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JC may refer to:

  • Slang reference to Jesus Christ
  • "JC" (song), a 1996 song by Powderfinger
  • JC virus, a type of human polyomavirus
  • Jersey City, New Jersey.
  • Judeo-Christian
  • The Jewish Chronicle, a national British Jewish newspaper
  • Junior college, a type of two-year school of higher education
  • Jamaica College, a boys' high school in Kingston, Jamaica
  • Jamestown College, the former name of the University of Jamestown in Jamestown, North Dakota
  • Jones College (Jacksonville), a private college in Jacksonville, Florida
  • Journal club
  • Jeassy, Indian film director and actor
  • JC, an emblem of a clothing line by Jackie Chan
  • Juicy Couture

Usage examples of "jc".

Rumsfeld, the JCS chief told associates, had been a Navy fighter pilot, seemed partial to the Navy and the Marines, and was biased against the Army because it had mechanized forces and had taken on Balkan peacekeeping missions that the Bush administration considered to be a distraction.

Cuba project within the JCS, to destroy all his notes concerning Joint Chiefs actions and discussions during that period.

Hell, the JCS had been unwilling to discuss potential targeting scenarios without consulting with the limp dicks over in State.

I've been in the White House Situation Room with the Director of Operations for the JCS for two hours!

While the JCS or OSD or CINCs may have genuine need for jointly packaged forces that are rapidly deployable irrespective of Army, Navy, Marine, or Air Force labels, the services cannot be expected to reverse the years of viewing the world through service-specific arguments and doctrine.