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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Poisonous \Poi"son*ous\, a. Having the qualities or effects of poison; venomous; baneful; corrupting; noxious.
--Shak. -- Poi"son*ous*ly, adv. -- Poi"son*ous*ness, n.


adv. In a poisonous manner.


adv. in a very malevolent manner [syn: venomously]

Usage examples of "poisonously".

Caro Kenilworth was being as poisonously sweet as Meg whom she undoubtedly--and mistakenly--saw as a rival.

Clas said in that poisonously quiet tone she'd heard him use before he changed the state of some unwary underclassman.

Wherever the Feldberg brooks slowed enough to pool there were bosky dingles clogged with tall ferns and alders, creeping clematis vines, and fall-blooming primroses with poisonously bright blossoms.