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rock opera
rock opera

n. albums of rock music that aspired to the status of art; first appeared in the 1960s

Rock opera

A rock opera is a collection of rock music songs with lyrics that relate to a common story. Rock operas typically are released as concept albums and are not scripted for acting, which distinguishes them from operas, although several have been adapted as rock musicals. The use of various character roles within the song lyrics is a common storytelling device. The success of the rock opera genre has inspired similar works in other musical styles, such as rap opera.

Rock Opera (film)

Rock Opera is a 1999 comedy film that follows a fictional Austin, Texas musician's attempt to put together a tour for his struggling and under-appreciated band Pigpoke. The movie debuted at South by Southwest 1999.

Usage examples of "rock opera".

There is liberal use of synthesizer and drums, and we felt as if we were listening to a rock opera.

Please answer posthaste as I'm in the midst of writing a rock opera with the tentative title How to Stuff a Wild Bikini.

The apparition confronting him looked like a cross between something out of a rock opera and a reincarnation from Elizabethan England.