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Maytime (1937 film)

Maytime is a 1937 American musical romantic drama film distributed by MGM. It was directed by Robert Z. Leonard and stars Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy. The screenplay was rewritten from the book for Sigmund Romberg's 1917 operetta Maytime by Rida Johnson Young, Romberg's librettist; however, only one musical number by Romberg was retained.

The film's storyline greatly resembles that of Noël Coward's operetta Bitter Sweet, right down to the "frame story" surrounding the main plot. Three years later, MGM filmed a Technicolor version of Bitter Sweet, but altered the plot slightly so that audiences would not notice the similarities.

Maytime (musical)

Maytime is a musical with music by Sigmund Romberg and lyrics and book by Rida Johnson Young, and with additional lyrics by Cyrus Wood. The musical is based on the 1913 German operetta Wie einst im Mai, composed by Walter Kollo, with words by Rudolf Bernauer and Rudolf Schanzer. Maytime introduced songs such as "The Road to Paradise", "Will You Remember?" and "Jump Jim Crow". It was the second longest-running book musical in the 1910s, and established Romberg as one of the leading creators of operettas.

The story, set in New York, is told in episodes covering a long period, from 1840 to the twentieth century. Wealthy young Ottillie van Zand is in love with Richard Wayne, an apprentice in her father's cooperage. Her father prefers her to marry a wealthy "drunken libertine". Though Ottillie and Richard are never able to consummate their love, their descendants eventually meet and marry.


Maytime may refer to:

  • Maytime (musical), a 1917 Broadway production
  • Maytime (1923 film), starring Ethel Shannon, based on the musical
  • Maytime (1937 film), a 1937 MGM musical romance, remake of the 1923 movie
  • Empire Maytime, one of a series of Empire ships employed by the British government
  • "Meienzît" ("May Time"), song by 13th-century German minnesinger Neidhart von Reuental
Maytime (1923 film)

Maytime is a 1923 American silent romantic drama film directed by Louis J. Gasnier and starring Ethel Shannon, Harrison Ford and William Norris. The film also features one of Clara Bow's earliest cinema roles. The film is based on the play of the same name by Cyrus Wood and Rida Johnson Young, and was remade in 1937 with the same title.

Usage examples of "maytime".

Silken styles are tyrants, fashion kills the playtime, Robs the heart of largess that is kindly to the poor, Richer were the freemen, welcome as the Maytime, Glad was boy or maiden, seeing Brennan of the moor.

Young love and Maytime, hear the joyous strain, Listen to a serenade written long ago!

Between the lines of these mutual recitals sweet, fresh echoes of the old, old story went from heart to heart, an amoebaean love-bout like that of spring birds calling tenderly back and forth in the blooming Maytime woods.

The kid was blond as Maytime, dressed in worn blue jeans and a serape.

The assemblies of the barons, which coincided in the south with ancient popular fetes in Maytime praise of Venus, offered apt occasions for the vernal entertainments of the chatelaines.

Challenge, and counter-challenge, and we passed the outermost gate and began to go through some of the courts, in which stood lime trees here and there, growing green tenderly with that Maytime, though the north wind bit so keenly.

He reflected, seeing the Berlings rising high from a warm calm Maytime sea.

      For the May bloometh fair,       And there's little of care,       And plenty to eat in the Maytime rare.