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Word usage examples

These piles supported a boardwalk that swung across the harbor in a flattened arc, with drawbridges here and there to let small boats—ferry kaags, Flemish pleyts, beetle-like water-ships, keg-shaped smakschips—into the inner harbor.

And therewith kest I doun my eye ageyne, Quhare as I sawe, walking under the tour, Full secretly new cummyn hir to pleyne, The fairest or the freschest yong floure That ever I sawe, me thoght, before that houre.

This false cherl cam forth a ful greet pas And seyde, "Lord, if that it be youre wille, As dooth me right upon this pitous bille In which I pleyne upon Virginius.

Gaius Justus Gallicus with his short sword sunk to the hilt in the solar plexus of Jeremiah.

Actually, it is the bluish-white light which emanates from the pharyngeal plexus.

Communication was effected through the pituitary body and also by means of the orangefiery and scarlet rays emanating from the sacral region and solar plexus.

There is a resultant active circulation of the fluid from the chorioid plexuses, where it leaks out of the blood, through the ventricles, out into the sub-arachnoid space, and through the arachnoid villi, where it is absorbed back into the blood.

My toes curled and my foot flexed, reveling in the delicate touch of the thumb that traced its way from the ball of my foot down the high arch and up into the hollow below my anklebone, managing to stimulate an entire plexus of sensation.

He stared down in amazement at the colichemarde buried in his solar plexus.

This includes difficulties in memory, speech, and coordination, due to brain oxygen starvation in the orbital gyri of both frontal lobes, as well as the cerebral choroid plexus.