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The chief from whom the dynasty of Seljuks derived its appellation, was by birth a Turkoman, of Turkistan, on the north-eastern side of the river Sihon or Jaxartes, but in the service of a prince of Khozar, on the Wolga, from which he fled and pursued his fortune in Transoxiana.

Persians, Khazars, Mysians, Cherkesses, everything else you ever heard of, and some you probably never did.

Since accounts of the event are scarce and contradictory, the exact date of the polemic is unknown, and the time of Judaization is confused with the moment when the three dream interpreters visited the Khazar capital.

This source contends that the Judaization of the Khazars took place before the polemic and that it happened as follows.

All this seems to show that the ancient burial site in Chelarevo belonged in part to the Judaized Khazars.

The Bisseni and Cumans, a mixed multitude of Patzinacites, Uzi, Chazars, &c.