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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a school uniform
▪ He was still wearing his school uniform.
dress uniform
▪ His handclasp was cold; his black uniform befitting the poisonous beetle that he was.
▪ She is a skinny brown woman in the black uniform of the kitchen help.
▪ The movement survived as the National Fascists for three years, with a black shirt uniform.
▪ They wore black uniforms with visored caps.
▪ Tall, smart women strutting in their black uniforms and leather boots.
▪ I stop this man in a black uniform and ask him where it is, and he shows me.
▪ The Raiders waited two years before seeing Ismail in a silver-and-#black uniform.
▪ She looks like a nurse in her blue uniform and her scarf over her head.
▪ Brosz said of the sea of blue and white uniforms.
▪ The blue uniforms of policemen had appeared and marksmen had fanned out, hunting for good positions to aim from.
▪ Two unarmed security guards in faded blue uniforms stand erect at the entrance to Montclair Prep in Van Nuys.
▪ A girl in light blue uniform waves her finger at me.
▪ The girls are dressed alike, in dark blue uniforms with white collars and black pinafores.
▪ Officials in their variety of blue uniforms hurried to and fro on urgent business.
▪ The marshals will appear in their blue uniforms with a sidearm-no rifles or anything like that.
▪ From that day the Carroburg Greatswords have worn dark red uniforms.
▪ The kids in their dark uniforms and heavy black leather school backpacks march off to school under fragile white-pink blossoms.
▪ Guards in dark uniforms and high black boots hurried us along.
▪ The girls are dressed alike, in dark blue uniforms with white collars and black pinafores.
▪ Row upon row they seemed to march, reminding Lucy of soldiers dressed in Prussian green uniforms.
▪ A man riding a bicycle stopped to ask what was the idea of all the green uniforms.
▪ There were four of them, dressed in the pale green uniforms of the Ebert household.
▪ We waited to have our visas minutely examined by security police with green uniforms and humorless expressions.
▪ Preparations were made to re-equip the force with green uniforms.
▪ The staff, easily recognizable by their distinctive light green uniforms were well in evidence.
▪ He could see a wall of green uniforms surrounding it.
▪ This Stirlander bowmen wears a green and yellow uniform.
▪ This archer wears a white smock over a grey uniform with distinguishing red ribbons and plume.
▪ It was a desk cop, a woman in a grey uniform, wearing a headset.
▪ Dressed in the dull grey uniform of her trade, no one would have given her a second look.
▪ Harvey was dressed in a khaki uniform with colonel's insignia on the collar.
▪ He wears an army-type khaki uniform, a gun swung over his shoulder.
▪ Two pairs of black policemen in starched khaki uniforms were there to discourage the pickpockets if possible, arrest them if necessary.
▪ More than 2, 000 students still wear khaki uniforms to class, though the cadet corps now is coeducational.
▪ Ponchos, like the one he'd used as protection on the roof, covered their khaki uniforms.
▪ To produce a sail he had ripped apart his military uniform.
▪ Included are some paintings in which he used nineteenth-century military uniforms.
▪ The trendies of Carnaby Street flounced around in military uniforms, sporting flowers of peace where medals once had hung.
▪ In another, he sports a military uniform while reading a book.
▪ He had dressed that morning in his civilian clothes, reckoning that military uniform was unsuitable for the work of the day.
▪ Another plant which made military uniforms was on the verge of closure for lack of orders from Moscow.
▪ One of them was a student of military uniforms.
▪ There were others seated away from the table whose function was not clear to Holman, but three were dressed in military uniforms.
▪ Her husband's naval uniform hung neatly in his mock-mahogany wardrobe, retained with pride.
▪ The prince was resplendent in his white naval uniform with braid on the visor of his cap.
▪ He purchased a ceremonial naval uniform, complete with sword belt, sword, and Colt. 45 pistol.
▪ It seems that every police car is brand-new, and Hussein's soldiers sport crisp, new uniforms.
▪ The new uniform will then be evaluated and minor changes possibly made to features such as pockets and the shirt material.
▪ He loves everything about his new uniform.
▪ By 1887, the brigade had new uniforms and brass helmets.
▪ The band has recently taken delivery of a splendid new uniform which the members are rightly proud of.
▪ For example, at Nabisco the allowance is intended to cover the costs of new school uniforms.
▪ These blazers were originally presented as a new uniform for all dealers.
▪ Tidy team: Langbaurgh's cleansing squads in their new uniforms will have a group of young overseers on their rounds today.
▪ It looked like Uncle Mosse; it was wearing his old uniform.
▪ There must be an old Navy uniform and a few ball bearings somewhere on Treasure Island.
▪ But he rolled back the years wearing his old jockeys' uniform in the Radcliffe Selling Stakes at Nottingham.
▪ The old uniforms left over from the colonial bygone had to go.
▪ He attracts old guys in uniform and young guys in shorts who wouldn't dream of voting for anyone else.
▪ In their smart uniforms the police have a lethargic menace.
▪ He had looked so smart in his uniform: tall, dark and handsome like all the best heroes.
▪ This halberdier wears the blue and white uniform of the city with distinguishing features in red.
▪ He wore a white uniform and carried a spray can of poison with a long wand.
▪ Through the slatted blinds I could see a group of prisoners in white cotton uniforms, mowing the grass with sickles.
▪ Brosz said of the sea of blue and white uniforms.
▪ They wore white uniforms in summer to distinguish them from the crowds that might throng their stations.
▪ All those sweet little gals in white uniforms.
▪ Wearing an immaculate white uniform, he takes my briefcase.
▪ She loved the white nurses' uniforms, which imparted glamour to her youthful mind.
▪ He prised the sealed top open and found army uniforms, with no insignia marks on them.
▪ Two boys one in an army uniform snarled at a conductor on the platform.
▪ A thin man in army uniform came in, walking with a limp.
▪ A crash programme was needed to make dyes even for Army uniforms.
▪ Amin, Wasswa said, was in army uniform.
▪ The Kamajor militia and other loyal forces have been put in army uniform and brought under its command.
▪ Rebecca West refers to a photograph of him taken at this time in army uniform as a private of the Worcestershire Regiment.
▪ Fairfax, who was wearing his army uniform, soon lost patience.
▪ In spite of the heat, parties in full dress uniform were sent to scour the countryside.
▪ My father attended in his dress uniform.
▪ Wearing a police uniform did not sanitize a working man from ungodly ways.
▪ The everyday school uniform, now useless, meant that one had hardly anything to wear!
▪ A little kid in a Catholic school uniform still hops up and down the steps of a stoop on one foot.
▪ At one school during a parents' coffee morning the conversation drifted around to the subject to school uniform.
▪ Lately, everything I wore that she made for me, apart from my grammar school uniform, seemed frumpy and old-fashioned.
▪ Sun Life also paid an allowance towards the cost of new school uniforms.
▪ They are wearing their school uniforms, black jumpers with white blouses and neat black bows at the neck.
▪ Yesterday she was trying on her new school uniform.
▪ The seat of her navy blue school uniform was shiny and wrinkled.
▪ Clara was sent upstairs to change out of her uniform.
▪ Instead, Wait sneaked off the sub and went back to his quarters and changed into a uniform.
▪ The Pack hurried back to the dressing-tent to change out of their old-fashioned uniforms.
▪ The Kamajor militia and other loyal forces have been put in army uniform and brought under its command.
▪ He walked in, put on his uniform and walked out to practice.
▪ So much for the dissenting argument of some goofy liberals that requiring uniforms would be an added financial burden for the poor.
▪ At first, everyone will probably be required to stay in uniform and be back here by 10 at night.
▪ Even girls whose schools do not require uniforms will have short, plaid kilts and something khaki on their wish lists.
▪ Our president recently urged school districts to require students to wear uniforms.
▪ It looked like Uncle Mosse; it was wearing his old uniform.
▪ I feel the gates shut on the man, who is now wearing a striped uniform.
▪ There's a photograph of him standing in front of the cabbages that he'd grown for victory wearing his Home Guard uniform.
▪ You wear a uniform to play baseball, you wear a uniform to play soccer.
▪ The inmates wore a uniform of pale blue, the girls with white pinafores.
▪ You wear a uniform to play baseball, you wear a uniform to play soccer.
▪ Though they both wore the uniform of a Private it was plain who was of superior rank.
▪ They wore scarlet and gold uniforms and the shining, close-fitting plastic caps that were the sign of their judicial function.
▪ a school uniform
▪ Do you have to wear a uniform if you work at McDonald's?
▪ I used to hate wearing a school uniform.
▪ Most modern housing developments show a tedious uniformity of design.
▪ Some of the policemen walking amongst the crowds were not in uniform.
▪ By his own account, Joyce arrived at the pavilion, in Blackshirt uniform, about half an hour before the meeting.
▪ I went to Oxford in 1961 with my beatnik uniform, sandals and black sweater.
▪ The uniform was worn for the first time at Easter.
▪ Their carved costumes varied: uniforms, togas, robes.
▪ Each vertex in the coverage was perturbed by selecting random numbers from a uniform distribution, with ranges defined in Table 6.2.
▪ The sample is placed in a heating block and warmed at a uniform rate.
▪ They were anxious to help regulate competition throughout the product market by establishing uniform rates of pay and standard conditions.
▪ These topics are typically the subject matter of multilateral treaties which define mutually accepted uniform standards.
▪ Though uniform standards will not be enforced, the agreement calls for joint monitoring of pollution.
▪ On the other hand, the ward staff should adopt a uniform standard and method throughout the hospital.
▪ In the crusade for civil rights, the federal government sets a uniform standard that overrides local prejudices.
▪ In the past, it suffered from not being a single uniform system, and from having severe data security problems.
▪ A uniform system had at last been achieved.
▪ Grade A vegetables have to be uniform in size and without marks or blemishes.
▪ The postal system operates a uniform price structure, so it always costs the same to send a letter.
▪ The temperature must be uniform in every area of the reactor.
▪ A series of uniform regulations would be promulgated to allow the central government to exert overall budget control.
▪ Both Acts were to give uniform treatment to the many different forms of credit arrangement.
▪ Exposing rat cortex to the same stain produces uniform, moderately dense, labelling in the primary visual area.
▪ However, the distribution of duties was not uniform.
▪ In detail: The 3M machine produced a uniform pink glow on the screen, in areas which should have been white.
▪ Its uniform colours are grey and white.
▪ These tall, uniform boxes are set back from the street, isolated by windswept plazas.
▪ They did not simply react in a uniform manner to the experience of heat.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Regulation \Reg`u*la"tion\ (-l?"sh?n), n.

  1. The act of regulating, or the state of being regulated.

    The temper and regulation of our own minds.

  2. A rule or order prescribed for management or government; prescription; a regulating principle; a governing direction; precept; law; as, the regulations of a society or a school.

    Regulation sword, cap, uniform, etc. (Mil.), a sword, cap, uniform, etc., of the kind or quality prescribed by the official regulations.

    Syn: Law; rule; method; principle; order; precept. See Law.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1530s, "of one form," from Middle French uniforme (14c.), from Latin uniformis "having only one form or shape," from uni- "one" (see uni-) + forma "form" (see form (n.)). Related: Uniformly.


"distinctive clothes worn by one group," 1748, from French uniforme, from the adjective (see uniform (adj.)).


1680s, "to make alike," from uniform (adj.). Meaning "to dress in a uniform" is from 1861. Related: Uniformed.

  1. 1 unvarying; all the same. 2 consistent; conforming to one standard. 3 (context mathematics English) with speed of convergence not depending on choice of function argument; as in uniform continuity, uniform convergence n. A distinctive outfit that serves to identify members of a group. v

  2. (context transitive English) To clothe in a uniform.

  1. adj. always the same; showing a single form or character in all occurrences; "a street of uniform tall white buildings" [syn: unvarying] [ant: multiform]

  2. the same throughout in structure or composition; "bituminous coal is often treated as a consistent and homogeneous product" [syn: consistent]

  3. not differentiated [syn: undifferentiated] [ant: differentiated]

  4. evenly spaced; "at regular (or uniform) intervals"


n. clothing of distinctive design worn by members of a particular group as a means of identification


v. provide with uniforms; "The guards were uniformed"


A uniform is a type of clothing worn by members of an organization while participating in that organization's activity. Modern uniforms are most often worn by armed forces and paramilitary organizations such as police, emergency services, security guards, in some workplaces and schools and by inmates in prisons. In some countries, some other officials also wear uniforms in their duties; such is the case of the Commissioned Corps of the United States Public Health Service or the French prefects. For some public groups, such as police, it is illegal for non members to wear the uniform. Other uniforms are trade dresses (such as the brown uniforms of UPS).

Uniform (disambiguation)

A uniform is a standard set of clothing identifying the wearer as a member of an organisation.

Uniform may also refer to:

  • Variants of a uniform clothing set:
    • Military uniform, often simply "uniform", worn by members of a military organisation
    • School uniform, also known as "student uniform" or simply "uniform", mandated clothing for students in a particular school or school system
    • Uniform (gymnastics), the standard uniform for competitive gymnastics
    • Baseball uniform
  • "Uniform" is the phonetic code word for the letter "U" as part of the NATO phonetic alphabet
  • "Uniform", a song by Joe Beagle
  • "Uniform", a track on British band Bloc Party's album A Weekend in the City
  • "Uniform", a 1994 single by Inspiral Carpets, from the album Devil Hopping
  • Uniform (film) is the title of a 2003 film by director Diao Yi'nan
  • Two kinds of distribution in statistics:
    • Discrete uniform distribution
    • Continuous uniform distribution
  • Uniform circular motion
  • Uniform convergence of an infinite sequence of functions is a type of convergence stronger than pointwise convergence
  • Uniform continuity of a function is a property stronger than ordinary continuity
Uniform (film)

Uniform is the 2003 feature film debut of director Diao Yi'nan, who had previously worked as an established screenwriter for directors such as Zhang Yang and Shi Runjiu. The film, produced by Hu Tong Communications, was distributed via DVD in the United States by First Run Features as part of the Global Film Initiative.

Uniform follows a young man, Wang Xiaojian, who, down on his luck, comes upon a seemingly abandoned policeman's uniform. Putting it on, Wang discovers he can have influence and control not only on others but himself as well.

The film premiered at the 2003 Vancouver International Film Festival where it won the Dragons and Tigers award. It also screened at a handful of other international film festivals, notably Rotterdam, where it was the only Chinese film in competition for the Tiger Award.

Usage examples of "uniform".

Rykor found it aberrational that the Emperor could believe that poverty could be cured by putting the poor in uniforms.

I have expiated with pleasure on the first steps of the crusaders, as they paint the manners and character of Europe: but I shall abridge the tedious and uniform narrative of their blind achievements, which were performed by strength and are described by ignorance.

She ached to be outside in the fresh air, to be dressed in her oldest jeans, turning over spades full of soft loamy earth, feeling the excitement and pleasure of siting the bulbs, of allowing her imagination to paint for her the colourful picture they would make in the spring, in their uniform beds set among lawn pathways and bordered by a long deep border of old-fashioned perennial plants.

The same uniform original spirit of superstition might suggest, in the most distant ages and countries, the same methods of deceiving the credulity, and of affecting the senses of mankind: but it must ingenuously be confessed, that the ministers of the Catholic church imitated the profane model, which they were impatient to destroy.

Bundesgrenzschutz a force of West German riot police who guard airports, embassies and the border and an elderly Englishman in a curious nautical uniform worn by the British Frontier Service, which acts as guides for ail British army patrols on land, air and river.

The aisle windows are, like those of the clerestory, of the geometrical Decorated style, but of an earlier and simpler, uniform, design.

He looked at the Alcalde and smiled, whereupon that official turned and made a signal with his hand to a man who, dressed in a quiet uniform, had appeared in the doorway of the house.

Blue uniformed guards saluted Myrhini as she and Alec rode under a heavy portcullis and onto the palace grounds.

And that was the way they came in, with the uniforms saluting as Pio wheeled the Alfa under the portal and into the interior courtyard.

The clinging uniforms left no doubt as to the sex of the amphibious pilots.

Point, seven miles from Amygdaloid Island, she began to debate whether to pour her wine or divest herself of her uniform first upon reaching home.

One, slender and lithe with dark hair, was clearly female despite her anachronistic and less than flattering khaki uniform.

It appears, therefore, that light does not determine the growth of apheliotropic parts in any uniform manner.

What interested me was the uniform air of archaism as displayed in every visible detail.

The uniform was as archaistic as tights and a doublet, and much more uncomfortable.