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Word usage examples

So we went down across the wide plain, keeping the smoke of Los Angeles on our right, through a wilderness that would one day be East Los Angeles and various urban housing tracts called Maywood, Bell Gardens, South Gate, Downey, Compton.

Stinking Chamomile or Stinking Mayweed (Anthemis cotula), an annual, common in waste places, resembles the true Chamomile, having large solitary flowers on erect stems, with conical, solid receptacles, but the white florets have no membraneous scales at their base.

The Scentless Mayweed owes its generic name to its reputed medicinal properties, which in a lesser degree resemble those of Anthemis nobilis.

Silken styles are tyrants, fashion kills the playtime, Robs the heart of largess that is kindly to the poor, Richer were the freemen, welcome as the Maytime, Glad was boy or maiden, seeing Brennan of the moor.

Young love and Maytime, hear the joyous strain, Listen to a serenade written long ago!

Between the lines of these mutual recitals sweet, fresh echoes of the old, old story went from heart to heart, an amoebaean love-bout like that of spring birds calling tenderly back and forth in the blooming Maytime woods.

The kid was blond as Maytime, dressed in worn blue jeans and a serape.

The assemblies of the barons, which coincided in the south with ancient popular fetes in Maytime praise of Venus, offered apt occasions for the vernal entertainments of the chatelaines.

Challenge, and counter-challenge, and we passed the outermost gate and began to go through some of the courts, in which stood lime trees here and there, growing green tenderly with that Maytime, though the north wind bit so keenly.

He reflected, seeing the Berlings rising high from a warm calm Maytime sea.