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Khazar (disambiguation)

The Khazars were a semi-nomadic people who created an empire between the late 7th and 10th centuries. Khazar or Kazar may also refer to:

  • Khazar language, an extinct Turkic language
  • Ka-Zar (comics), a Marvel Comics character
  • Ka-Zar (magazine), an earlier pulp magazine
  • Kazar (film), a 2009 Konkani-language film
  • Kazár, Hungarian village
  • One of three villages in Khuzestan Province, Iran:

:* Khazar-e Yek (population 336 in 2006)

:* Khazar-e Do (population 96 in 2006)

:* Khazar-e Seh (population 34 in 2006)

  • Xəzər, a village in Azerbaijan also romanized Khazar

Usage examples of "khazar".

Persians, Khazars, Mysians, Cherkesses, everything else you ever heard of, and some you probably never did.

Since accounts of the event are scarce and contradictory, the exact date of the polemic is unknown, and the time of Judaization is confused with the moment when the three dream interpreters visited the Khazar capital.

This source contends that the Judaization of the Khazars took place before the polemic and that it happened as follows.

All this seems to show that the ancient burial site in Chelarevo belonged in part to the Judaized Khazars.