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n. (plural of s English)


In the German alphabet, the (traditionally lowercase-only) letter ß, called "Eszett" or "scharfes S" , in English "sharp S", is a consonant that evolved as a ligature of " long s and z" (ſz) and " long s over round s" (ſs). It is pronounced (see IPA). Since the German orthography reform of 1996, it is used only after long vowels and diphthongs while ss is written after short vowels. The name eszett comes from the two letters S and Z as they are pronounced in German. Its Unicode encoding is U+00DF.

While the letter "ß" has been used in other languages, it is now only used in German. It is not used in Switzerland or Liechtenstein. German speakers in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, South Tyrol and Namibia follow the standard rules for ß.

SS (disambiguation)

SS, S.S., Ss, Ss., or ss may refer to:

SS (manga)

is a manga by Shohei Harumoto which has been serialized in Shogakukan's Big Comic Superior between 2000 and 2003 over nine volumes. The manga has since been adapted into a live action movie by Toho. Singaporean publisher, Chuang Yi, also translated the manga into both English and Chinese languages under the name "SS: Special Stage" and "SS:赛车手特别篇" (literally "SS: Racer's Special"), respectively.

SS (band)

SS was a Japanese hardcore punk band. They were probably the first Japanese band to play punk in a high-speed, minimalist hardcore style comparable to that played by US bands such as Black Flag, Middle Class, and Bad Brains, and indeed SS was contemporaneous with the earliest incarnations of those three bands.

SS comprised Tommy SS on vocals, Jun SS on guitar, Tsuyoshi SS on bass, and Takami SS on drums. The entire recorded output of SS consisted of two live albums, both released years after the performances that they immortalized took place: The Original SS, recorded in March 1979, released on vinyl in 1984; and SS Live!, recorded in June 1979, released on CD in 1990. These performances were almost simultaneous with the recording of the Bad Brains' first demos. Both albums were remastered and released together on a single CD, also titled SS Live!, in 2001.

The vast majority of the songs on both albums are less than a minute long, with only a single track clocking in at more than two minutes. Most of the songs on these albums are originals, except for covers of " Blitzkrieg Bop" by The Ramones (played at both performances) and "First Time" by The Boys. Both songs were played faster than the original version.


, ß̌ in lower case, also ß with caron, is a letter in the Kikuyu language.

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Usage examples of "ss".

Being honest Wehrmacht footsloggers, they did not like the SS, and they did not like moustaches.

He and Luis had this in common, they were non-Germans serving in the SS.

The fate of Citadel hung on him and the SS, like a medal, and this would showcase them as what Luis knew them to be: the finest fighting men and machines the world had ever witneSSed.

It is based on some Bulgarian dialect from around Salonika, elevated to the rank of a liturgic and literary language in the ninth century by the apostles of Slavdom, SS.

In early 1943, when the watermark for the British fivers had been achieved, the project of making the printing plates was transferred to Block 19, Sachsenhausen concentration camp, where Jewish and nonJewish graphologists and graphic artists worked under the direction of the SS.

The hackers and civil-libs, who had this woman figured for Ilsa She-Wolf of the SS, are staring with their jaws hanging loosely.

The wall facing was decorated with illuminated manuscripts and testimonials from a score of organizations of former victims of the SS.

That was why, when Motti reported to me on a genuine Aryan German with a grudge against the SS, I was interested.

He then organised an auxiliary police force of 50,000 men, of whom 40,000 were drawn from the SA and SS.

In the locative, allative and ablative, it is optional whether one uses the simplest endings -ssë, -nna, -llo or their plural forms -ssen, -nnar or -llon (alternatively -llor).

So I curbed my impatience, stayed where I was, and went about my busine ss, waiting for the watchers to show themselves.

The system's Navy personnel were crisp and efficient enough when onboard ship or crewing the planet's orbital HQ base, but they tended to go native, all crispneSS vanishing into a sort of planetwide, laid-back surfer culture, the instant they hit groundside, and the same seemed to be true of the SS.

He’d taken potato mashers from the Afrika Korps and SchmeiSSers from the SS, rocket launchers from the Hitler Youth and pocket knives from the Volksturm.

The nerve centre for spying on German citizens and using informers to collect information for the SS.

For another, he was usually accompanied by a second Mercedes, a smaller one, carrying three members of the SS-SD, the secret police branch of the SS, and one member of the Sfiret6, the French Security Service, who were charged with his protection.