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The Collaborative International Dictionary

differentiated \differentiated\ adj.

  1. made different (especially in the course of development) or shown to be different; as, the differentiated markings of butterflies; the regionally differentiated results. Opposite of undifferentiated.

  2. (Biol.) exhibiting biological specialization; adapted during development to a specific function or environment; as, differentiated cells.

  1. (context biology of a cell or tissue English) That has taken on a specialized form and function v

  2. (en-past of: differentiate)

  1. adj. made different (especially in the course of development) or shown to be different; "the differentiated markings of butterflies"; "the regionally differentiated results" [ant: undifferentiated]

  2. exhibiting biological specialization; adapted during development to a specific function or environment

Usage examples of "differentiated".

The biosphere and noosphere had not been differentiated in these societies, and thus the social determinants always reverted to biospheric selection in times of stress, defense, or turmoil.

Before communication can begin, entities have to be differentiated in the first place, and in one sense these entities do not exist prior to the differentiating process per se.

Zoroastrian dualism, the same arrogant assumption that the Goddess could be banished, when all that was banished was a poorly differentiated mythos that many ecofeminists have severely reinterpreted to fit their ideology.

A necessary tradition, even for hermaphrodites, and vital for any race unfortunate enough to be sexually differentiated.

In no case were they models of what an egalitarian and differentiated!

The magical-animistic structure, as lovely as it might appear to us jaded moderns, was not an integration of the biosphere and the noosphere, because these had not yet been differentiated in the first place.

Their channels were already differentiated and could not carry such strong frequencies, though two of them later became monitors and technicians, in Arilinn or in Neskaya.

Within a more strongly differentiated temporal horizon, myth is distantiated to a tradition that stands out from the normative reality of society and from a partially objectivated nature.

The very metaphysical presuppositions differ: space does not conform to Euclidean geometry, time does not form a continuous unidirectional flow, causation does not conform to Aristotelian logic, man is not differentiated from non-man or life from death, as in our world.

What differentiated the Armalite AR-12 Stormcloud from the generation of weap- ons that spawned it was the boxier magazine and larger bore.

F-l is particularly concerned with the establishment of physical boundaries (the physical self differentiated from physical objects).

Thus, modernity's specific (fulcrum-5) boundaries involved the standard dynamic of growth from a previous relatively undifferentiated state (in this case, mythic-syncretism) to differentiated (the Big Three) to integrated (still in progress), an ordeal that can go pathological as fusion or failure to differentiate (on the one hand) or dissociation and hyperdifferentiation (on the other).

Ultimately these two neuron popula­tions become radically differentiated: the adrenergic system shuts off completely, and the cholinergic system reaches its highest level of activity just when you enter the dream state.

Only with the emergence of a strong and differentiated ego (which occurs from the third to the fifth fulcrums, culminating in formop, or rational perspectivism)only with the emergence of the mature ego does egocentrism die down!

That Kant differentiates these realms means that "I" and "we" are differentiated (I need no longer automatically go along with society's rules and norms.