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Rhymes for word urbanism

-ism ableism abnormalism abolitionism aboriginalism abortionism absenteeism absinthism absolutism absonism academicalism academicism accidentalism achromatism achronism acosmism acratism acrobatism actinism actinobolism activism actualism adaptationalism adaptationism adevism adiaphorism adjectivism adoptionism adrenalism adulterism adventurism aeronautism agathism ageism agnoetism agnosticism agonism agrammatism agrarianism agriculturism alarmism albinism albinoism alcoholism algebraism algorism alienism alogism alphabetism alpinism amorism amorphism amphibologism amphilogism anabaptism anabolism anachorism anachronicism anachronism anachronitism anacrotism anchoretism anchorism andabatism androgynism anecdotalism anemotropism animalculism animalism animatism animism annalism annelism annihilationism anomalism anorchidism anorchism antagonism antarchism anti-shi'ism anythingarianism apheliotropism aphetism aphorism apism aplanatism apocalism apocalypticism apocalyptism apochylism apogeotropism apolausticism apologism apriorism arcadianism archaicism archaism aristocraticism aristocratism arthritism asceticism ascetism asepticism aspheterism asteism asterism astigmatism asynchronism atavism atheism atheonism athleticism athletism atomicism atomism augurism aulgorism aulicism auteurism authorism authoritarianism autism auto-erotism babism babyism bachelorism banditism baptism barbarianism barbarism bashawism bathmism bayardism beggarism behaviourism betacism bibliomanism bicyclism bigotism bilingualism bimetallism biologism biprism bitheism blockheadism blondism blueism bluism boobyism bookism boreism bossism botanism bovarism boyism breatharianism buckism buzzardism cabbalism caffeism cambism cameralism cancerism catabolism cataglottism cavalierism ceremonialism chic-ism chrism chromaticism chromatism chromism cicisbeism cinchonism circularism citicism citizenism civicism civism clientelism clientism clubbism cogitationism coolieism cosmeticism cosmism cosmo-zoism cosmopolitanism creationism creaturism criminalism cullyism curialism cyclicism cyclism cynicism cynism cyphonism dandyism danism dapperism dark-ism dashism dead-beatism decadentism deductivism defeatism deism demagogism denationalism descriptivism detailism detectivism deteriorism determinism developmentalism diabolism diachronism dichroism dichromatism diclinism didacticism dieidism dilettantism dimerism diorism diothelism diplomatism disagreeablism ditheism doctorism doctrinairism doctrinism donnism dowdyism dualism dudism duellism dwarfism dynamicism dynamism dynamitism dynamometamorphism dynasticism dysmerism dysmorphism dysphemism ebullism ecclesiasticism eclecticism eclectism eco-socialism ecocentrism ecofeminism economism ecotourism ecumenism effectism egoism egomism egotheism egotism emanationism emotionalism endemism energism environmentalism epicism epicurism epochism equalitarianism equationism eremitism erethism ergoism ergotism eroticism erotism erraticism erythism erythrism escape-ism escapism esotericism esoterism essayism essentialism establishmentism etacism eternalism etherism ethicalism ethicism ethnicism eudemonism eugenism eulogism eunuchism eunuchoidism euphemism euphonism euphuism eurygnathism evangelicalism evangelicism evangelism evolutionism exceptionalism exemplarism exhibitionism existentialism exorcism expansionism exquisitism externalism face-ism factionalism faddism fagopyrism faineantism fairyism fallibilism familiarism familism fanaticism fanatism fantasticism faradaism faradism fatalism fatism fattism fatuism favism favouritism federalism femalism femininism feminism fetishism feudalism fictionalism fideism fiendism filibusterism filiism finalism fiscalism fluidism flunkeyism fogyism foodism fossilism friendism frontierism functionalism functionarism fundamentalism fusionism futilitarianism futurism gasconism gastricism gastrimargism generalism generationism genericism geomagnetism geomalism ghostism ghoulism giantism gigantism gipsyism girlism gladiatorism globulism gnathonism gourmandism gradualism griffinism guru-ism gutturalism gymnobiblism gynocentrism hacktivism haptotropism hedonism heightism hemiprism henism henotheism herbalism herbarism hetairism heteromorphism heurism hierarchism historicism histrionicism histrionism hobbyism hoggism holism hoodooism horizontalism hospitalism hulotheism humanism hybridism hydatism hygienism hylism hylozoism hyperbolism hypercriticism hyperlogism hystricism iatromechanism iconism icterism idealism identism idiomaticism idiomatism idiomorphism idiotism idolism idolothism idyllism ignorantism ignotism immanentism immaterialism immechanism immediatism immersionism impaludism incendiarism inebriism infallibilism infantilism inhibitionism initialism inkhornism innatism inopportunism integralism intellectualism invalidism iodism iotacism ironism irrationalism irredentism ism isobarism isochronism isogonism itacism jingoism jism jobbism journalism katabolism katadicrotism katamorphism kathenotheism kenotism kineticism kleptoparasitism know-nothingism kreophagism labdacism labialism ladronism lakeism lamanism lambdacism lathyrism lawyerism laxism legalism leggism lettrism levelism liberalism libertinism libertism lichenism linearism lionism literalism live-ism me-ism mix-ism realism rhythm-al-ism species-ism