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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ It works with a tiny radio transmitter and receiver in the handset and the base.
▪ Houses will be equipped with radio transmitters, allowing callers to shop around for the best deals.&038;.
▪ The birds were outfitted with radio transmitters so that they can be tracked.
▪ Here you simply ensure that the mechanical linkage will give more than sufficient control and then adjust the radio transmitter in suit.
▪ It works with a tiny radio transmitter and receiver in the handset and the base.
▪ And for 1,500 miles it was carried on the current without power, navigational gear or a radio transmitter.
▪ But it was an expensive raincoat, because one of its buttons is a small radio transmitter.
▪ It's a short-wave radio transmitter.
▪ There was also £500 in one-pound notes, and a five-valve radio transmitter.
▪ Scientists are using transmitters to track the movements and migrations of eiders that nest near Prudhoe Bay.
▪ A handset would contain an ultrasonic transmitter and the television fitted with a matching receiver.
▪ In the transmitter, infra-red is modulated to carry the analogue sound information which then fills the room.
▪ Remember all the hullabaloo over the golf ball with the transmitter inside it.
▪ The cell sites have transmitters and receivers connected to antennas that communicate with the local phone system.
▪ The nature of the retrograde messenger may give clues to the processes responsible for the sustained increase in transmitter release.
▪ We've picked up his transmitter.
▪ What is needed is a transmitter sufficiently cheap, compact and low-powered to be installed in every home.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

electronic device \electronic device\ n. a device depending on the principles of electronics and using the manipulation of electron flow for its operation.

Note: Numerous electronic devices are in daily use, among them the television, radio, computer, robot, transmitter, receiver, VCR, CD player, etc.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1727, "one who transmits," agent noun from transmit. In telegraphy from 1844. Meaning "apparatus for transmitting radio signals" is from 1934.


n. 1 something that transmits something (in all senses). 2 an electronic device that generates and amplifies a carrier wave, modulates it with a meaningful signal derived from speech, music, TV or other sources, and broadcasts the resulting signal from an antenna.

  1. n. someone who transmits a message; "return to sender" [syn: sender]

  2. any agent (person or animal or microorganism) that carries and transmits a disease; "mosquitos are vectors of malaria and yellow fever"; "fleas are vectors of the plague"; "aphids are transmitters of plant diseases"; "when medical scientists talk about vectors they are usually talking about insects" [syn: vector]

  3. set used to broadcast radio or tv signals [syn: sender]


In electronics and telecommunications a transmitter or radio transmitter is an electronic device which, with the aid of an antenna, produces radio waves. The transmitter itself generates a radio frequency alternating current, which is applied to the antenna. When excited by this alternating current, the antenna radiates radio waves. In addition to their use in broadcasting, transmitters are necessary component parts of many electronic devices that communicate by radio, such as cell phones, wireless computer networks, Bluetooth enabled devices, garage door openers, two-way radios in aircraft, ships, spacecraft, radar sets and navigational beacons. The term transmitter is usually limited to equipment that generates radio waves for communication purposes; or radiolocation, such as radar and navigational transmitters. Generators of radio waves for heating or industrial purposes, such as microwave ovens or diathermy equipment, are not usually called transmitters even though they often have similar circuits.

The term is popularly used more specifically to refer to a broadcast transmitter, a transmitter used in broadcasting, as in FM radio transmitter or television transmitter. This usage typically includes both the transmitter proper, the antenna, and often the building it is housed in.

An unrelated use of the term is in industrial process control, where a "transmitter" is a telemetry device which converts measurements from a sensor into a signal, and sends it, usually via wires, to be received by some display or control device located a distance away.

Transmitter (album)

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Usage examples of "transmitter".

Nadia brought in meat and vegetables and stored them away, Stevens attacked the problem of constructing the pair of tight-beam, auto-dirigible transmitter and receptor units which would connect his great turbo-alternator to the accumulators of their craft, wherever it might be in space.

Or they would place their transmitting antenna up to a mile from the actual transmitter, in order to avoid fire.

First he showed us his transmitter circuit: a small board loaded with resistors, capacitors, operational amplifiers, and analog multiplier chips.

The Astrophysics Department estimates that even using mass transmitters to get Lunar-built equipment out to the Jovian moons, the project will take eight years.

Helplessly, he shook the SAR unit, wondering if it was the transmitter which was damaged, or Malibu who was unconscious, hurt.

Clarke had built his own photophone transmitter from a bicycle headlight, and also played with audio modulation of sunlight by mechanical means by the time he was 13.

The ship being tracked can tell how close the pinging platform is by the time between pulses, assuming the transmitter does not ping the second pulse until it receives a return ping from the first pulse.

By implanting a unique tetrode transistor into the brain stem, then using a modified broadcast transmitter to emit the proper signal, I can control the behavior of the recipients.

It uses a plastic rocket vehicle with a miniaturized radio transmitter in its nose, a bead thermistor to measure air temperature, and a modularized factory-loaded solid-propellant rocket motor made by Flight Systems, Inc.

The LARS radio telemetry transmitter is completely enclosed in the nose section of the vehicle with only the thermistor bead sticking out into the airstream from the nose tip.

The nose thermistor busily converts temperature to an electrical voltage which modulates the transmitter which squirts the signal back to the suitcase ground system on the 403 mHz.

LARS radio telemetry transmitter is completely enclosed in the nose section of the vehicle with only the thermistor bead sticking out into the airstream from the nose tip.

At the forward end the bridge with the squat funnel just abaft it, and the wireless cabin a tiny square box just abaft that, by itself with aerials reaching up to the triatic stay between the masts, out of the way so that there was no risk of anyone touching them while the transmitter was working.

Then, unlocking the bottom drawer, he removed a miniature transmitter but the door burst open before he could use it to make good his escape.

Lucky leaned closely over the radio transmitter and its unscrambler, and his voice was urgent.