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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ But for all his jaundiced egoism and florid cynicism, Rice is not a bad man.
▪ But it would not be the egoism imposed temporally by external necessity on the two men in the boat.
▪ Extinguish egoism, with its desires and fears, and Nirvana is immediately ours!
▪ If finally I become wholly submerged in this solipsism there could be no other rational ethic for me than egoism.
▪ The human species has not fully attained the goals proper to it, because of its self-entrapment in egoism and destructive desire.
▪ The most extravagant possibilities of an egoism which both enhances and distorts awareness spring from the appetite for power.
▪ The psychopath, even so, falls far short of the ideal of philosophical egoism.
▪ Yet how could such political egoism be sustained in the face of industrial society, whose appalling realities so soon appeared?
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Egoism \E"go*ism\, n. [F. ['e]go["i]sme, fr. L. -ego I. See I, and cf. Egotism.]

  1. (Philos.) The doctrine of certain extreme adherents or disciples of Descartes and Johann Gottlieb Fichte, which finds all the elements of knowledge in the ego and the relations which it implies or provides for.

  2. Excessive love and thought of self; the habit of regarding one's self as the center of every interest; selfishness; -- opposed to altruism.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1785, in metaphysics, "the theory that a person has no proof that anything exists outside his own mind," from French égoisme (1755), from Modern Latin egoismus, from Latin ego (see ego). Meaning "doing or seeking of that which affords pleasure or advances interest" is from 1800; opposed to altruism, but not necessarily "selfish." Meaning "self-centeredness" is from 1840. Between egoism and egotism, egoism is more correctly formed; there formerly was a useful distinction, with egotism tending to take the senses "self-centeredness" and "extensive use of 'I'" and leaving to egoism the theoretical sense in metaphysics and ethics.


n. 1 The tendency to think selfishly with exclusive self-interest in mind. 2 (context ethics English) The belief that moral behavior should be directed toward one's self-interest only. 3 (context nonstandard by confusion of the similar words English) egotism


n. (rare spelling of egoism English)


n. attempting to get personal recognition for yourself (especially by unacceptable means) [syn: egocentrism, self-interest, self-concern, self-centeredness] [ant: altruism]


The terms "egoism" and "egotism" may refer to:

  • Egotism, an excessive or exaggerated sense of self-importance
  • Ethical egoism, the doctrine that holds that individuals ought to do what is in their self-interest
  • Psychological egoism, the doctrine that holds that individuals are always motivated by self-interest
  • Rational egoism, the belief that it is rational to act in one's self-interest
  • Solipsism (sometimes called egoism), the belief that only one's self exists, or that only the experiences of one's self can be verified
  • Egoist anarchism, a form of anarchism, as most often represented by Max Stirner
  • Egocentrism, inability to "put oneself in other peoples' shoes"

Usage examples of "egoism".

From world-centric pluralism to divine egoism and biocentric sensory immersionat one with sentimental nature in my own self-reverberating feelingsthis was the other endgame of flatland holism, a morbid embrace driven by a Thanatos that, in the way of all deception, whispered always of the wonders of ever-shallower engagements.

As Trysdale grimly wrenched apart the seam of his last glove, the crowning instance of his fatuous and tardily mourned egoism came vividly back to him.

Egoism in that unborn, unconceived inheritor of the stuff of the family.

Russia, not from Asia but from Europe itself, to infect the radical intelligentsia: the plague of a moral amorality based on egoism and culminating in a form of self-deification.

Without a paradigm of mutual dialogical recognition and care, there is no way to pull anyone out of divine egoism and into worldcentric compassion, and from there into the Over-Soul that is the World Soul, on the way to the mystery of the Deep altogether, and so instead we watch a life scripted by divine egos, for divine egos, about divine egos, and this is meant to be the basis of a glorious new paradigm.

Is the fastidious, the impartial, the non-moral novelist only the grandchild, and not the remote posterity, of Dickens, who would not leave Scrooge to his egoism, or Gradgrind to his facts, or Mercy Pecksniff to her absurdity, or Dombey to his pride?

You can find an illustration of this in the eloquent contortions of phantastic logic in the essays on the criminal code written by a great advocate of the classic school of criminology, Mario Pagano, this admirable type of a scientist and patriot, who does not lock himself up in the quiet egoism of his study, but feels the ideal of his time stirring within him and gives up his life to it.

You know the many paintings of man transformed to rageing beast by the curse: and this, the fieriest trial of our egoism, worked in the Egoist to produce division of himself from himself, a concentration of his thoughts upon another object, still himself, but in another breast, which had to be looked at and into for the discovery of him.

Away from the transpersonal, away from the interpersonaland back to the prepersonal, back to biocentric immersionperfectly geocentric and perfectly egocentricback to the prerational divine egoism that mistakes unconfined sensory immersion for transpersonal release.

From world-centric pluralism to divine egoism and biocentric sensory immersionat one with sentimental nature in my own self-reverberating feelingsthis was the other endgame of flatland holism, a morbid embrace driven by a Thanatos that, in the way of all deception, whispered always of the wonders of ever-shallower engagements.

And his was one of those natures which, encountering spiritual difficulty, at once jib off, seek anodynes, try to bandage wounded egoism with excess--a spoiled child, with the desperations and the inherent pathos, the something repulsive and the something lovable that belong to all such.

The former, having failed to attract men by the devices described, take refuge behind the sour grapes doctrine that they have never tried, and the latter, having fallen victims, sooth their egoism by arrogating the whole agency to themselves, thus giving it a specious appearance of the volitional, and even of the, audacious.

Let but the throb be kept for others--That is the one secret Love must needs be an egoism Not to go hunting and fawning for alliances Portrait of himself by the artist Put into her woman's harness of the bit and the blinkers Share of foulness to them that are for scouring the chamber She disdained to question the mouth which had bitten her The face of a stopped watch The worst of it is, that we remember To do nothing, is the wisdom of those who have seen fools perish We have come to think we have a claim upon her gratitude Whimpering fits you said we enjoy and must have in books End of this Project Gutenberg Etext of One Our Conquerors, v4 by George Meredith ONE OF OUR CONQUERORS By GEORGE MEREDITH 1897 BOOK 5.

That night, the Buddha achieved illumination, and for the next fifty years remained in the world as teacher of the way to the extinction of the bondages of egoism.

In brief, what he saw in Christian ethics, under all the poetry and all the fine show of altruism and all the theoretical benefits therein, was a democratic effort to curb the egoism of the strong--a conspiracy of the chandala against the free functioning of their superiors, nay, against the free progress of mankind.