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Answer for the clue "Just minutes from now", 4 letters:

Alternative clues for the word soon

In a mo

By and by

Promise word

In a moment

Word in a promise



Before you know it

In a bit

Gershwin song of 1930

1935 Rodgers and Hart song


Procrastinator's promise

In a minute



"In a minute"

"Any day now ..."

Any day now


In no time

Possible answer to "When?"


Within the hour

Sometime today, say

Response to an impatient person

"Any day now"

In next to no time

In short order

Before long

"So ___?"

In the near future

Procrastinator's response

Any minute now

Frequent answer to "When?"

"Not much longer"

In a day, say

Vague response to "When?"


The "cetera" of "et cetera"

Procrastinator's favorite word

Any second now

In a jiffy


"Strike Up the Band" song: 1930

"Too ___ old, too late smart"

Part of a.s.a.p.


In a while

Comforting reply to "When?"


Any minute

Gershwin song: 1927



Tune from "A Little Night Music"


And ___ (etc.)

At any time now

Gershwin song: 1930

And ___

Later, alligator

Word definitions for soon in dictionaries

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Word definitions in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
adverb COLLOCATIONS FROM OTHER ENTRIES arrive shortly/soon ▪ My parents are due to arrive shortly. as soon as possible (= as soon as you can ) ▪ Please let me know your decision as soon as possible . leave (sth/sb) soon/now/later etc ▪ If he left immediately,...

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Soon \Soon\ (s[=oo]n), adv. [OE. sone, AS. s[=o]na; cf. OFries. s[=o]n, OS. s[=a]na, s[=a]no, OHG. s[=a]r, Goth. suns.] In a short time; shortly after any time specified or supposed; as, soon after sunrise. ``Sooner said than done.'' --Old Proverb....

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
a. Occurring within a short time, or quickly. adv. 1 (label en obsolete) immediately, instantly. 2 Within a short time; quickly.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
Old English sona "at once, immediately, directly, forthwith," from Proto-Germanic *sæno (cognates: Old Frisian son , Old Saxon sana , Old High German san , Gothic suns "soon"). Sense softened early Middle English to "within a short time" (compare anon )....

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
adv. in the near future; "the doctor will soon be here"; "the book will appear shortly"; "she will arrive presently"; "we should have news before long" [syn: shortly , presently , before long ]

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
Soon may refer to:

Usage examples of soon.

I that the high families would sooner see an Aberrant on the throne than a Weaver.

As soon as the Fortitude is loaded, put a prize crew aboard her and shape her a course for English Harbour.

Harry, is that if the orders were lying about for all to see, with sailors being the gossips they are then the men aboard any ship in the harbour would soon be appraised of their contents.

He might abuse her in some other way, such as by inserting his fingers or an object to demonstrate his control and contempt, and in fact, we soon learned of the vaginal abrasions and bruising.

As soon as abreaction hits one of your group, the others soon topple - one after the other they are hooked.

But time had worked its curative powers, and soon the letters were abrim with exciting events of this richest court in all the Middle Kingdoms, as well as with pride of new skills mastered.

Such treatment by the authorities soon led some socialist leaders to despair of ever achieving their goals by parliamentary means and to embrace more radical ideologies, such as syndicalism and anarchism.

They soon made introductions and Acies explained to the elf why they were in the mines.

Josephine, who had kindly promised to apprise me of what the Emperor intended to do for me, as soon as she herself should know his intentions, sent a messenger to acquaint me with my appointment, and to tell me that the Emperor wished to see me.

No sooner had the squire swallowed a large draught than he renewed the discourse on Jones, and declared a resolution of going the next morning early to acquaint Mr.

As soon as he had been made acquainted with the contents of this, he gave orders to bring out two restive horses.

The valley wanted to get everything to market in one generation, indifferent to the fate of those who should come after-the passes through the mountains being choked by cars carrying to the coasts crops from increasing acreage of declining productivity or the products of swiftly disappearing forests or the output of mines that must soon be exhausted.

Even if the acriflavine treatment sounded worse than the disease it was supposed to help, at least it would be over pretty soon.

An actress named Quinault, who had left the stage and lived close by, came to call, and soon after Madame Favart and the Abbe de Voisenon arrived, followed by Madame Amelin with a handsome lad named Calabre, whom she called her nephew.

However, I did not trouble myself much about it, for it is almost a duty in an actress to disguise her age, as in spite of talent the public will not forgive a woman for having been born too soon.