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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
arrive shortly/soon
▪ My parents are due to arrive shortly.
as soon as possible (=as soon as you can)
▪ Please let me know your decision as soon as possible.
leave (sth/sb) soon/now/later etc
▪ If he left immediately, he’d catch the 7.30 train.
soon/not long/shortly after (sth)
▪ Not long after the wedding, his wife became ill.
▪ The family moved to Hardingham in June 1983, and Sarah’s first child was born soon after.
would rather/sooner (=used to say what someone prefers)
▪ I’d rather stay in this evening, if that’s all right with you.
▪ In private practice, and by virtue of his influential writings, Maudsley soon became the leading alienist of his generation.
▪ And the competing drive for ever better features by the individual car companies soon became a relic of the past.
▪ The same may well be true of the comprehensive resources we have suggested may soon become available in fixed sites.
▪ It soon became widely accepted that Mercury, like the Moon facing Earth, always kept the same side facing the Sun.
▪ While the diagnosis was straight forward, the business of getting treatment soon became an epic.
▪ That goal soon becomes many short-term and long-term goals.
▪ Amy had had previous theatrical work and soon became one of his principals.
▪ It soon becomes clear to all employees that the product of their organization is tests and medical procedures, not patient care.
▪ Evenings are their weakest time since they soon begin to feel fatigued and want to go to sleep relatively early.
▪ Readers of the Amelia books soon begin to play similar language games.
▪ The population of the town soon began to expand at a phenomenal rate.
▪ When they act in concert, the individual soon begins to feel stretched to the limit.
▪ Another wave of kidnappings began soon after I got out there in 1985.
▪ The extension has since been approved, and construction is expected to begin soon.
▪ Fears soon began to be expressed that wines from the Midi too would again find their way back into Champagne cellars.
▪ It will soon begin the same effort in a dozen other cities.
▪ He soon came back, trying not to look intimidated.
▪ A convergence of prophecies agrees that something big is coming soon, some end of cycle phenomenon.
▪ Which soon comes off the shoulder anyway.
▪ And Katherine would be coming soon.
▪ And coming soon, says the Waveco company, is a gel-filled wrist rest for keyboards.
▪ It soon comes to realize that to receive human company, barking for a bit should be sufficient.
▪ Out of this there soon came the normal development of light industry.
▪ She had died soon after Daisy's marriage.
▪ Minh Mang died soon afterward, and his successor was even more chauvinistic than he.
▪ Sophy Nkabule has one type, and she will soon die.
▪ And as for the rest, I will die soon, and you will see more than I-no, no.
▪ She had severe head injuries and was taken to Milton Keynes hospital but died soon after arrival.
▪ It requires very cool water and soon dies in aquariums.
▪ He went into a coma and died soon afterwards.
▪ Zeus struck Lycurgus blind and he died soon after.
▪ But Joe soon discovered that naval officials in Rangoon had no record of his Kunming telegram.
▪ I soon discovered he had a natural feeling for poetry.
▪ It was soon discovered, by conversation, that it was a bloodless battle.
▪ Any computer user soon discovers that sometimes hardware, and more often software, is extremely fallible.
▪ The system had a breaking point, we soon discovered.
▪ Brandt's secret method of preparation was soon discovered.
▪ The managers soon discovered their management responsibilities as role models.
▪ The Dottie Banks who opened the flat door was looking expensive; as to her discretion, he would no doubt soon find out.
▪ With the death of Lenin, the Leninists soon found themselves in a minority in the Bolshevik party they had created.
▪ Four culprits were soon found and arrested.
▪ In Loreto Entally, however, the community soon found a more novel way of distinguishing the two.
▪ Similarly, an expert selling obsolete knowledge may soon find power is withdrawn.
▪ We came around a bend, and soon found out why the oncoming traffic had stopped.
▪ I soon found that Bertha and I had nothing in common.
▪ Not surprisingly, they soon found themselves in deep crisis.
▪ Just one secondary school and its primary feeders need to take this path and others would soon follow.
▪ One hundred more polio patients soon followed.
▪ Yet despite the general improvement in relations and these two releases, we weren't confident that we would soon follow.
▪ Many other distance measurements of relatively nearby stars soon followed.
▪ Their marriage, which had followed soon afterwards, was a very quiet, low-key affair.
▪ Get artificial insects down, and artificial apes will soon follow.
▪ Sir Edmond had been the first of the Goldsmiths to found a School but his example was soon followed.
▪ I erupted ten minutes later, and Carlo soon followed.
▪ And when - inevitably - you do capsize, you soon learn how to not make the same mistakes again.
▪ Radio reporters in the field soon learned where all the good pay phones were located.
▪ Institutionalism sets in after a few months, and active people slow down and soon learn not to complain.
▪ I soon learn there are six other resident hotels within a few square blocks.
▪ A sensible dog soon learns that barking is not enough and will attract his master's attention in some other way.
▪ Those who learn from a machine soon learn to live like one.
▪ I soon learn the bicycle protocol.
▪ Kreizler and friends soon learn that she may have murdered a number of infants in her care in New York City.
▪ They left soon after the birth, and Ariel could tell they were glad to.
▪ The Emerald City was soon left far behind.
▪ After her mother died in 1949, Reese quit Wayne State University and soon left home.
▪ She goes out with Moira, the new trainer, but soon leaves her a quarter of a mile behind.
▪ They soon left the urban sprawl of roundabouts, sodium streetlights and Wimpey homes and Dexter began to speed along country lanes.
▪ A glance at her watch informed her she would have to be leaving soon.
▪ Maybe she's booked a cruise that leaves soon.
a fool and his money are soon parted
as soon as poss
as soon as your head hits the pillow
as soon/quickly/much etc as possible
▪ A condition to be rectified as quickly as possible if she didn't want to be labelled a freak, or worse.
▪ Archibol was committed to relieving himself of the distraction of Isaac as quickly as possible.
▪ Experts do recommend that parents also put their babies in other positions as much as possible while awake.
▪ Preston avoided travelling by tube as much as possible, but sometimes it was forced upon him.
▪ Smokers, stop as quickly as possible and do not smoke in the presence of others.
▪ The food is freshly cooked using produce from the kitchen garden and local produce as much as possible.
▪ The Super Bowl was an outgrowth of the desire to take advantage of the merger as quickly as possible.
no sooner/hardly had ... than
▪ Alas, no sooner had he started than he realised it was no longer what he wanted.
▪ But no sooner had Miriam gone than Harry suddenly returned looking more cheerful than one might have expected.
▪ No sooner had he gone than one of the cameramen approached.
▪ No sooner had it begun than the rain seemed to end.
not a moment too soon
▪ "Dinner's ready." "And not a moment too soon!"
▪ The ambulance finally arrived, not a moment too soon.
▪ It was not a moment too soon.
the sooner the better/the bigger the better etc
would just as soon
▪ I'd just as soon ride with you, if that's okay.
▪ Absorbing Costs Self-defeating techniques yield consequences that most organizations would just as soon not deal with.
▪ After all, he delivers oil to you and would just as soon keep doing it.
▪ And a lot of them would just as soon not get this junk e-mail.
▪ And they would just as soon I was not there.
▪ Fiercely individualistic, Texas would just as soon give back the Alamo as institute a state tax.
▪ The dismissal of such people would stir up controversy the president would just as soon avoid.
would rather/would sooner ... than
▪ Driving in the city was hard at first, but she soon got used to it.
▪ I came as soon as I could.
▪ It'll soon be Christmas.
▪ Please reply as soon as possible.
▪ They came back much sooner than we had anticipated.
▪ They set off soon after breakfast.
▪ We soon realized how difficult the job was going to be.
▪ We need to get him to a hospital, and the sooner the better.
▪ Why wasn't I told about this sooner?
▪ As soon as the daughter leaves the room, Louise asks what is the matter.
▪ As soon as the harvesting was done, the overseer called him to the porch of the house.
▪ But he soon returned and attacked her again.
▪ In the evening the wind became stronger and soon a great storm broke above us.
▪ The track soon becomes rocky and steep, but not too much of a challenge for a decent four-wheel drive.
▪ They left soon after the birth, and Ariel could tell they were glad to.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Soon \Soon\ (s[=oo]n), adv. [OE. sone, AS. s[=o]na; cf. OFries. s[=o]n, OS. s[=a]na, s[=a]no, OHG. s[=a]r, Goth. suns.]

  1. In a short time; shortly after any time specified or supposed; as, soon after sunrise. ``Sooner said than done.''
    --Old Proverb. ``As soon as it might be.''

    She finished, and the subtle fiend his lore Soon learned.

  2. Without the usual delay; before any time supposed; early.

    How is it that ye are come so soon to-day?
    --Ex. ii. 18.

  3. Promptly; quickly; easily.

    Small lights are soon blown out, huge fires abide.

  4. Readily; willingly; -- in this sense used with would, or some other word expressing will.

    I would as soon see a river winding through woods or in meadows, as when it is tossed up in so many whimsical figures at Versailles.

    As soon as, or So soon as, immediately at or after another event. ``As soon as he came nigh unto the camp . . . he saw the calf, and the dancing.''
    --Ex. xxxii. 19. See So . . . as, under So.

    Soon at, as soon as; or, as soon as the time referred to arrives. [Obs.] ``I shall be sent for soon at night.''

    Sooner or later, at some uncertain time in the future; as, he will discover his mistake sooner or later.

    With the soonest, as soon as any; among the earliest; too soon. [Obs.]


Soon \Soon\, a. Speedy; quick. [Obs.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English sona "at once, immediately, directly, forthwith," from Proto-Germanic *sæno (cognates: Old Frisian son, Old Saxon sana, Old High German san, Gothic suns "soon"). Sense softened early Middle English to "within a short time" (compare anon). American English. Sooner for "Oklahoma native" is 1930 (earlier "one who acts prematurely," 1889), from the 1889 opening to whites of what was then part of Indian Territory, when many would-be settlers sneaked onto public land and staked their claims "sooner" than the legal date and time.


a. Occurring within a short time, or quickly. adv. 1 (label en obsolete) immediately, instantly. 2 Within a short time; quickly.


adv. in the near future; "the doctor will soon be here"; "the book will appear shortly"; "she will arrive presently"; "we should have news before long" [syn: shortly, presently, before long]


Soon may refer to:

Soon (album)

Soon is a 1993 country music album by Tanya Tucker. The top hits from Soon were the title song, "Soon" at #2, "Hangin' In" at #4. and "We Don't Have to Do This" at #11 on the Billboard Top Country Singles charts. "You Just Watch Me" rose to #20. The album rose to #18 on the Country Albums chart.

Soon (1927 song)

"Soon" is a 1927 song composed by George Gershwin, with lyrics by Ira Gershwin.

It was introduced by Helen Gilligan and Jerry Goff in the 1930 revision of the musical Strike Up the Band.

Soon (EP)

Soon is an EP released in 1997 by American rock band Far.

It contains two songs later released on their 1998 release " Water & Solutions", an acoustic version of a song released on their earlier release " Tin Cans With Strings To You", and one song previously unreleased. This EP was a limited release and has long been out of print, it is extremely hard to find.

Soon (Tanya Tucker song)

"Soon" is a song written by Bob Regan and Casey Kelly, and recorded by American country music artist Tanya Tucker. It was released in October 1993 as the first single and title track from the album Soon. The song reached #2 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart.

Soon (musical)

Soon is a rock opera with a music by Joseph M. Kookolis and Scott Fagan, lyrics by Fagan, and a book by Martin Duberman and Robert Greenwald. It is based on a story by Fagan and Kookolis.

The story is about a group of young musicians who achieve success in New York City, but pay the price. It was an attack on the record industry, which apparently caused Fagan and Kookolis to be blacklisted.

Usage examples of "soon".

I that the high families would sooner see an Aberrant on the throne than a Weaver.

As soon as the Fortitude is loaded, put a prize crew aboard her and shape her a course for English Harbour.

Harry, is that if the orders were lying about for all to see, with sailors being the gossips they are then the men aboard any ship in the harbour would soon be appraised of their contents.

He might abuse her in some other way, such as by inserting his fingers or an object to demonstrate his control and contempt, and in fact, we soon learned of the vaginal abrasions and bruising.

As soon as abreaction hits one of your group, the others soon topple - one after the other they are hooked.

But time had worked its curative powers, and soon the letters were abrim with exciting events of this richest court in all the Middle Kingdoms, as well as with pride of new skills mastered.

Such treatment by the authorities soon led some socialist leaders to despair of ever achieving their goals by parliamentary means and to embrace more radical ideologies, such as syndicalism and anarchism.

They soon made introductions and Acies explained to the elf why they were in the mines.

Josephine, who had kindly promised to apprise me of what the Emperor intended to do for me, as soon as she herself should know his intentions, sent a messenger to acquaint me with my appointment, and to tell me that the Emperor wished to see me.

No sooner had the squire swallowed a large draught than he renewed the discourse on Jones, and declared a resolution of going the next morning early to acquaint Mr.

As soon as he had been made acquainted with the contents of this, he gave orders to bring out two restive horses.

The valley wanted to get everything to market in one generation, indifferent to the fate of those who should come after-the passes through the mountains being choked by cars carrying to the coasts crops from increasing acreage of declining productivity or the products of swiftly disappearing forests or the output of mines that must soon be exhausted.

Even if the acriflavine treatment sounded worse than the disease it was supposed to help, at least it would be over pretty soon.

An actress named Quinault, who had left the stage and lived close by, came to call, and soon after Madame Favart and the Abbe de Voisenon arrived, followed by Madame Amelin with a handsome lad named Calabre, whom she called her nephew.

However, I did not trouble myself much about it, for it is almost a duty in an actress to disguise her age, as in spite of talent the public will not forgive a woman for having been born too soon.