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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Chandler worked for several years as a Hollywood screenwriter, giving him financial security before his books became successful.
▪ Director and screenwriter invoke many of the incidents and figures from the Owens Valley story.
▪ He is also receiving death threats from a screenwriter whose work he has snubbed.
▪ Instead he went to work for Famous Players-Lasky, first as a subtitle writer and then as a screenwriter.
▪ Phone calls from screenwriters, directors and producers soon inundated family members.
▪ The majority of screenwriters were dismissed and half the production staff sacked.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1921, from screen (n.) in the film sense + writer.


n. One who writes for the screen, who writes drama for film or television; especially a professional who knows the conventions appropriate to such work.


n. someone who writes screenplays [syn: film writer]


A screenplay writer, screenwriter for short, scriptwriter or scenarist is a writer who practices the craft of screenwriting, writing screenplays on which mass media such as films, television programs, comics or video games are based.

Usage examples of "screenwriter".

The screenwriter loved that moment after the Skywalk when the boy is descending on the dental trapeze, spinning in the spotlight as the gleaming sequins on his singlet throw back the light.

Conference-goers not only attend classes, they actually have the opportunity to mingle with authors, editors, producers, screenwriters, and literary agents at glittering cocktail parties and a sumptuous banquet.

There were several producers and screenwriters at the workshop she attended, all of them with vast experience and successful careers.

These days he had rewrite men and assistant screenwriters and a host of other flunkies to see that his barest idea was transformed into a two-hour movie.

Holly's only conscious expectation had been that a real close encounter of the third kind would be like nothing the novelists and screenwriters imagined in all their wildest flights of fantasy, because when referring to life from another world, alien meant alien, different, beyond easy comparison or comprehension.

An award-winning short story writer, best-selling novelist, illustrator, playwright, screenwriter and film director, after early success with plays like _The History of the Devil_, _Frankenstein in Love_, _Colossus_ and _The Secret Life of Cartoons_, he made an impressive debut as a horror writer in 1984 with the publication of the first three volumes of _Clive Barker's Books of Blood_.

Sounders, who has since gone on to considerable success as a screenwriter and, for DAW Books, a novelist.

Indeed, with multiple screenwriters scrubbing the individuality from almost every project (thirty-six, I'm told, worked on the execrable Mission to Mars), an industry-wide aesthetic funded by a marketing sensibility, and the sublimation of character and story to special effects and high concept (a notion best expressed by the punchline to an old joke: She's the Pope, he's a chimp -- they're cops!

She was a damned successful screenwriter, a hot property indeed, and she could hire a platoon of gardeners if she wanted them.

She read a movie review full of vicious ipse dixit criticism of the director and screenwriter, questioning their very right to create, and then turned to a woman columnist's equally vitriolic attack on a novelist, none of it genuine criticism, merely venom, and she threw the paper in a trash can.

He mumbles "Bigboard" again, recalls the magic map, pinpoints his own location, and then reads off the name of this nearby screenwriter.

Avi looks like he is wasting away from some vague disease invented as a plot device by a screenwriter.

Brooke Greer, a screenwriter greatly esteemed within her genre, the action adventure-romantic comedy, also a person of remarkable wit, insight, and bodily charm, and as he sped homeward down the handsome stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway below the Malibu Canyon exit he yielded to an uncharacteristically edgy spell of gloom.