxic poisons, the death count is entirely in your favour.

Most poisons are virtually useless against the sealed egg cases, unless they are long-lasting enough to endure until the eggs hatch, or are administered repeatedly.

DDT was superseded by more and more poisons, all promising the perfect kill.

Of course, spraying poisons around your garden also kills many useful spiders and insects that aren't protected by burrows.

The empty snail shells leave gloat-worthy proof that these poisons work.

Furthermore, they're one of the few poisons you can spread around without inhaling some of it or getting it on yourself.

Furthermore, certain poisons are absorbed by plants that we eat and can thus poison us.

Nothing could kill him, not even the poisons in this room, which he had tried in quantity, when grief for Cleopatra had left him half-mad.

And now, long centuries gone by-amid the poisons of my lost Queen, I hide the potion which she would not accept from me-my doomed Cleopatra.

She had tried out dozens of poisons on condemned prisoners, and then chosen the bite of a snake to end her life.