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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ To enter, simply answer this question: What is the name of Extreme's heart-throb lead guitarist?
▪ The band includes lead guitarist Chris Floyd, a former Leesburg city commissioner.
▪ Then, as Mike became more and more the lead guitarist, I played more and more bass.
▪ Other originals on board include guitarist James Young and bassist Chuck Panozzo.
▪ The band includes lead guitarist Chris Floyd, a former Leesburg city commissioner.
▪ The guitarist stopped playing, and all conversation died as Berger stood just inside the door, death come to visit them.
▪ The fair man said thank you and he and the guitarist began to play Tchaikovsky.
▪ Answer - they are all influential guitarists who play Fender Strats.
▪ Then, as Mike became more and more the lead guitarist, I played more and more bass.
▪ Before becoming a guitarist he played clarinet and uses advanced technology to approximate the breathy sound of a wind instrument.
lead singer/guitarist etc
▪ But it is difficult to take him seriously because he looks like he should be the lead singer for Oasis.
▪ He's our lead singer, or rather I should say he was.
▪ She was lead singer in the Black and White Minstrel Show during the 70s.
▪ The lead singer had a Mohican haircut and lots of chains and zips.
▪ The lead singer, have you seen his hair?
▪ The band includes lead guitarist Chris Floyd, a former Leesburg city commissioner.
▪ The floppy fringes and pouting lips of the respective lead singers are another story entirely.
▪ Angels, she says, came down to carry the young blues guitarist to heaven.
▪ Featuring his regular young guitarist partner Howard Alden with lack Lesberg on bass; superbly musical chamber jazz.
▪ In August 1997, the band announced the addition of guitarist Charlotte Hatherley.
▪ Of all the guitarists I've ever heard, he's easily my favourite.
▪ Then Charlie was smearing blood over his face and wiping it over the bass guitarist.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

guitarist \gui*tar"ist\ n. a musician who plays the guitar.

Syn: guitar player.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1770, from guitar + -ist.


n. A person who plays or performs on the guitar.


n. a musician who plays the guitar [syn: guitar player]


A guitarist (or a guitar player) is a person who plays the guitar. Guitarists may play a variety of guitar family instruments such as classical guitars, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, and bass guitars. Some guitarists accompany themselves on the guitar by singing or playing the harmonica.

Guitarist (magazine)

Guitarist is a monthly music making magazine published by Future plc in the United Kingdom. It is the longest-established European guitar magazine, and is currently the biggest selling guitar magazine in the UK. The magazine's current editor is Jamie Dickson, who has been in charge since late-2013. Each issue of the magazine covers three core areas - reviews, interview and technique. features reviews of newly released guitars, amplifiers and other equipment, plus interviews with famous and up-and-coming guitar players, features on the guitar industry, news articles, and features on playing technique that are accompanied by tablature. Guitarist's slogan was previously 'The Guitar Player's Bible', however in 2012 this was changed to simply 'The Guitar Magazine'. In the June 2014 edition, Guitarist celebrated its 30th Anniversary.

Usage examples of "guitarist".

Paul had run into his old friend Bruce Welch, the rhythm guitarist with the Shadows, backstage at a Cliff Richard concert at the Talk of the Town and told him he was looking for somewhere to go for a short holiday.

Christa had offered a hand and had pulled her out of the whirling montage of childhood abuse and bitter images, and it no longer mattered to Devi that what the guitarist had done was founded upon so ephemeral a rock as magic.

At that, the crowd went wild, and the guitarist played the most frenzied and hackneyed classical Spanish riffs imaginable.

Even the autumn before, the fabled Sligan guitarists had not played solid gold, but only touched upon it.

Lo and Rez, the Chinese guitarist and the half-Irish singer, saying stupid things in dozens of different television spots, most of them probably intended for translation?

Tom was so busy chasing up Spanish hats, castanets, a guitarist and a flamenco dancer that he never seemed to have time to discuss the menus.

Since I moved back here, I’ve never seen so many classical guitarists, so many countertenors, so many little groups tootling away on their recorders every Tuesday night.

In the meantime, Willow had a perfectly matched boyfriend in Oz, a laid-back guitarist with a local band called Dingoes Ate My Baby and an interesting secret of his own.

And the speculation over why one of the Ice Breaux would marry a lowly street guitarist had provided meat for juicy gossip.

Meaning Danny Gitt, the former lead bass guitarist for the Slut Puppies.

They didn't have a drummer who missed the drums and a bass guitarist with the same natural rhythm as a traffic accident.

While I'd never been allowed to meet Ricky's musicians, I knew their names, and he had told me that Peter was his bass guitarist and a very good one.

The bass guitarist seems to have run pell-mell into his stack of amplifiers, and seems to be trying to topple the precarious stack of speakers down on top of himself.

I see the same thing here on the street: Some asshole of a bass guitarist chokes on his own ralph (or fries on his own amplifier)—.

The guitarist was a glam-rock dynamo, a kid named Calvin who in fact bore a strong resemblance to the Calvin of comic strip fame, but punked out and tarted up considerably.