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tutti frutti

n. (alternative spelling of tutti-frutti English)

Tutti frutti

Tutti frutti (Italian for "all fruits") may refer to:

Tutti Frutti (song)

"Tutti Frutti" (meaning "all fruit" in Italian) is a song written by Little Richard along with Dorothy LaBostrie that was recorded in 1955 and became his first major hit record. With its opening cry of "A-wop-bom-a-loo-mop-a-lomp-bom-bom!" (a verbal rendition of a drum pattern that Little Richard had imagined) and its hard-driving sound and wild lyrics, it became not only a model for many future Little Richard songs, but also a model for rock and roll itself. The song introduced several of rock music's most characteristic musical features, including its loud volume and vocal style emphasizing power, and its distinctive beat and rhythm.

In 2007, an eclectic panel of renowned recording artists voted "Tutti Frutti" No. 1 on Mojo's The Top 100 Records That Changed The World, hailing the recording as "the sound of the birth of rock and roll." In 2010, the U.S. Library of Congress National Recording Registry added the recording to its registry, claiming the "unique vocalizing over the irresistible beat announced a new era in music". In April 2012, Rolling Stone magazine declared that the song "still contains what has to be considered the most inspired rock lyric ever recorded: 'A-wop-bom-a-loo-mop-a-lomp-bom-bom!!'"

Tutti Frutti (commedia dell'arte)

Tutti Frutti is a commedia dell'arte troupe based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Primarily led by James Letchworth and his wife Marilyn Prince, the troupe originated decades ago at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire.

Tutti Frutti (1990 TV series)

Tutti Frutti was the German version of the Italian game show Colpo Grosso ("Big Score"). It was aired from 21 January 1990 through to 21 February 1993 on RTL plus for three seasons, totaling approximately 140 episodes. It was the first erotic TV show on German television and was also available to viewers across Europe as it was broadcast without encryption via the Astra satellite which could be received over a wide area and was popular with 'early adopter' satellite enthusiasts in the UK. The show caused substantial outrage at the time, as partial nudity was a central feature (the show featured scantily dressed and stripping women).

The show was innovative in broadcasting 3D effect film clips where the background was scrolled across the screen at a slower speed than dancers in the foreground, thereby giving the effect of depth on a 2D screen using the Pulfrich effect.

Tutti Frutti (1987 TV series)

Tutti Frutti is a BBC Scotland six part drama series, transmitted in 1987 and written by John Byrne. It starred Robbie Coltrane, Emma Thompson, Maurice Roëves, Richard Wilson and Katy Murphy. It won six BAFTAs and brought many of the cast to national prominence.

Tutti frutti (food)

Tutti frutti (from Italian "all fruits", also hyphenated tutti-frutti) is a colorful confectionary containing various chopped and usually candied fruits, or an artificially created flavouring simulating the combined flavour of many different fruits. It is often used for making a tutti frutti ice cream flavor.

Fruits used for tutti-frutti ice cream include cherries, raisins, and pineapple, often augmented with nuts. In the Netherlands, tutti-frutti (also "tutti frutti," "tuttifrutti") is a compote of dried fruits, served as a dessert or a side dish to a meat course. In Belgium, tutti-frutti is often seen as a dessert. Typically, it contains a combination of raisins, currants, apricots, prunes, dates, and figs.

In the United States, tutti-frutti can also refer to fruits soaked in brandy or other spirits, or even to fruit fermented in a liquid containing sugar and yeast.

In India, tutti-frutti refers to candied raw papaya. These are always small cubical pieces often brightly colored. The most common color being red, tutti-frutti are also available in rich green and yellow colors. These are used in various bakery products including cakes, milk-breads, cookies, dilkhush and buns. Tutti-frutti is also used in cold desserts as toppings for the ice-creams and sundaes. They are also used in sweet paans and sangeet (paper-masala).

Tutti Frutti (Croatian band)

Tutti Frutti is a Croatian and former Yugoslav rock band formed in the mid-1980s. The band is most well known for its hit songs "Stvari lagane"" and "Dalmacijo", about the region of Dalmatia which has become the anthem of the Croatian football club Hajduk Split and its supporters. In 2010, the band recorded a new album named Pivo i tekila (Beer and tequila) and dissolved again.

Tutti Frutti (Brazilian band)

Tutti Frutti is a Brazilian rock band formed in the early 1970s by musicians living in the Pompeia neighbourhood, in São Paulo. Between 1973 and 1978, with leading guitarist Luís Sérgio Carlini, the band accompanied Rita Lee in her shows after she had left Os Mutantes. This proved to be a successful association, making Tutti Frutti one of the most prominent Brazilian rock groups in the 1970s. They recorded with Rita Lee several national hits as "Agora só Falta Você", "Esse Tal de Roque Enrow", "Ovelha Negra", "Corista de Rock", "Miss Brasil 2000" and "Jardins da Babilônia". After the association with her came to an end in 1978, the band continued to perform with lead singer Simbas until they finally broke up in 1981. Carlini, who owns the Tutti Frutti brand name, has attempted various other formations since then, achieving only limited success.

In 1981, various ex-members of the band joined together to form a new rock group named Rádio Táxi, that went on to release a string of hit singles in the early/mid 80s.

Usage examples of "tutti frutti".

It was rotting before his very eyes and the smell of it was what he had smelled in Christine before, what Leigh had smelled, only it was worse now, it was the high, gassy, gagging smell of high-speed decay, the smell of his own death, and Arnie began to whine as Little Richard came on the radio singing 'Tutti Frutti,' and now the thing's hair was failing out in gossamer white drifts and its collarbones poked through the shiny, stretched skin above the T-shirt's sagging round collar, they poked through like grotesque white pencils.

An old American juke-box, back in fashion, was blasting Little Richards raw Tutti Frutti across the main room like a gale force wind.