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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pointlessly \Point"less*ly\, adv. Without point.


adv. Without point; in a pointless manner; so as to lack purpose or importance.


adv. in a pointless manner; "he spent his life in pointlessly tiresome drudgery"

Usage examples of "pointlessly".

Janeway as they pointlessly emerged from the astrometrics lab and left the officers with their awesome task.

No power with any pretenses of goodness or justice could ever have brought an innocent like Malika here only to be pointlessly and cruelly slaughtered as part of its obscure plan for Von Kharkov and Morphayus.

Though Catholic adoption services took considerable care in the placement of children, they were not pointlessly slow and obstructive, as were public agencies, especially when the would-be adopters were solid members of the community like Hatch and Lindsey, and when the adoptee was a disabled child with no option except continued institutionalization.

Hamilton's Javelin ka-chunk'ed onto the road's shoulder and soon we three bumbled pointlessly amid the necklace of white vans and utility trucks that border any film location.

He will liberate you and comfort you more fully, more effectively and more satisfactorily than if you were to dream about it all the time, day and night, and were to cast around frantically all over the place with the futile and confused thoughts of your mind in bondage, nor will you wear out your mind and body, wasting your time, and stupidly and pointlessly exhausting your strength.

Kay was turning a face flannel over and over between her hands, quite pointlessly.

He and Al, mumbling pointlessly, had retired from the stage and their jugs, making way for the next act, a group of dogs dressed up in Elizabethan costumes portraying characters from Hamlet.

When Parlabane had called but refused to come to the station, she asked him to meet her in the Blue Moon, partly because the Barony's real ales would have offered a great temptation to dinnk on duty, and partly because she hoped it might give her an edge - Parlabane was Duncan's friend, but still, many straight men were less cockily assured in the context of a gay bar, pointlessly terrified that their usual attention-seeking behaviour would attract a string of burly, unwanted suitors.