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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a teenage/youth gang
▪ At age nine, Pedro joined one of the youth gangs in his neighborhood, just to survive.
a youth centre (=where young people can go to meet and take part in activities)
▪ The money will be used to provide a youth centre.
a youth club (=for young people)
▪ The youth club is on Thursday nights in the village hall.
be in the first flush of passion/youth etc
▪ He was no longer in the first flush of youth.
callow youth
▪ a callow youth
juvenile/youth crime (=committed by children and teenagers)
▪ Police blame gangs for a third of all juvenile crime in the city.
went youth hostelling
▪ I went youth hostelling in the Peak District.
youth club
youth culture
youth hostel
youth hostelling
▪ I went youth hostelling in the Peak District.
youth/male/female unemployment (=the number of young people/men/women unemployed)
▪ Youth unemployment there has reached 50 percent.
▪ There were complaints by black youths of police harassment, the sus laws merely being used as an excuse for this.
▪ Complaints of police harassment of black youths in Council Bluffs, Iowa, also generated tense conditions.
▪ In 1987 disorder occurred in Wolverhampton after a black youth died of asphyxiation while being arrested on 20 February.
▪ Kareem, a tall, lanky thirteen-year-old black youth has just finished a performance that brought down the house.
▪ The move followed a series of attacks on white teachers by a group of pro-PAC black youths calling themselves the Revolutionary Watchdogs.
▪ Police with the aid of a hastily organized black youth patrol, restored order.
▪ That black youth dying in police custody has not helped.
▪ Deaths from gunshot wounds have soared among black youths, while deaths from other forms of violence have remained level.
▪ Later, two local youths who called themselves Gangster Disciples were convicted.
▪ Supporters argue that local youths need a safe and legal place to hone their sidewalk surfing skills.
▪ They're all fine routes for backpacking holidays but local youth hostels or bed and breakfasts are also available.
▪ Most importantly, the Conquistadores use the proceeds from the tournament to help fund local youth sports all year round.
▪ Until a successful formula can be devised, local initiatives for youth are likely to continue with as much publicity as possible.
▪ This is expected to raise £6 million in its first year to support local and youth sport.
▪ The scheme helps forge partnerships between schools, local communities and youth organisations.
▪ You might be able to get the local youth or recreation service to help.
▪ In Burnley Wood, a mob of white youths surrounded Amit Stores, a corner shop near the working men's club.
▪ They were accosted by three white youths who taunted and then attacked them.
▪ The violence apparently escalated as white and black youths turned over a bus and began smashing shop windows.
▪ Gangs, particularly of white youths, formed definite nuclei for crowd and mob formations.
▪ A large crowd of white youths set up burning barricades and smashed windows, doors, and fences on the estate.
▪ He and a white friend, William Grady, had been chased into the station by white youths throwing bottles and stones.
▪ This would seem to invite an invidious comparison between white youth who are unemployed and their more successful black peers.
▪ Has the next generation of unemployed white youth followed in the footsteps of their elder brothers or taken a new route?
▪ They are generally based in youth clubs and centres, and work on a variety of projects including those for the unemployed.
▪ The publication also is distributed to youth clubs, clinics, school libraries, drug treatment centers and churches across the country.
▪ Once, when he was the centre of attention at the youth club I saw him do it again.
▪ Huh, bet I've done everything he's done, with Ange Dolittle behind the youth club.
▪ Bowling Suppers: Office Parties, youth clubs etc.
▪ Gray ought to have been cancelling his youth club, which he usually held on a Thursday evening.
▪ Councils can use similar powers to check on drivers' backgrounds that are available for people applying to run youth clubs.
▪ These predictions have yet to materialise, and youth crime rates have been on the decline for several years.
▪ Anyone wishing to tackle crime rates must pay enormous attention to youth crime because of its sheer scale.
▪ Painfully little has been done specifically to tackle car crime, which is a major aspect of youth crime.
▪ There is a tidal wave of youth crime, and the Government have not begun to answer it.
▪ They blame youth crime on unemployment and lack of respect for the law.
▪ Voice over Joyriding is the youth crime of the 90s.
▪ There is a national crisis of youth crime, but the Bill does not deal with its roots.
▪ Similarly, cultural and population dynamics have meant that there is now a major youth culture, with its associated markets.
▪ Pop music and its link with youth culture should be an important field of study in media education.
▪ There has been a national style revolution in Britain which has influenced and been influenced by the youth culture of football spectatorship.
▪ Doreen Massey explains: The spatial openness of youth cultures in many if not all parts of the world is clear.
▪ Evidence for such qualities might come from other areas of youth culture.
▪ The long, hot summer of 1976 saw the rise of an extraordinary new youth culture, the punks.
▪ In other words, we could look at youth culture as a way of understanding social changes taking place in society.
▪ But expectations had been raised, and the resulting outrage found vent in youth culture.
▪ At nine, Pedro joined one of the youth gangs in the neighborhood.
▪ Jefferson is one of those people upon whom Church youth groups seem often to depend.
▪ As a boy he had quit many things-the basketball team, the Episcopal youth group and always enjoyed the experience.
▪ None the less Tupac headed a youth group, the New Afrikan Panthers, performing at community centres.
▪ But as her friends from the youth group rallied around her, she began to open up.
▪ Data collection is mainly by questionnaire and structured interviews with families, youth groups and problem drinkers.
▪ And out on the lawn, where the church youth group practices soccer, there will be legions of reporters.
▪ Among the agencies involved with the local authority were housing associations; voluntary groups; church groups; youth groups.
▪ The youth group played two school performances in the center Wednesday and yesterday.
▪ Passing the youth hostel, we climbed through gorse and bracken to Port Eynon Point.
▪ Caroline Dickinson was raped and killed July 18, 1996, in her bed at a youth hostel.
▪ The walls surrounding the courtyard used to protect what was once a fortress but which is now a youth hostel.
▪ Other unusual and seemingly bogus addresses: Thirty people registered at youth hostels.
▪ A week's multi-activity holiday based at a youth hostel costs around £120-£130.
▪ They're all fine routes for backpacking holidays but local youth hostels or bed and breakfasts are also available.
▪ Calling Emily, I legged it to the youth hostel two miles away.
▪ In the late afternoon the weather cleared and we walked back to the youth hostel.
▪ The Phalangists look innocent enough with their little moustaches and their campfires amid the fir trees, the stuff of youth movements.
▪ A definite youth movement has occurred in this country.
▪ Something was happening amongst the youth movement that so admired him and he couldn't quite put his finger on it.
▪ The ex-Gunner is Hoddle's first appointment, taking over from another Highbury old boy Peter Nicholas as youth team coach.
▪ Leeds youth team are playing in Dublin tonight against Home Farm youths.
▪ Surely a youth team is required at all clubs.
▪ Still at school but has already played a few times in midfield for youth team.
▪ Methody winger Richard McCluskey showed great pace and balance running in for two late tries as the youth team tired.
▪ EX-WREXHAM youth team coach Idris Price is the new manager of Oswestry Town.
▪ Turner, who made his League debut on opening day, played for the youth team last week.
▪ Paul Hart manages the youth team at Leeds.
▪ We are continuing to deliver the youth training guarantee.
▪ More than 3.1 million young people have taken part in youth training since 1983.
▪ Student nurses, those on youth training schemes and others will also be helped.
▪ More than 80 percent. of those on youth training gain a qualification or a job, or enter a further education course.
▪ They must go back to the drawing board and review the whole of youth training.
▪ The truth is that the youth training guarantee is not being delivered by Devon training and enterprise council.
▪ Furthermore, not all youth training leads to jobs and the quality of training is very variable.
▪ All that has been compounded by the Government's crazy cuts in youth training, including in the construction industry.
▪ And in fact there are also topics to be drawn from the elements of the story - such as youth unemployment or divorce.
▪ Juppe said he would soon announce measures to fight youth unemployment.
▪ In the mid-1970s this picture was about to change, as economic crisis produced widespread unemployment, and particularly high youth unemployment.
▪ Task forces, meanwhile, were directed to tackle youth unemployment.
▪ At first this was because of high levels of youth unemployment and latterly because of demographic trends.
▪ In recent years it has begun to experience high levels of adult and youth unemployment.
▪ Not surprisingly, therefore, with youth unemployment so high, some school-leavers with qualifications fail to find jobs.
▪ Thus, although youth unemployment is high, it tends to be of shorter duration than that among the older age groups.
▪ But there was no suggestion that Gray had been involved in anything improper and Jefferson continued to be involved in youth work.
▪ Experience in Community youth work and administration sought.
▪ Mr Good's interest in youth work led to the formation of a Youth Fellowship shortly after he came to the church.
▪ The vast majority of youth work, however, is still done by volunteers.
▪ He carried on doing some lorry driving alongside this part-time work, but was eventually offered a full-time contract in youth work.
▪ He undertook an in-service youth work qualification while working and became a fully qualified youth worker two years later.
▪ Jefferson came to Church youth work with very solid credentials.
▪ Projects in this phase included studies of housing policy, social services and welfare, youth work provision and agricultural marketing.
▪ At the time I had a job as youth worker at a sports centre in Acton.
▪ For all these reasons, their fears in this respect as youth workers are based on the realities of heterosexism.
▪ With the qualification of students on this course as youth workers and trainers the youth policy promises fair for the future.
▪ I therefore inherited the dubious honour of making it available on loan to youth workers.
▪ He undertook an in-service youth work qualification while working and became a fully qualified youth worker two years later.
misspent youth
▪ Trying to make up for his misspent youth.
▪ You can scarcely regret your misspent youth while still misspending it.
the first flush of youth/manhood
▪ Now aged 31, Cardus is no longer in the first flush of youth.
▪ a church youth group
▪ a gang of youths on motorbikes
▪ Caroline had been a ballet dancer in her youth.
▪ Horton teaches at a school for troubled youths in San Diego.
▪ One of the youths pushed her against the wall and took her bag.
▪ She revisited all the places where she had spent her youth.
▪ Society seems obsessed with youth and wealth.
▪ The police had questioned three youths, but then later released them without charge.
▪ I studied it in my youth, and my love of Faure, Debussy and Ravel encouraged me to improve it.
▪ It had about it the idealism of youth.
▪ None the less Tupac headed a youth group, the New Afrikan Panthers, performing at community centres.
▪ Some youths astride shining motor-cycles had congregated outside a closed motor-cycle shop.
▪ There has been a corresponding shift in studies of youth and in the kind of questions asked by sociologists.
▪ This was one of the great questions of my youth in the 60s, of course.
▪ This was the first independent radio station in the republic and was to be run by the students' official youth organization.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Youth \Youth\ ([=u]th), n.; pl. Youths ([=u]ths; 264) or collectively Youth. [OE. youthe, youh[thorn]e, [yogh]uhe[eth]e, [yogh]uwe[eth]e, [yogh]eo[yogh]e[eth]e, AS. geogu[eth], geogo[eth]; akin to OS. jugu[eth], D. jeugd, OHG. jugund, G. jugend, Goth. junda. [root]28

  1. See Young.] 1. The quality or state of being young; youthfulness; juvenility. ``In my flower of youth.''

    Such as in his face Youth smiled celestial.

  2. The part of life that succeeds to childhood; the period of existence preceding maturity or age; the whole early part of life, from childhood, or, sometimes, from infancy, to manhood.

    He wondered that your lordship Would suffer him to spend his youth at home.

    Those who pass their youth in vice are justly condemned to spend their age in folly.

  3. A young person; especially, a young man.

    Seven youths from Athens yearly sent.

  4. Young persons, collectively.

    It is fit to read the best authors to youth first.
    --B. Jonson.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English geoguð "youth; young people, junior warriors; young of cattle," related to geong "young," from Proto-Germanic *jugunthi- (cognates: Old Saxon juguth, Old Frisian jogethe, Middle Dutch joghet, Dutch jeugd, Old High German jugund, German Jugend, Gothic junda "youth"), from suffixed form of PIE root *yeu- "vital force, youthful vigor" (see young (adj.)) + Proto-Germanic abstract noun suffix *-itho (see -th (2)).\n

\nAccording to OED, the Proto-Germanic form apparently was altered from *juwunthiz by influence of its contrast, *dugunthiz "ability" (source of Old English duguð). In Middle English, the medial -g- became a yogh, which then disappeared.\nThey said that age was truth, and that the young
Marred with wild hopes the peace of slavery


n. 1 (lb en uncountable) The quality or state of being young. 2 (lb en uncountable) The part of life following childhood; the period of existence preceding maturity or age; the whole early part of life, from childhood, or, sometimes, from infancy, to manhood.

  1. n. a young person (especially a young man or boy) [syn: young person, younker, spring chicken]

  2. young people collectively; "rock music appeals to the young"; "youth everywhere rises in revolt" [syn: young] [ant: aged]

  3. the time of life between childhood and maturity

  4. early maturity; the state of being young or immature or inexperienced

  5. an early period of development; "during the youth of the project" [syn: early days]

  6. the freshness and vitality characteristic of a young person [syn: youthfulness, juvenility]


Youth is the time of life when one is young, but often means the time between childhood and adulthood ( maturity). It is also defined as "the appearance, freshness, vigor, spirit, etc., characteristic of one who is young". Its definitions of a specific age range varies, as youth is not defined chronologically as a stage that can be tied to specific age ranges; nor can its end point be linked to specific activities, such as taking unpaid work or having sexual relations without consent.

Youth is an experience that may shape an individual's level of dependency, which can be marked in various ways according to different cultural perspectives. Personal experience is marked by an individual's cultural norms or traditions, while a youth's level of dependency means the extent to which they still rely on their family emotionally and economically.

Youth (Collective Soul album)

Youth is the sixth studio album by Collective Soul, released in November 2004. The album was the band's first on their own label, EL Music Group, after leaving Atlantic Records following the release of their greatest hits album, Seven Year Itch. The album contains a more balanced pop-rock sound than their previous albums Dosage and Blender.

Youth (Asimov short story)

"Youth" is a science fiction short story by Isaac Asimov. It first appeared in the May 1952 issue of Space Science Fiction and was reprinted in the 1955 collection The Martian Way and Other Stories. Youth is one of the rare Asimov stories with alien characters.

Youth (disambiguation)

Youth is a period of life. It is also a slang term for a young adult, especially a young man.

Youth may also refer to:

Youth (2002 film)

Youth is a 2002 Tamil film directed by Vincent Selva, which is a remake of the Telugu film, Chiru Navvuto (2000). Vijay and Shaheen Khan appeared in the lead roles while Yugendran, Vivek, Manivannan and Sindhu Menon play other pivotal characters. The film opened to highly positive reviews and became "Hit" at boxoffice. The movie was dubbed in Telugu and in Hindi with the same title.

Youth (Leo Tolstoy novel)

Youth ( [Yunost']; 1857) is the third novel in Leo Tolstoy's autobiographical trilogy, following Childhood and Boyhood. It was first published in the popular Russian literary magazine Sovremennik.

Category:1857 novels Category:Autobiographical novels Category:Novels by Leo Tolstoy

Youth (wind sextet)

The woodwind sextet Youth ( Czech: Mládí), (1924) is a chamber composition by Czech composer Leoš Janáček. It was composed for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon and bass clarinet.

Youth (Matisyahu album)

Youth is an album by American reggae singer Matisyahu, which was released on March 7, 2006. It is his second proper studio release, as Live at Stubb's is a live album. The CD quickly shot to the top of iTunes best sellers list the day it was released (partially because iTunes ran a special promotion for pre-orders).

The first single from the album is " King without a Crown", which was also appeared on Matisyahu's previous album, Live at Stubb's. However, a different music video was shot for the Youth version of the song, whereas the version on the Stubb's concert album was accompanied by a concert video. The album debuted at number four on the Billboard 200 with over 119,000 copies sold in its first week released. A month later, the album was certified gold by the RIAA. As of September 24, 2008 the album has sold approximately 585,000 copies in the United States according to Nielsen Soundscan. On December 27, 2006, Billboard announced that Youth ranked 3rd overall on the 2006 Reggae album charts, immediately behind Live at Stubb's.

The topic of the album is mostly the support and promotion of youth voice, more explicitly in the eponymous second track. The album, along with its topic, mixes Matisyahu's lyrics, which contain several references to his Jewish beliefs, with a mainstream sound.

Youth (Conrad short story)

"Youth" is an autobiographical short story by Joseph Conrad. Written in 1898, it was first published in Blackwood's Magazine, and included as the first story in the 1902 volume Youth, a Narrative, and Two Other Stories. This volume also includes Heart of Darkness and The End of the Tether, stories concerned with the themes of maturity and old age, respectively. "Youth" depicts a young man's first journey to the East. It is narrated by Charles Marlow who is also the narrator of Lord Jim, Chance, and Heart of Darkness. The narrator's introduction suggests this is the first time, chronologically, the character Marlow appears in Conrad's works (the Author comments that he thinks Marlow spells his name this way).

Youth (horse)

Youth (foaled 1973 in Maryland) was an American-bred French Thoroughbred racehorse.

Youth (Foxes song)

"Youth" is a song by English singer and songwriter Foxes. The song was released as a digital download in Ireland on 6 September 2013 and in the United Kingdom on 27 October 2013 as the lead single from her debut studio album Glorious (2014). The song has peaked at number 21 on the Irish Singles Chart. The song was originally out in 2011, alongside a remix by Adventure Club, but did not get an official release until two years later. When the song was released digitally, it topped the UK iTunes Charts.

Youth (2001 film)

Youth is a 2001 Indian Telugu romance film, written and directed by Jitendra. The film stars Vikram and Sri Harsha in the lead roles, who plays his love interest.

Youth (Citizen album)

Youth is the debut studio album by American rock band Citizen, released June 11, 2013 on Run for Cover Records.

Youth (2015 film)

Youth is a 2015 Italian comedy-drama film written and directed by Paolo Sorrentino. It is the director's second English language film, and stars Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel as best friends who reflect on their lives while holidaying in the Swiss Alps. It is a story of the eternal struggle between age and youth, the past and the future, life and death, commitment and betrayal. The cast also includes Rachel Weisz, Paul Dano, and Jane Fonda.

The film premiered at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, where it competed for the Palme d'Or and had a positive critical response. At the 28th European Film Awards, Youth won Best Film, Best Director for Sorrentino, and Best Actor for Caine. It received one Academy Award nomination: Best Original Song, for David Lang's composition of " Simple Song #3". At the Golden Globe Awards, Lang was also nominated along with Jane Fonda for Best Supporting Actress.

Youth (Troye Sivan song)

"Youth" is a song by South African-Australian singer and songwriter Troye Sivan from his debut studio album Blue Neighbourhood (2015). It was written by Sivan, Bram Inscore, Brett McLaughlin (Leland), Alex Hope and Allie X, and produced by SLUMS, Alex JL Hiew and Inscore. The song premiered on 12 November 2015 on Shazam Top 20 at 7PM AEST and was officially released on 13 November 2015 as the album's second single.

Youth (2013 film)

Youth is a 2013 Israeli - German drama film written and directed by Tom Shoval.

Youth (sculpture)

Youth (Czech: Mládí) is an outdoor bronze sculpture of a nude young man by Miloš Zet, installed outside the Toy Museum at Prague Castle in Prague, Czech Republic.

Youth (1933 film)

Youth (French: Jeunesse) is a 1933 French drama film directed by Georges Lacombe and starring Robert Arnoux, Lisette Lanvin and Jean Servais.

The film's sets were designed by Pierre Schild.

Youth (Artist)

Youth, 25 year old Krissy Paraskeva, was born and raised in North London. At 16 she won a full scholarship to Italia Conti. A year later Ben Elton picked Krissy to play the leading lady in Tonight’s The Night. At 17 she toured the country, and Ben Elton introduced her to William Orbit. Orbit took her to a studio session with Robbie Williams whose album he was producing. Krissy recorded the backing vocals on Williams’ RudeBox and developed a taste for studio life.

In 2013 Krissy started work on a solo project under the name Youth, making dark, left-field beats with friend Young & Sick (now signed to Banks’ Harvest Records). Youth have been supported by and received critical acclaim from BBC Introducing & Radio 1, XFM, TripleJ (Australia), the 405, Earmilk, Les Inrocks (Paris), and Rankin's Hunger Magazine.

Usage examples of "youth".

In the second case, in a youth of sixteen, death occurred after washing out a deep abscess of the nates with the same solution.

Although Sapor was in the thirtieth year of his long reign, he was still in the vigor of youth, as the date of his accession, by a very strange fatality, had preceded that of his birth.

A little mouth, a delicate little nose, and a face pitted and scarred by the acne of his youth.

When the return of famine severely admonished them of the importance of the arts, the national distress was sometimes alleviated by the emigration of a third, perhaps, or a fourth part of their youth.

And probably the empress herself might have seen less reason for her admonitions on the subject, had it not been for the circumstance, which was no doubt unfortunate, that the royal family at this time contained no member of a graver age and a settled respectability of character who might, by his example, have tempered the exuberance natural to the extreme youth of the sovereigns and their brothers.

In that mysterious region known to explorers as the Sargasso Sea, the youth found a weird metal ship surviving from the lost age of High Atlantis, on which there still lived an Atlantean sorceress, an ageless and beautiful creature called Corenice, who inhabits an eternal and deathless body of impervious metal.

The youth nodded a greeting and Ager returned the favor, noting there were plenty of vacant tables around.

Seated between his countryman, Orkid Gravespear, and the Princess Areava, Ager thought he was a pleasant-looking youth with a quick smile and an open face.

In the wildness of his youth, Danlo had hunted and slain a thousand such animals would it be so great a sin if he broke ahimsa this one time and sacrificed the lamb?

When he was eleven years of age, both his parents were killed in a climbing accident in the Aiguilles Rouges above Chamonix, and the youth came under the guardianship of an aunt, since deceased, Miss Charmian Bond, and went to live with her at the quaintly-named hamlet of Pett Bottom near Canterbury in Kent.

The ranks of the winged were growing, for the Youth of sixteen were being enlisted, and now the count of able-bodied alated was well over two hundred thousand.

This youth of the time of the Alcheringa had grown, during his travels, into a young man, and yet he had had no chance to be initiated into the secrets and mysteries of his station.

In youth he made of Ceyx and Alcyon, And since then he hath spoke of every one These noble wives, and these lovers eke.

And bound to a rope amidmost were the women fair and young, And youths and little children, like the fish on a withy strung As they lie on the grass for the angler before the beginning of night.

Art thou an anchorite, good Theos, and wouldst thou have me scourge my flesh and groan, because the gods have given me youth and vigorous manhood?