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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"literary theme," 1948, from Greek topos, literally "place."


n. 1 A literary theme or motif; a rhetorical convention or formula. 2 (context mathematics English) A certain mathematical structure found in category theory.

  1. n. a traditional theme or motif or literary convention; "James Joyce uses the topos of the Wandering Jew in his Ulysses"

  2. [also: topoi (pl)]


In mathematics, a topos (, ; plural topoi or , or toposes) is a category that behaves like the category of sheaves of sets on a topological space (or more generally: on a site). Topoi behave much like the category of sets and possess a notion of localization; they are in a sense a generalization of point-set topology. The Grothendieck topoi find applications in algebraic geometry; the more general elementary topoi are used in logic.

Topos (disambiguation)

Topos may refer to:

  • Topos (plural topoi) – a type of category in mathematics
    • Classifying topos –a topos that categorifies the models of a structure in another topos
    • Effective topos –a topos that captures the idea of effectivity in mathematics
    • Étale topos –the category of étale sheaves
    • Topos theory – the theory of mathematical topoi
  • Rhetoric topos – topoi in rhetorical invention
  • Literary topos – topoi in literary theory
  • Los Topos –California theatre troup
  • Oo-Topos – interactive science fiction game
  • Topical logic –reasoning from commonplace topoi
  • Topo (climbing) (plural topos) –description of a climbing route
  • Topos de Reynosa FC – a Mexican football club
  • Topos de Tlatelolco – a non-for-profit rescue organization based in Mexico
  • Topos hyperuranionos –Platonic realm of archetypes

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I am lovesick, and ungrown, and know no trope or toponymic topoi, no image worthy.