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live album

n. (context music English) an album recorded live during a concert

Live Album (Grand Funk Railroad album)

Live Album is the first live album by American hard rock band Grand Funk Railroad, originally released by Capitol Records on November 16, 1970. The first single released from the album, "Mean Mistreater", was released on November 23 and the second, " Inside Looking Out", was released in January 1971.

The album was originally released as a double album on the LP format. Subsequent reissues of the album on the Compact Disc format have been both double and single disc sets.

Live Album (Country Teasers album)

Live Album is an album by Country Teasers consisting of live recordings, radio sessions, tape collage, skits, audience heckling and various odds and ends. It was released on CD in 2005.

Live album (disambiguation)

Live album or Live Album may refer to:

  • An album of "live" recordings
  • Live Album (Country Teasers album)
  • Live Album (Grand Funk Railroad album)
  • Live discography

Usage examples of "live album".

GASTRIC JUICES live album and perminant magic marker into the lead guitarist's hands.

Its Sinatra at the Sands with Count Basie and the Orchestra, Franks finest live album, in my opinion.

A live album, First Contact, was released in 1995 by Dodeka Records.

It was when I got to cut a live album with the Fat Man down in New Orleans.