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television transmitter

n. transmitter that is part of a television system

Television transmitter

A television transmitter is a device which broadcasts an electromagnetic signal to the television receivers. Television transmitters may be analog or digital.

The principals of primarily analog systems are summarized as they are typically more complex than digital transmitters due to the multiplexing of VSB and FM modulation stages.

Usage examples of "television transmitter".

We're west of the KEY-T television transmitter, and that's seventeen miles airline out of town.

You could drop one of the reentry vehicles from the top of the Moscow television transmitter onto a steel plate and it would not fire.

The other was a smart FBI woman they put in shorts on a bicycle, out on the mountain where the other guys had occupied a television transmitter.

The visitors' parking lot was covered with television transmitter trucks and vans, emitting enough microwaves to launch a new chicken rotisserie franchise.

He obtained a portable television transmitter which he loaded into his panel truck along with a receiver.

The other rose to an altitude of two and one-half miles, serving as a television transmitter station to its lower flying companion.