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village hall

n. 1 Building which houses the village's government. 2 (context figuratively English) The village government.

Village hall

In the United States, a village hall is the seat of government for villages. It functions much as a town hall or city hall.

In the United Kingdom, a village hall is usually a building within a village which contains at least one large room, usually owned by and run for the benefit of the local community. Such a hall is typically used for a variety of public and private events, such as parish council meetings, sports club functions, local drama productions, dances, jumble sales and private parties. Village halls sometimes have charitable status. They are occasionally called the village institute rather than village hall.

(pronounced Niath) is used in Welsh-speaking parts of Wales, as in , the village hall in Aberdyfi.

Village Hall (TV series)

Village Hall is a drama anthology series made by Granada between 1974 and 1975. It is entirely set in a village hall, with each episode highlighting a different use to which the space is put by local people. Writers include Jack Rosenthal and the actor Kenneth Cope.

Village Hall (Sheffield, Illinois)

The Village Hall is a historic government building located at 239 South Main Street in Sheffield, Illinois. The building was constructed in 1910 to replace the village's original village hall, which was built in 1887 but had become too small for the village. Architect George Franklin Barber designed the building; while Barber was nationally known for his mail-order residential designs, the Village Hall was one of his only municipal works. Barber's design used Neoclassical elements extensively, including limestone columns flanking the entrance, a cornice and entablature along the roof line, jack arches on the first-story windows, and Roman grilles above the entrance and second-story windows. The building also features a Romanesque arch surrounding the main entrance and Victorian massing in its central bell tower.

The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places on January 2, 2013.

Usage examples of "village hall".

The sense of uneasiness which I had caught from the tension in the Village Hall had been with me ever since.

She lit their fires in winter or cooked their meals, and in addition, always ran the annual Christmas Party in Aidensfield village hall.

As the largest and most solidly built building in the village, the Worship Hall also served as courthouse, village hall and place of refuge should Smyrton come under attack.

The room was obviously, from its benches and Spartan furnishings, some sort of communal meeting-place, I village hall: illumination came from three rather smoky oil lamps, the light from which was most hospitably reflected by the scores of bottles of spirit and wine and beer and glasses that took up almost every available inch of two long trestle tables.

Pressed, Peter Grundy had only been able to come up with either the village hall in Longnor or this depressing annexe to the Methodist Chapel that squatted on the main road just past the Scardale turn-off.

The Scales family and their cohorts stood trial in the village hall.

I could go down to the village hall and there might be someone there to talk with.

The amount of money invested by Disney in a single ride would make any part of the Granada Studios Tour look like amateur night in a village hall.

Well, there was nothing much to Halkirk - just a couple of streets on a road to nowhere, with a butcher's, a builder's merchants, two pubs, a little grocery, and a village hall with a war memorial.

Each week, on the Holy Day, I played my harp in the village hall, creating new vigorous melodies so that the villagers could dance.

When they set up in the village hall, she caught no few of the inhabitants giving her sidelong, cautious glances.

The Young Farmers were holding a disco in the village hall next door, the DJ was playing an old Nineties hip-hop tune ``Like A Playa'' by L.

The village hall had the spring flower show on and the youth club, where they play the loud music on Mondays, was closed pending structural repairs to its foundations.