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n. (plural of poinsettia English)

Usage examples of "poinsettias".

I try not to pay attention to the month and date, but the blossoming poinsettias roar at me that it’s coming anyway, and on January 17 I’ll wake up too early, with an ache in my chest.

Sent his wife a pot of poinsettias I had to order all the way from Des Moines.

She didn't bother to count the poinsettias, but the tree looked fine to her.

Or how about where I can find a florist specializing in poinsettias and holly?

It was on the level below this that he had done his exercises and in the building across the bed of poinsettias (except that these poinsettias were bright gold) that he had slept.

Vaulting over the hedge of red poinsettias in front of the riders’ stand, he sprinted across the tan, captured a somewhat bewildered Hardy and, tearing off his grey jacket, put it around Fen, leading her, sobbing, out of the ring.

Flaming red poinsettias sixteen feet tall were growing wild at the edge where the ground met the concrete of the partition.