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Jeferson Luis Corrêa Carpes (born 5 November 1983), commonly known as , is a Brazilian futsal player who plays for ElPozo Murcia as a Pivot.

Je (Cyrillic)

Je (Ј ј; italics: Ј ј) is a letter of the Cyrillic script, taken over from the Latin letter J.

It commonly represents the palatal approximant , like the pronunciation of in "yes".

Usage examples of "je".

But no sign of Axel, or of Jed McGarrity, the two she would have most liked to have seen.

Nathaniel cast a regretful look at his daughter, and slipped out the door with Jed and Axel right behind him.

Axel and Jed were still there, Axel leaning on his rifle, pulling on his beard.

Gradually Jed came to enjoy seeing her there, to see the windows of the old house open, to hear voices once more on that side of the shop, and to catch glimpses of Babbie dancing in and out over the shining mica slab at the door.

Certainly Babbie was enjoying herself, and Jed, where an impatient man would have been frantic, was enjoying her enjoyment.

So Jed, with Babbie on his knee, sat in the corner of the bay window looking out on the street, while Mrs.

Jed exploded as Mike went from liquor and perfume discussions to submission to evidentiary tests for a murder investigation.

Thunder gauss rifle, the M1 turned its rail gun against the damaged JES.

Tier told Jes, spying a man peering out from a smallish hut on the far side of the cluster of buildings.

Lehr kept his eyes on the ground while Jes kept up a restless sweep of their surroundings.

Guardian to Jes and back again, though it happened the other way around from time to time.

It made him wonder why it had been necessary for Jes to answer that question rather than the Guardian.

Before they came quite to the well, Jes put his front paws on the lip of the well and growled.

She rubbed her hands over her face, and it seemed to Jes that the gesture rubbed away some of her composure.

He let Jes return and take control of the kiss just as her shoulder softened under his hand and her lips parted.