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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ However, before the dawning of this utopia, certain changes must occur.
▪ Our belief in a Communist utopia had nothing to do with reality.
▪ The new novel usually starts from where one is, seldom from a vision of a lost world or future utopia.
▪ The promise of utopia has attracted the attentions of both charlatans and serious scientists.
▪ This utopia won't be sprouting up any time soon, so Doguzhieva believes survival requires a sense of humor.
▪ To outsiders, it seemed to be a mountaintop utopia, high above the troubles of the Great Depression.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Utopia \U*to"pi*a\, n. [NL., fr. Gr. not + ? a place.]

  1. An imaginary island, represented by Sir Thomas More, in a work called Utopia, as enjoying the greatest perfection in politics, laws, and the like. See Utopia, in the Dictionary of Noted Names in Fiction.

  2. Hence, any place or state of ideal perfection.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1551, from Modern Latin Utopia, literally "nowhere," coined by Thomas More (and used as title of his book, 1516, about an imaginary island enjoying the utmost perfection in legal, social, and political systems), from Greek ou "not" + topos "place" (see topos). Extended to any perfect place by 1610s. Commonly, but incorrectly, taken as from Greek eu- "good" (see eu-) an error reinforced by the introduction of dystopia.


n. A world in which everything and everyone works in perfect harmony.

Utopia, FL -- U.S. Census Designated Place in Florida
Population (2000): 714
Housing Units (2000): 279
Land area (2000): 0.306849 sq. miles (0.794734 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.000000 sq. miles (0.000000 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 0.306849 sq. miles (0.794734 sq. km)
FIPS code: 73442
Located within: Florida (FL), FIPS 12
Location: 25.988719 N, 80.203268 W
ZIP Codes (1990):
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Utopia, FL
Utopia, TX -- U.S. Census Designated Place in Texas
Population (2000): 241
Housing Units (2000): 127
Land area (2000): 2.952302 sq. miles (7.646428 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.000000 sq. miles (0.000000 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 2.952302 sq. miles (7.646428 sq. km)
FIPS code: 74576
Located within: Texas (TX), FIPS 48
Location: 29.616402 N, 99.526623 W
ZIP Codes (1990): 78884
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Utopia, TX

A utopia is an imagined community or society that possesses highly desirable or nearly perfect qualities. Utopian ideals often place emphasis on egalitarian principles of equality in economics, government and justice, though by no means exclusively, with the method and structure of proposed implementation varying based on ideology. According to Lyman Tower Sargent "[t]here are socialist, capitalist, monarchical, democratic, anarchist, ecological, feminist, patriarchal, egalitarian, hierarchical, racist, left-wing, right-wing, reformist, free love, nuclear family, extended family, gay, lesbian, and many more utopias".

The word was coined by Sir Thomas More from the Greek language for his 1516 book Utopia (in Latin), describing a fictional island society in the Atlantic Ocean. The term has been used to describe both intentional communities that attempt to create ideal societies, and the imagined societies portrayed in fiction. Alternative views on structural and qualitative attributes of society have spawned other concepts, most prominently dystopia.

Utopia (disambiguation)

Utopia is an ideal community or society possessing a highly desirable or near-perfect socio-politico-legal system, derived from the 1516 book by Thomas More.

Utopia may also refer to:

Utopia (video game)
''You may be looking for the 1991 video game Utopia: The Creation of a Nation

Utopia is a 1981 strategy video game by Don Daglow released for the Intellivision and Mattel Aquarius. It is often regarded as among the first city building games and god games. A turn-based strategy with timed turns, it is also credited with having laid the foundations for the real-time strategy genre. In July 2010, the game was re-released on Microsoft's Game Room service for its Xbox 360 console and for Games for Windows Live.

Utopia (book)

Utopia (Libellus vere aureus, nec minus salutaris quam festivus, de optimo rei publicae statu deque nova insula Utopia) is a work of fiction and political philosophy by Thomas More (1478–1535) published in 1516 in Latin. The book is a frame narrative primarily depicting a fictional island society and its religious, social and political customs. Many aspects of More's description of Utopia are reminiscent of life in monasteries.


(N)utopia is the fifth studio album by the symphonic black metal band Graveworm, released in 2005 through Nuclear Blast.

Utopia (Goldfrapp song)

"Utopia" is an electronic song performed by British group Goldfrapp. The song was written and produced by Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory for the duo's debut album Felt Mountain (2000). It was released as the album's second single in October 2000.

Utopia (German science fiction)

Utopia was the name of several science fiction series published by Erich Pabel Verlag, Rastatt. Together with the Terra series of the rival publisher Arthur Moewig Verlag, Munich, the Utopia series were the most important science fiction work in the early years of West Germany.

Utopia (American band)

Utopia is an American rock band. In its initial incarnation, in 1973-75, the group was a progressive rock band with a somewhat fluid membership known as " Todd Rundgren's Utopia". Most of the members of this early incarnation of Utopia also played on Rundgren's solo albums of the period up to 1975.

By 1976, the group was known simply as Utopia and was a stable quartet of Rundgren, Kasim Sulton, Roger Powell and John "Willie" Wilcox. This incarnation of the group gradually abandoned prog-rock for straight rock, new wave and power pop, and scored the top 40 hit "Set Me Free" in 1980. Though often thought of as a Rundgren-oriented project, all four members of Utopia wrote, sang, produced and performed on their albums; "Set Me Free", for example, was sung by Sulton.

Utopia broke up in 1986, but reunited briefly in 1992. More recently, beginning in 2011 the earlier prog-rock incarnation known as Todd Rundgren's Utopia was revived for a series of live shows.

Utopia (Child novel)

Utopia (ISBN 0-385-50668-6) is the first solo novel by Lincoln Child published in 2002. It is set in a futuristic amusement park called Utopia, a park that relies heavily on holographics and robotics. Dr. Andrew Warne, the man who designed the program that runs the park's robots, is called in to help fix a problem. But when he gets there, he finds out that the park is being held hostage by a mysterious man known as John Doe.

Utopia (website)

Utopia is a website with daily updating of information about LGBT culture in the countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

Utopia, founded by American John C. Goss, was a ground-breaking Internet enterprise when it was formed in Bangkok, Thailand, on December 13, 1995. At the time of its launch, such information was hard to come by, even for LGBT citizens within their own nations. Since then, it has pioneered new businesses, published seminal books and forged relationships to emerge as a potent unifying force for Asian LGBT people.

The Utopia website was preceded by the opening of Southeast Asia's first gay and lesbian center, one year earlier, in December 2004. Goss and partners from Singapore, Thailand and the United States opened the Utopia complex in the Sukhumvit Road area of Bangkok and it included an LGBT bookshop, cafe, pub and guesthouse. The center went on to host author readings, women’s workshops, AIDS/HIV education and fundraising, and Bangkok’s first International Lesbian and Gay Film/Video Festival: Hearts of Light, programmed by Canadian filmmaker, Paul Lee.

The Utopia website was the first Internet portal providing up-to-date pan-Asian information in a non-pornographic format. An archive of the Utopia website is available from 1996 onwards at The Wayback Machine. The website went on to garner recognition from TIME Magazine, Lonely Planet, Yahoo!, Gay Times, Advocate and BBC World Service.

Utopia was a founding sponsor of the first Bangkok Gay Festival in 1999, the first Pattaya Gay Festival in 2001, and also sponsored the annual Phuket Gay Festival.

The annual Utopia Awards was established in 2000 to give special recognition to gay and lesbian pioneers in Asia and other worthy groups and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to Asia's LGBT community.

In 2005-2007, Goss began publication of ten landmark Utopia Guide books to gay and lesbian life in China; Cambodia/Laos/Myanmar/Vietnam; Thailand; Singapore; Malaysia; Indonesia; Japan; South Korea; Taiwan; and Asia (16 countries).

Utopia continues to pursue its original goal to improve the lives of Asian lesbians and gay men, to build community, and to foster a deeper understanding of gay life in the region. The Utopia website remains the Internet’s most respected and comprehensive English-language resource for the multi-faceted homosexual subcultures of Asia.

Utopía (Belinda Peregrín album)

Utopía is the second studio album by Spanish-born Mexican recording artist Belinda. It was released on October 3, 2006 by EMI Televisa Music in Mexico and Latin America. The album was later released on September 17, 2007 to Europe and the United States. Recording sessions for the album took place during March to August 2006 at several recording studios, and production was handled primarily by Greg Wells, Greg Kurstin, Mitch Allan, Jimmy Harry and Lester Mendez. As of June 2008, the album had sold 1 million copies worldwide.

UTOPIA (Bioinformatics tools)

UTOPIA (User-friendly Tools for OPerating Informatics Applications) is a suite of free tools for visualising and analysing bioinformatics data. Based on an ontology-driven data model, it contains applications for viewing and aligning protein sequences, rendering complex molecular structures in 3D, and for finding and using resources such as web services and data objects. There are two major components, the protein analysis suite and UTOPIA documents.

Utopia (Owarai)

Utopia is the name of a veteran Japanese Owarai comedy duo. The members are nicknamed Hope and Peace as a result. They debuted in 1978 and grew famous with a skit about a teacher and student played by Hope and Peace respectively, where the teacher convinces the student to hold the end of a long rubber band in his mouth while the teacher pulls back and releases it slapstick-style. They are considered veterans in the industry; their recent appearance in the movie Trick 2 illustrates the cult-like following of their career and catch phrase: "Yoroshiku Ne!"

Utopia (Alanis Morissette song)

"Utopia" is a pop rock song written by Alanis Morissette, and produced by her for her fifth album, Under Rug Swept (2002).

Utopia (Unexpect album)

Utopia is the first full-length album by Canadian avant-garde extreme metal band Unexpect. It was released in 1999 by the band itself and is recorded and mixed by the band with help of Serge Cosette.

Utopia (comics)

"Utopia" is a 2009 comic book crossover story arc written by Matt Fraction and published by Marvel Comics, starring the X-Men and the Dark Avengers. The first issue was released in June 2009.

After a mutant riot and an anti-mutant riot in San Francisco, Norman Osborn tries to enforce peace by creating his own team of Dark X-Men to serve in much the same way the Dark Avengers did, using these teams to bring down the real X-Men.

Utopia (Doctor Who)

"Utopia" is the eleventh episode of the third series of the revived British science fiction television series Doctor Who. It was broadcast on BBC One on 16 June 2007. It is the first of three episodes that form a linked narrative, followed by " The Sound of Drums" and " Last of the Time Lords". The episode serves to re-introduce the Doctor's long time nemesis, the Master.

In this episode, former companion Jack Harkness ( John Barrowman) jumps on the TARDIS, taking the Doctor ( David Tennant) and Martha Jones ( Freema Agyeman) to the planet of Malcassairo in the year 100 trillion, where a professor is working to send the last remnants of the human race to a place called "Utopia". The vicious Futurekind threaten to scuttle the rocket, but a greater threat hides in the shadows: the Doctor's greatest nemesis is about to rise again.

Utopia (Utopia album)

Utopia is the second of two self-titled albums by the rock group Utopia (the other being Todd Rundgren's Utopia). It was released in 1982 (see 1982 in music). It was also their only album for Network Records.

During the composing phase of this album, Kasim Sulton had left to pursue a solo career, and Doug Howard from the band Touch was brought in on bass. Howard co-wrote two songs on the album, "Feet Don’t Fail Me Now" and "I’m Looking at You But I’m Talking to Myself". These songs are credited to "Utopia and Doug Howard" on the finished album. Howard stepped aside when Sulton decided to return, and had no further involvement with the group.

Videos and singles were released for "Feet Don't Fail Me Now" and "Hammer in My Heart". Footage for "Hammer in My Heart" was recorded live on August 18, 1982 at MTV's official first birthday celebration hosted by VeeJay Nina Blackwood. The song peaked at #31 on Billboard's Mainstream Rock chart. Both were featured on the VHS video release "The Utopia Sampler" nominated in 1983 for a Grammy for Best Short Form Video.

The original vinyl LP was released with a "bonus EP" of five additional songs. The later CD release simply includes as tracks 11 to 15 with no mention of the word "bonus". In Europe, the EP was pressed as a 7" with the five songs split between the two sides; elsewhere, the EP was pressed as a 12" with all five songs repeated on both sides of the EP.

Utopia (Within Temptation song)

"Utopia" is the first single from the Dutch symphonic metal/ rock band Within Temptation's live album An Acoustic Night at the Theatre. The song features guest vocals from Chris Jones, a British singer. The single was released on 23 October 2009.

Utopia (typeface)

Utopia is the name of a transitional serif typeface designed by Robert Slimbach and released by his employer Adobe Systems in 1989.

Utopia (Brazilian band)

Utopia was a rock band from Brazil, formed in Guarulhos, São Paulo in 1989, formed by members of the future group Mamonas Assassinas.

Utopia (Axxis album)

Utopia, released in 2009, is the twelfth full-length album by the German power metal band Axxis.

Utopia (1983 film)

Utopia is a 1983 West German drama film directed by Sohrab Shahid-Saless. It was entered into the 33rd Berlin International Film Festival.

Utopia (Tom Dice song)

"Utopia" is a song performed by Belgian singer-songwriter Tom Dice, released as the lead single from his second studio album Heart for Sale. It was released on 28 February 2012 as a digital download in Belgium on iTunes. The song was written by Jeroen Swinnen, Ashley Hicklin and Tom Eeckhout.

Utopia (Gothminister album)

Utopia is the fifth studio album by industrial metal band Gothminister, released on 17 May 2013 on the label AFM Records. It is their first album following the signing with AFM in December 2012.

Utopia (2013 film)

Utopia is a 2013 documentary film written, produced and presented by John Pilger and directed by Pilger and Alan Lowery, that explores the experiences of Aboriginal Australians in modern Australia. The title is derived from the Aboriginal homeland community of Utopia, Northern Territory, one of the poorest and most desolate areas in Australia.

Utopia (Australian TV series)

Utopia, titled Dreamland in the UK, Canada, and US, is a Logie Award-winning Australian television comedy series by Working Dog Productions that premiered on ABC1 on 13 August 2014. The eight-part series follows the working lives of a team in the Nation Building Authority, a newly created government organisation. The Authority is responsible for overseeing major infrastructure projects, from announcement to unveiling. The series explores the collision between bureaucracy and grand ambitions. The second series aired in 2015, beginning with the first episode on 19 August 2015.

Utopia (marketplace)

Utopia was a darknet market similar to The Silk Road that facilitated sale of illegal items such as narcotics, firearms, stolen bank account information and forged identity documents. Utopia was based on Black Market Reloaded. It was launched on 3 February 2014 only to be shut down by Dutch police 8 days later. Undercover agents were able to buy large amounts of ecstasy ( MDMA) and cocaine. 900 Bitcoin (then worth approximately £270,000) were seized.

Utopia (360 album)

Utopia is the third studio album by Australian rapper 360. It was released on 13 June 2014. It features four singles; "Impossible" featuring Daniel Johns, "Sixavelli" which features rapper Lunar C, "Live It Up" which features Australian rapper PEZ and "Price of Fame" which features singer Gossling.

Utopia (UK TV series)

Utopia is a British thriller drama action television series that was broadcast on Channel 4 from 15 January 2013 to 12 August 2014. The show is written by Dennis Kelly and stars Fiona O'Shaughnessy, Adeel Akhtar, Paul Higgins, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Alexandra Roach, Oliver Woollford, and Neil Maskell. A second six-episode series was commissioned by Channel 4 and went into production in late 2013. Series 2 started airing with a double-bill spread over two nights on Monday 14 July and Tuesday 15 July 2014. It ended on 12 August 2014.

On 9 October 2014, it was revealed by the official Utopia Twitter feed (and later by Channel 4) that there would not be a third series. An American adaptation was planned for HBO, but budget disputes between HBO and director David Fincher led to the project being cancelled in July 2015.

Utopia (Kerli EP)

Utopia is the second extended play (EP) by Estonian recording artist and songwriter Kerli. It was released on March 19, 2013 by The Island Def Jam Music Group. The album was produced in the five years following the release of Kerli's debut album Love Is Dead (2008) and was originally intended as Kerli's second studio album. The songs from the EP feature an overall positive message and a heavily electronic dance-influenced sound (a stark contrast from Love Is Dead) and feature production by Swedish production duo SeventyEight as well as English producer and DJ Switch.

Two songs that were written for the album, " Army of Love" and " Zero Gravity", were released as promotional singles in 2010 and 2012 respectively prior to release of the EP's lead single in 2013 titled " The Lucky Ones". Two other songs intended for the album (which were written by Kerli, Toby Gad, and Lindy Robbins) titled " I Feel Immortal" and " Skyscraper" were recorded by artists Tarja Turunen and Demi Lovato for their albums What Lies Beneath (2010) and Unbroken (2011) respectively, the latter song peaking at number ten on the Billboard Hot 100. Although Kerli's version of "Skyscraper" was never officially released, her version of "I Feel Immortal" titled "Immortal" was released on Frankenweenie Unleashed! in 2012 and the demo version of "Skyscraper" sung by Kerli leaked online the same year. "Zero Gravity", "Army of Love", and "The Lucky Ones" all charted in the top ten of Billboards Hot Dance Club Songs chart, the last two peaking at number one. Utopia peaked at number 196 on the Billboard 200 for the week of April 6.

Utopia (U.S. TV series)

Utopia is a reality series that premiered on Fox on September 7, 2014. Based on the Dutch version of the series and created by John de Mol, the series follows a group of people who attempt to maintain a society in a remote area. Conrad Green was its executive producer. Originally scheduled for two nights per week, Tuesday and Friday, on October 2, 2014, Fox announced that Utopia was pulled from Tuesday nights, and would air only on Friday nights. On November 2, 2014, the show was cancelled after airing weeks of what was promoted as a year-long project. It is estimated that Fox paid $50 million to develop the show.

Utopia (2015 film)

Utopia is a 2015 Afghan drama film directed by Hassan Nazer. The film was selected as the Afghan entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 88th Academy Awards but it was not nominated.

Usage examples of "utopia".

By far the commonest type of of galactic society was that in which many systems of worlds had developed independently, come into conflict, slaughtered one another, produced vast federations and empires, plunged again and again into social chaos, and struggled between whiles haltingly toward galactic Utopia.

And yet, in this final part of the Ethics, this utopia has only an abstract and indefinite relation to reality.

Numerous lectures, dealing not only with Fourierism, various Utopias and communism, but also with the problems of serfdom, judicial and military reforms, constitutionalist or revolutionary methods, enabled Dostoyevsky, who was quick to understand systems through partisan exposition, to acquire a fairly complete political education.

Blade repeated, recalling his discussion with Jaguarundi about Utopia, and grinned.

Borges assigns to that distortion of classification that prevents us from applying it, to that picture that lacks all spatial coherence, is a precise region whose name alone constitutes for the West a vast reservoir of Utopias.

Jesuits, strange as it may appear, did not conduct the missions after the fashion of a business concern, but rather as the rulers of some Utopia -- those foolish beings who think happiness is preferable to wealth.

Jewelry on the comer of State and Main, to walk me up the block to the Utopia for my first moviegoing experience --not even seated yet, waiting for my dad to show me what to do, where to sit, how to act .

Years earlier More had written, in his fantasy Utopia, against the enclosure of ploughland for sheep.

Utopia as anything that has been written during the last fifty years, with its innocent Rousseauian escapism, but even here dangers always lurk in the shadows, threatening to tear the gossamer security into fragments at the first sign of weakness.

Utopia, she learns that the comatose Kapera is under study along with a strange concoction in a thermos called Hyper-K.

We have tramped and botanised and come to a rest, and, sitting among rocks, we have eaten our lunch and finished our bottle of Yvorne, and fallen into a talk of Utopias, and said such things as I have been saying.

Throughout Utopia there is, of course, no other than provisional classifications, since every being is regarded as finally unique, but for political and social purposes things have long rested upon a classification of temperaments, which attends mainly to differences in the range and quality and character of the individual imagination.

The constitutions conceived by philosophers in their closets are constitutions only of Utopia or Dreamland.

The constitutions imagined by philosophers are for Utopia, not for any actual, living, breathing people.

Whether the Utopian company will be allowed to prefer this class of share to that or to issue debentures, whether indeed usury, that is to say lending money at fixed rates of interest, will be permitted at all in Utopia, one may venture to doubt.