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live action

n. The property of video that has been produced by filming, as opposed to by animation or by computer graphics; (non-gloss definition: often used attributively).

Live action

In filmmaking, video production, and other media, live action is cinematography or videography that does not use animation (though sometimes based on an original animated series).

Live Action (disambiguation)

Live action is term in cinematography.

Live Action may refer to:

  • Live! Action, a live album by jazz saxophonist Willis Jackson recorded in 1964
  • Live Action (album), a 1992 album by Dive
  • Live Action (organization), American pro-life activist organization
  • "Live Action", an alternative title for " Last Last One Forever and Ever", an episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Live Action (organization)

Live Action is an American anti-abortion non-profit organization founded by in 2003 by then 15 year-old Lila Rose. Live Action is known for its undercover video sting operations on Planned Parenthood clinics.

Usage examples of "live action".

And it would give Claypoole and MacIlargie a chance to see their fire team leader in live action and gain confidence in his leadership.

As Kara stripped Angie naked and proceeded to seduce the young girl, Hoover tried his best to keep one eye on the live action.

He needed some live action, not more training, to regain his self-confidence.