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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ The tulip trees, the bowers.
▪ An all-white spring garden of azaleas, tulips and iris can be soothing.
▪ Black chenille thick sweater with colourful tulip motif, £396.
▪ Hyacinths, narcissi, crocuses and certain types of tulips are the most widely planted bulbs for indoor displays.
▪ Red tulips could continue this color scheme in spring, red salvias in summer.
▪ The tulip trees, the bowers.
▪ The median strip on Park was a swath of yellow tulips.
▪ The party has run out of posters and have asked supporters to put a daffodil or yellow tulip in their windows.
▪ There are vases of tulips and bowls of fruit, a bone china tea set and a stack of decorated hatboxes.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tulip \Tu"lip\, n. [F. tulipe, OF. also tulipan, It. tulipano, tulipa, from Turk. tulbend, dulbend, literally, a turban, Per. dulband; -- so called from the resemblance of the form of this flower to a turban. See Turban.] (Bot.) Any plant of the liliaceous genus Tulipa. Many varieties are cultivated for their beautiful, often variegated flowers. Tulip tree.

  1. A large American tree bearing tuliplike flowers. See Liriodendron.

  2. A West Indian malvaceous tree ( Paritium tiliaceum syn. Hibiscus tiliaceum).

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1570s, via Dutch or German tulpe, French tulipe "a tulip" (16c.), all ultimately from Turkish tülbent "turban," also "gauze, muslin," from Persian dulband "turban;" so called from the fancied resemblance of the flower to a turban.\n

\nIntroduced from Turkey to Europe, where the earliest known instance of a tulip flowering in cultivation is 1559 in the garden of Johann Heinrich Herwart in Augsburg; popularized in Holland after 1587 by Clusius. The tulip-mania raged in Holland in the 1630s. The full form of the Turkish word is represented in Italian tulipano, Spanish tulipan, but the -an tended to drop in Germanic languages, where it was mistaken for a suffix. Tulip tree (1705), a North American magnolia, so called from its tulip-shaped flowers.


n. A type of flowering plant, genus ''Tulipa''.


n. any of numerous perennial bulbous herbs having linear or broadly lanceolate leaves and usually a single showy flower

Tulip (disambiguation)

A tulip is a bulb plant in the genus Tulipa.

Tulip or Tulips may also refer to:

Tulip (software)

Tulip is an information visualization framework dedicated to the analysis and visualization of relational data. Tulip aims to provide the developer with a complete library, supporting the design of interactive information visualization applications for relational data that can be tailored to the problems he or she is addressing.

Written in C++ the framework enables the development of algorithms, visual encodings, interaction techniques, data models, and domain-specific visualizations. Tulip allows the reuse of components; this makes the framework efficient for research prototyping as well as the development of end-user applications.


The tulip is a Eurasian and North African genus of perennial, bulbous plants in the lily family. It is a herbaceous herb with showy flowers, of which around 75 wild species are currently accepted.

The genus's native range extends west to the Iberian Peninsula, through North Africa to Greece, the Balkans, Turkey, throughout the Levant ( Syria, Israel, Palestinian Territories, Lebanon, Jordan) and Iran, north to Ukraine, southern Siberia and Mongolia, and east to the Northwest of China. The tulip's centre of diversity is in the Pamir, Hindu Kush, and Tien Shan mountains. It is a common element of steppe and winter-rain Mediterranean vegetation.

A number of species and many hybrid cultivars are grown in gardens or as potted plants.

Tulip (album)

Tulip is the second album by Steel Pole Bath Tub, released in 1990 through Boner Records.

Tulip (python project)

Tulip was a Python project aiming to add asynchronous I/O support to the Python 3 standard library. The reference implementation is the Tulip project. Its name has changed for asyncio.

On 12 December 2012, asyncio was proposed as an enhancement of Python.

"As of October 20th 2013, the asyncio package has been checked into the Python 3.4 repository and released with Python 3.4-alpha-4, with "provisional" API status."

As of 16 March 2014, asyncio is available part of the Python 3.4 branch.

Tulip (name)

Tulip is a given name and a surname which may refer to:

  • Tulip Joshi (born 1980), Bollywood actress
  • Tulip Mazumdar (born c. 1981), British journalist and broadcaster currently with the BBC
  • Tulip Siddiq (born 1982), British politician
  • Bill Tulip (born 1933), English former footballer
  • Joe Tulip (died 1979), English footballer in the Scottish League, debuting in 1933
  • Marie Tulip, Australian feminist writer, academic and theologian

Usage examples of "tulip".

Her diamond aigrette meets our view, She looks like a glow-worm dressed out, Or tulips bespangled with dew.

The weather reflected her spirits, though her future did not seem as bright as the green fields outside the window, the purple aubrietia that spilled over garden walls, the gay red and yellow tulips, the thousands of tiny daisies and dandelions that carpeted the grassy pastures.

In Bradwell, Jane returned to her day school after the Easter holiday, Gerald continued to regard me with mute adoration, and spring flowers and shrubs began to bring great splashes of color to the green and brown gardens of Silverwood, first the daffodils, then the tulips, the aubrietia tumbling over dwarf walls, and the camellias with great blossoms of pink and red.

The lawns were in beautiful order, and the beds gay with tulips, aubrietias, forget-me-nots, and a lovely show of hyacinths.

He wanted to know about the grafting technique my gardeners had been using with success on evergreen shrubs, how much sun was advisable on tulip beds, what proportion of cow-dung was added to the compost used for the auriculas, how much milk my cows yielded.

Dutch golden age conjure up any image for most people today, it is that of the trade in paintings, which were regarded mostly as aesthetically pleasing commodities rather than objects of art, or of the tulipomania, the crazed tulip market of the 1630s, which was so recently mirrored in our own dotcom bubble.

They were walking down a wide avenue of tulip trees, their fiery red trumpets brilliant against overhead cables and white-painted tukuls with thatched roofs.

Henrika and Cornelius van den Meer plan a feast for their friends in Haarlem and Amsterdam, for those who have staked sums of capital on the tulip cargoes, and also for those whose tongues are waggish and whose wallets are heavy.

He stuck out a bouquet of pink tulips, and confused by the gesture, Marcie took them.

The tulip bulbs that Marcie had planted the year before were blooming along the path leading to the front door.

Even Milty had to admit that the tulip looked better opened and, as a nice surprise for his mother, he helped Duddy and the others open every tulip in the garden.

Our boy Graham cold-cocked him from behind with the whiskey bottle, gave him a veinful of morphine, cleaned out the safe, and tiptoed home through the tulips.

Tolman Hall, where he collapsed on all fours and vomited cascades of pastrami, minestrone, and coffee onto red tulips.

It was driven by his gardener, and filled to overflowing with azaleas and polyanthus, and great bunches of irises and tulips and freesias.

Rex held open the french-windows and together they crossed the sunlit lawn, gay with its beds of tulips, polyanthus, wallflowers and forget-me-nots.