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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"seminal fluid, cum," 1899; earlier "energy, strength" (1842), of uncertain origin; see jazz.


n. 1 spirit or energy. 2 (context vulgar slang English) semen.


Jism may refer to:

  • a slang word for semen
  • a Hindi and Urdu word for " body"
  • Jism (2003 film), a Bollywood erotic thriller film
  • Jism 2, a 2012 erotic thriller and sequel to the 2003 Bollywood film
  • Jism 3, a 2017 upcoming erotic thriller
  • Jism (2006 film), a Pakistani film
  • "Jism", a song by the rock band Tindersticks from their self-titled debut album
Jism (2003 film)

Jism is a 2003 Indian erotic thriller film edited and directed by Amit Saxena, written by Mahesh Bhatt, produced by Pooja Bhatt and Sujit Kumar Singh under the banner Fish Eye Network [P] Ltd and Shreya Creations, which starred Bipasha Basu and John Abraham, the latter making his début in Bollywood films. The music for the film was scored by M. M. Keeravani. Jism ranked 92 in the top 100 sexiest movie scenes poll conducted by Channel 4. The film is essentially a remake of "Body Heat," which was, in turn, a looser rehash of Billy Wilder's well-known 1944 movie Double Indemnity, which was a version of James Cain's novel, Double Indemnity.

Jism (2006 film)

Jism [Translation: Body] is a 2006 Pakistani Urdu film directed by Rasheed Dogar. Singers are Ameer Ali, Asma Lata, Saima Akhtar and Sana Khan. The film was banned in Pakistan because of inappropriate scenes shown.

Usage examples of "jism".

Frank Jism collapsed upon the ground, his flagellum whipping about like a dying snake.

It looked exactly like Frank Jism, only this one had a scar running down its bulbous face and body.

Jesse Jism the sperm into shreds and rips and tatters, flattening him into a similar flat ruin as his brother Frank.

Well, the brothers are dead but Billy the Kidney and the Jism Gang are still out there somewhere, laying low!

Billy the Kidney, the Jism Gang and I finish you and the opposition at the No-Go Corral and then plunder the outlaw savings at the Ovum Bank.

Ya think ya can kill my friends the Jism Brothers and get away with it?

It splashed down over the entirety of the Vindaloo tribes, and the Jism Gang to boot.

More or less of a white yellow color like rancid jism and stringy you know.

Nimun drive in like a wedge, force jism out the other cock in long hot spurts.

Your jism just floats out in the air like lovely ectoplasm, and female guests are subject to immaculate or at least indirect conception.

He used to go about with a water pistol shooting jism up career women at parties.

She gulped down mouthful after mouthful of his burning jism, and then sucked hard at his swollen organ as if begging for more.

His climax was so violent and quick that his spurting cock slipped out of her mouth and strings of jism shot onto her face.

Suddenly, Sam groaned, and she could feel his jism shooting up into her as he stabbed his cock deep inside her flaming cunt.

Billy kept fucking her until the last drops of jism dribbled from the head of his plunging prick.