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Tanet or Tannet is a surname, and may refer to;

The French surname Tanet could be toponymic or a sobriquet in origin. Spelling variations of this family name include: Tanat, Tannat, Tanet, Tanett, Tanatt, Tannatt or even Danet due to apophony and many more. In the case of 'Tanet' several interpretations are possible. The surname can be traced back to the Old Breton "tanet" meaning "aflame", that could be a nickname for a nervous or irritated trait or as a corruption of the Common Celtic 'tan-arth' "high fire", derived from the place where the original bearer once resided, suggesting in this case "one who dwelt on the beacon or lighthouse".

Tanet could also be a corruption of the toponymic tanouët meaning oak grove (tannoed which underwent a consonant mutation), tann-eto in Common Brittonic. Same root as Gaulish *tanno- ( oak tree), Latin tannum ( oak bark) used in the tanning of leather, Old High German 'tanna' (oak, fir, akin) from proto-Germanic *tan, 'needle, what sticks out' and Breton 'tann' (oak tree). In Old French speaking regions it also meant brown cloth or the color of the tan and designated the manufacturer.

This surname is now spread all over France with concentrations in Brittany and Aquitaine, though the Aquitanian origin may differ. A toponymic term tannet is also found in Savoie, Switzerland, Alpes-Maritimes along tanne, tune, tannaz, taverno or tuna: cave, hole, den or vault. Tanné is also commonly found in Finistère.

A similar surname is also found in Irish sept of Ó Tanaidhe (TANNY, TANNAY, TANNEY, TANNIE, TANEY) part of the Clan Drugain (Tanaide, Tanaidhe, Tanaí (TAWN-ee/TAHN ee) meaning slender, subtle to compare with Breton tanav).