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Word usage examples

And so while he paired off with Miss Sedley, and Jos squeezed through the gate into the gardens with Rebecca at his side, honest Dobbin contented himself by giving an arm to the shawls, and by paying at the door for the whole party.

Once his aide brought the proper insignia for an engineering warrant officer, the tunic would do as well for Gamelan Bandur as it had for Jos Metadi.

Jos Sedley was left in command of the little colony at Brussels, with Amelia invalided, Isidor, his Belgian servant, and the bonne, who was maid-of-all-work for the establishment, as a garrison under him.

He remembered that Father jone had divided lies rather oddly into malicious, officious and jocose lies.

And Jos creaked up the stairs to bedward, followed by Kirsch with a flambeau.

Joren has every advantage that I lacka full purse, powerful alliances, manners, education, looks .

One of our main skills was how to put a terrific BUFF on any chart to satisfy Jo, who could thus satisfy the Fish, who could thus satisfy the Leggo, who could thus satisfy whomever he had to satisfy.

On our rounds with Jo, our charts looked so terrifically BUFFED that when Jo on her rounds with the Fish displayed them to him, and when the Fish on his rounds with the Leggo displayed them to him, all were amazed.

She reclaimed her floppy brown riding hat from her jo, as well as a riding, jacket, and the lutar from the scrying room.

I suppose Father Heribert Jone would say that I am adding onanism to fornication.