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n. (synonym of gigantism English)

  1. n. excessive size; usually caused by excessive secretion of growth hormone from the pituitary gland [syn: gigantism, overgrowth]

  2. excessive largeness of stature [syn: gigantism]

Usage examples of "giantism".

Giantism in beetle larvae is an extended phenotypic effect of protozoan genes.

Giantism in insects and their close kin, arachnids, had become a common in postwar America.

As with the mutates, no one knew whether it was a consequence of protracted exposure to enhanced radiation levels, or a genetic imbalance triggered by one of the chemicals employed during the Big Blast, but cases of giantism occurred regularly.

When people witnessed his implausible wrist-dribble or his zero-gravity double-pump fadeaway jumper off a pick at the high post (a shot that often concluded with the metal-gripping drollery of backspin and dead-rimming), they knew they weren't seeing just another demonstration of giantism engaged in a parody of faunlike grace.