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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Alienism \Al"ien*ism\, n.

  1. The status or legal condition of an alien; alienage.

    The law was very gentle in the construction of the disability of alienism.

  2. The study or treatment of diseases of the mind.


Etymology 1 n. The fact or position of being an alien; alienage. Etymology 2

n. (context archaic English) The study or treatment of mental disorders; psychiatry.


n. the quality of being alien [syn: alienage]


Alienism may refer to:

  • An obsolete term for psychiatry, the study and treatment of mental illnesses
  • Alien (law), a person who resides within the borders of a country and is not a national of that country

Usage examples of "alienism".

We don’t need to know everything about psychology, or alienism, or the history of all similar cases to finish this job.