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Word usage examples

Caro Kenilworth was being as poisonously sweet as Meg whom she undoubtedly--and mistakenly--saw as a rival.

Clas said in that poisonously quiet tone she'd heard him use before he changed the state of some unwary underclassman.

Wherever the Feldberg brooks slowed enough to pool there were bosky dingles clogged with tall ferns and alders, creeping clematis vines, and fall-blooming primroses with poisonously bright blossoms.

The pile of rock was thick with small tight clumps of poisonberry whose plump purple berries had been dropping into the water and cooking there for uncounted years, turning the water into a thick soup that sent up sweet enticing odors which had trapped many of the mistland creatures.

They plucked leaves and berries from poisonberry bushes, brushed casually past the darters ignoring the poppings and the darts that spanged onto their hard skins and glanced off harmlessly.

Guiana poison-tree (Strychnos toxifera): curare arrow-poison taken from bark.

A dark suit, white shirt, subdued striped tie, and polished wing tips changed Mike Spencer from the guy who really preferred bolo ties and pointy-toed cowboy boots.

Janeway as they pointlessly emerged from the astrometrics lab and left the officers with their awesome task.

No power with any pretenses of goodness or justice could ever have brought an innocent like Malika here only to be pointlessly and cruelly slaughtered as part of its obscure plan for Von Kharkov and Morphayus.

Though Catholic adoption services took considerable care in the placement of children, they were not pointlessly slow and obstructive, as were public agencies, especially when the would-be adopters were solid members of the community like Hatch and Lindsey, and when the adoptee was a disabled child with no option except continued institutionalization.