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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a film/movie camera
▪ Karl trained the movie camera on him.
a film/movie director
▪ the film director Stephen Spielberg
a film/movie fan
▪ This book is a must for all film fans.
a movie/film/screen/Hollywood actor
▪ the movie actor Brad Pitt
a movie/Hollywood star (also a film star especially BrE)
▪ He looked like a movie star.
a news/movie/sports etc channel
▪ What’s on the movie channel tonight?
a spy story/novel/movie etc
▪ John Le Carré is famous for writing spy stories.
▪ one of the most exciting spy movies of all time
a television film/movie (=a film that has been made to be shown on television, not in a cinema)
▪ Ford appeared in several television movies.
a television/movie/cartoon character
▪ Who’s your favourite television character?
blue movie
catch a movie (=go to a movie)
▪ We could catch a movie.
home movie
horror movie
movie star
movie theater
suspense novel/story/movie etc (=one which is exciting because you do not know what will happen next)
▪ White Men Can't Jump is a little big movie.
▪ They came to do what actors in big summer movies do in the springtime: promote.
▪ One thing Carry Ons have never been is big budget movies.
▪ The big screen does movies, text, super graphics, whatever.
▪ It is Anna Scott, the biggest movie star in the world-here-in his shop.
▪ Unlike a good many tough guys who made it big in movies, Marvin didn't come from a particularly tough background.
▪ GoodFellas marks their much anticipated reunion - and it's easily one of the best movies of the year.
▪ Oddly, this scene makes the film a good date movie, but not necessarily a good first date movie.
▪ The colonel, meanwhile, is accused of trying to negotiate a better movie deal with some one else.
▪ I think a musical is the best kind of movie and television experience you can have.
▪ They soon talked and agreed that the shortish novel had the potential to make a good movie.
▪ He should consider himself one of the lucky novelists to have his work turned into a good movie.
▪ With Thunderheart Apted has made his best movie to date.
▪ And she was with them in some of the best movies ever made.
▪ This face belongs to a great movie star, although you don't know it yet.
▪ This is not a great movie.
▪ The Movie Channel Up to seven great movies every day.
▪ The great movie producer, Sam Spiegel, was interviewing a few trust and estate lawyers to handle his will.
▪ Harold and Dottie and I saw a great movie the other night.
▪ Westbrook Pegler declared it the greatest movie ever made.
▪ But John Travolta is a great movie star, and thus not subject to certain mortal limitations.
▪ Women just don't seem to understand that this is one of the great movies of all time.
▪ He and his co-stars describe how scary it was filming the battle scenes in their new movie.
▪ Hardy on opening day of the new neighborhood movie palace, La Paloma.
▪ All fabricated by his publicists, before his new movie came out.
▪ In the new movie he is Melissa's adoring father.
▪ Q: Can you tell us a little bit about your new movie?
▪ I should have sat up, eyes staring and sweat pouring off my forehead like in some old Hammer Brothers movie.
▪ I wonder if an old John Wayne movie is showing on cable?
▪ It was like some scratched old movie running at half-speed, a bizarre dream sequence.
▪ Most profits, as a result, come from older movies.
▪ Even more alarming is the feeling that the West End stage is gradually turning into a repository for old Hollywood movies.
▪ Remember the old days depicted in the old movies?
▪ Not an old movie star but some one new and less defined, whose character melted into a dozen different actresses.
▪ The tired rattan chairs reminded him of old Hollywood movies about the East, he says.
▪ But, given the doom and gloom already surrounding the earliest silent movies, maybe he wasn't joking at all.
▪ He accused me of histrionics and dubbed me Sarah Bernhardt, after the crown princess of stage and silent movie melodrama.
▪ It didn't deter many of Hollywood's young stars in those days of silent movies from using drugs.
▪ Eventually, he coerces several of them onstage to shoot a silent movie, somehow selecting precisely the right individuals.
▪ He would fit more naturally into an old silent movie than he would have done on Tiswas.
▪ I left Hong Kong because I felt I could only direct action movies there.
▪ I found all this odd and annoying and as pointless as any action movie.
▪ Its attempt to combine serious social comment with an escapist action movie format cause it to fall heavily between two stools.
▪ It couldn't really be because of a home movie, could it?
▪ Moments later as the Monsignor began to pass out the diplomas, flashbulbs popped and a few home movie cameras whirred.
▪ Suddenly, she yearned above all things to break into their home movie.
▪ He has photo enhancements, floor plans, home movies, biographies, bibliographies, letters, rumors, mirages, dreams.
▪ Imagine that you are watching a home movie of yourself as a small child of seven or eight years old.
▪ The home movie captures a self I have submerged.
▪ Taken at face value the words found sinister and can convey a false impression like some sort of second-rate horror movie.
▪ The festival presents horror movies, backed up by commentary on their scientific authenticity, or lack thereof.
▪ So I sat them down and made them watch the horror movie Cujo.
▪ The second slide showed a mouse that had ballooned into something out of a horror movie.
▪ Voice over Hampden's great house was bought by Hammer films in the 70's to make horror movies.
▪ He'd played in some eminently forgettable horror movies and I felt I could not seriously consider him.
▪ It sounds like something out of a horror movie.
▪ Lessons to be learned from three decades of horror HORROR movies have changed a lot in recent years.
▪ Its only value was as entertainment in movie houses.
▪ Then he opened a movie house and said he was definitely done with pro basketball.
▪ The theater industry says it takes at least 10,000 people per screen to support a movie house, he said.
▪ A pornographic movie house is adjacent to the blasts.
▪ So now the movie houses are taking empty bottles as payment, turning them back in to the bottlers for cash.
▪ Not so delighted are the operators of older movie houses.
▪ It had several good restaurants, a well-stocked bookstore, a movie house, and a good hotel.
▪ After its closing on Dec. 9, 1906, it soon reopened as the Empire, a vaudeville and movie house.
▪ In condemning these bad films the reviewers were also revealing just how much the movie industry had learnt.
▪ Now there are more music and movie industry people, many with babies.
▪ Ultimately it was only by becoming respectable that the movie industry would continue to survive as a free entrepreneurial enterprise.
▪ Los Angeles was a sunny, easygoing mecca for crackpot religions and fantasies endorsed by the movie industry.
▪ In more recent years he has shown how he despises the movie industry by making only rare fleeting appearances.
▪ It was one of those pictures that went totally against the grain of everything that the movie industry believed it stood for.
▪ The independent movie industry, it would seem, has a hangover.
▪ Her island had a twenty-foot movie screen, a pantomime parade, carnival.
▪ Walk into a dimly-lit gallery and approach the welded steel device fitted with a battery of fan-shaped movie screens.
▪ On a movie screen, close-ups of a good actor speaking dramatically can sometimes be interesting to watch.
▪ The row started when a bevy of movie stars appeared at the White House correspondents' dinner on May 1st.
▪ Flashbulbs fired like movie stars were coming.
▪ The thought of all those blonde movie stars in Palm Springs pursuing him made her feel quite sick.
▪ Not so beautiful by day, perhaps, but in dim light they look like movie stars.
▪ It is Anna Scott, the biggest movie star in the world-here-in his shop.
▪ Now, about my suspicions does a foreign girl know movie stars?
▪ This face belongs to a great movie star, although you don't know it yet.
▪ In Hollywood, with directors and movie stars.
▪ The row started when a bevy of movie stars appeared at the White House correspondents' dinner on May 1st.
▪ Will Hollywood movie stars leave all the on-screen action to their stunt men?
▪ Oh yes, and Hollywood, movie stars, freeways, Baywatch and smog.
▪ From movie stars to sports stars to television talk-show hosts, everyone is invited.
▪ The thought of all those blonde movie stars in Palm Springs pursuing him made her feel quite sick.
▪ Flashbulbs fired like movie stars were coming.
▪ Dancer's fixed up for me to make a bomb coaching movie stars in Palm Springs.
▪ Not so beautiful by day, perhaps, but in dim light they look like movie stars.
▪ And so is the movie theater.
▪ And discussions over the construction of theme parks and movie theaters slowed to a crawl.
▪ Growth can bring good things to small towns: jobs, stores, movie theaters.
▪ More often than not, however, Blue will bypass the bar and go to the movie theater several blocks away.
▪ Bogies is housed in a restored movie theater and decorated with Humphrey Bogart memorabilia.
▪ The movie theater on Central Avenue is closed, but the seedy bars are still there.
▪ He remembers thinking in amazement that his name also was being flashed on screens in thousands of other movie theaters.
▪ The studio built a movie theater on the island, and it was no makeshift affair.
▪ He went to Hollywood, playing at parties and appearing in movies.
▪ The two had gotten to know each other in California when 95 both appeared in the movie Carmen Jones.
▪ The girl who wanted to make movies is watching her dream come true.
▪ But why write a novel, you may well ask, when we were aiming to make a movie?
▪ Before landing his role in the super-soap series, Nader was a model who made it into movies.
▪ If California fell into the ocean, would it be divine retribution for making movies like this?
▪ Creating a game from a film costs hundreds of thousands of pounds and can take as long as making the movie.
▪ This time Robbins made a grown-up movie about capital punishment.
▪ Carolco, which does not distribute its films; and New Line, which makes smaller movies.
▪ Redstone had signed off on the plan to make more movies, but he later came to see the strategy as flawed.
▪ With cinematographic Discofilm, it will see a real 3-D movie.
▪ I had never seen a movie before, I thought it was magic.
▪ He sees this movie now as his own story, his own personal work.
▪ I understand the court officers have arranged for you to see a movie tonight, those of you who wish to.
▪ She remembered she had agreed to go and see a movie with him that evening.
▪ Great cliff faces like you see only in movies.
▪ The album's apparent randomness made more sense when you saw the movie.
▪ I had seen too many movies.
▪ He makes a habit of this whenever he shoots a movie somewhere.
▪ Eventually, he coerces several of them onstage to shoot a silent movie, somehow selecting precisely the right individuals.
▪ Thirty-three years later, Spielberg is still shooting movies, though on a much grander scale.
▪ Good and evil are two notions that are usually shown as distinct in movies.
▪ The televised ads also show footage from the movies, including scenes of the protagonists' Millennium Falcon spaceship cruising through space.
▪ I liked to imagine for showing his cronies stag movies, but probably just for men's talk.
▪ That was when Turnberry George tried to show his movie, which damn near caused a riot.
▪ Sometimes it carries an invitation for a state dinner as well, or the showing of a movie in the family theater.
▪ The couple also offered the boys marijuana and showed them pornographic movies.
▪ I could smell the grass and the soil, and the sky was showing movies on my closed eyelids.
▪ During the nightmare, a flood of books, articles, television shows, and movies dealing with the war began.
▪ So I sat them down and made them watch the horror movie Cujo.
▪ They met five years ago when she came to his barracks to watch a movie.
▪ I bath and then I pay to watch a movie called Hollywood Casting Couch.
▪ I have to watch this movie closely.
▪ Once I watched a whole movie with the wrong soundtrack.
▪ A customer wishes to watch a movie.
▪ As the ship sailed on, the intruders ate, drank and watched blue movies.
▪ First I wrote a movie that I wasn't intending for critics.
▪ Yes: I can help to write the script for movies yet to be made.
do lunch/do a movie etc
movie/media/gambling etc mogul
▪ The movie moguls were taking it up.
▪ Under normal circumstances Chaplin may well have simply thrown the eminent movie mogul a mere passing glance of recognition.
opera/court/movie etc house
▪ A belligerent crowd of some fifty thousand gathered around the court house.
▪ Not only was the curtain rung down but the opera house was dismantled.
▪ She prefers her recordings made live in the opera house and regards herself totally as a woman of the theatre.
▪ The Court House, where the business was conducted, can still be seen today.
▪ Then he opened a movie house and said he was definitely done with pro basketball.
▪ There are two public houses, a butcher's shop, a chapel, and a court house.
▪ They grew wealthy overnight and had a beautiful little opera house built in the midst of their shacks on the steep slope.
▪ They polished up the opera house, and every summer stars from the Metropolitan came out and performed.
slasher film/movie etc
▪ So it is saved from looking like a slasher movie with pretensions, or a sub-Joe Eszterhas chiller.
▪ a Hollywood movie
▪ All bedrooms are of a high standard offering private facilities, satellite colour television, in-house movies and hospitality tray.
▪ It was the first movie we ever saw alone without our parents.
▪ Like any movie scientist worthy of his white coat, Bridges goes slowly mad.
▪ People should never assume they know anyone even vaguely from movies and television.
▪ The movie succeeds to a modest extent by taking full advantage of the romantic screen personas of its two stars.
▪ The definitive movie on these two men whose courage reshaped a nation remains to be made.
▪ The other went on to film school and a career in the movie business.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Movie \Mov"ie\, n.

  1. A motion picture.

    Syn: film, picture, moving picture, motion picture, picture show, flick.

  2. A motion picture show; the event of showing a motion picture. In the pl., the event of showing a motion picture at a movie theater; as, to go to the movies; to spend an evening at the movies.

  3. pl. The motion picture industry or medium, generally.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1912 (perhaps 1908), shortened form of moving picture in the cinematographic sense (1896). As an adjective from 1913. Movie star attested from 1913. Another early name for it was photoplay.


n. 1 A motion picture. 2 (context usually pluralized English) A cinema.


n. a form of entertainment that enacts a story by a sequence of images giving the illusion of continuous movement; "they went to a movie every Saturday night"; "the film was shot on location" [syn: film, picture, moving picture, moving-picture show, motion picture, motion-picture show, picture show, pic, flick]

Movie (disambiguation)

A movie is a film.

Movie(s) or The Movies also may refer to:

Movie (video game)

M.O.V.I.E. is a video game written by Duško Dimitrijević for the ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC and was published by Imagine Software in 1986.

Usage examples of "movie".

The Pope would die and the circus would actually begin with the tawdry tinkle of the hurdy-gurdy and monkeys on chains, the trumpet fanfare of a Fellini movie and the clowns and all the freaks and aerialists joining hands, dancing, capering across the screen.

Around us the afterwork social scene whirled in a montage of pastel neckties and white pantyhose and perfume and cologne and cocktails, and talk of StairMasters and group therapy and recent movies.

Though the Beatles had not yet broken in the USA, their popularity in Britain was phenomenal and the idea of a quick exploitation movie, coupled with a soundtrack album, made considerable economic sense to them.

Pellicano will probably face further prosecution for illegal wiretapping, based on the thousands of transcripts found in his office, many allegedly featuring the private conversations of movie stars and other celebrities.

And now there was a full-size movie crew up here, based out of Vineland but apt to show up just about anyplace, prominent among whom, and already generating notable Thanatoid distress, was this clearly insane Mexican DEA guy, not only dropping but also picking up, dribbling, and scoring three-pointers with the name of Frenesi Gates.

Yank had used slang sampling a thirty-year span of American argot, and Jonathan assumed he got it from late night movies.

We did, with Artel straddling his chair backwards the way cowboys did in movie saloons.

Pearl, unpack and hang everything up carefully, iron things that had wrinkled, take a bath, put on the pajamas she usually wore when she slept without me, get in bed with Pearl, have a half cup of frozen chocolate yogurt sweetened with aspartame, and watch a movie.

I had an audition with Michael Kinsolving for a part in his next movie.

He had a reassuring, avuncular manner, like one of those Middle European professors that always turned up in old sci-fi movies.

TV series that spawned it, the movie of Cowboy Bebop is a marvelous hodgepodge of hardboiled mystery fiction, science fiction action, and tragic love story, with more cultural influences than you could possibly list -- although Bebop otaku certainly have tried on their numerous fan websites.

Although this movie will mean more to the folks who love the TV series, prior Bebop experience is far from necessary.

EQ plots are also very much like friendly letters, full of little asides in which he explains to Manny where this or that idea came from or what movie actor Boucher had in mind in creating this or that suspect.

As a small boy, Bowler had seen a Bela Lugosi movie in which a man was crushed as the walls closed in on him.

No, sir, those boyos were used to desert robes like in the movies and long-curved knives under their belts, not fancy dan sashes around their waists.