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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Moreover, if only out of manly self-respect, you want some say-so over your day.
▪ The Forest Service guy was supposed to have his say-so, too.

alt. 1 statement that something is so. 2 (context informal English) permission. 3 say#Noun, voice (in a matter). n. 1 statement that something is so. 2 (context informal English) permission. 3 say#Noun, voice (in a matter).

  1. n. one chap's arbitrary assertion

  2. an authoritative declaration [syn: pronouncement, dictum]

  3. the power or right to give orders or make decisions; "he has the authority to issue warrants"; "deputies are given authorization to make arrests" [syn: authority, authorization, authorisation, dominance]

Usage examples of "say-so".

Spirit-rapping was too reassuring to be abandoned merely on the say-so of a self-confessed rapper, even if she started the whole business in the first place.

Khouri's suit automatically jumped to a higher, more hair-trigger level of battle readiness, indices on the display changing to indicate that their respective subordinated weapons systems were set to go off without her conscious say-so if her suit were similarly threatened.

They'd been using a lot of special effects to get out of impossible kinks and deadends that these say-sos forced.

At your say-so, Demi, the present arrangement could also be submitted for review.

Meanwhile the number of items we have comped out on network say-so rises steadily.

Those of us in the middle just didnt like the idea of a death warrant being issued on the say-so of one date who woke up the next morning with a bad case of buyers remorse.

Once InterActors really got into improv to fit a good say-so, they tended to add in those possibilities the next time as if they were part of the hardline.

Noreen was supposed to be a minor character with limited forkpoint options, but judging by the number of moves she managed to squeeze out of the peanut gallery's cheapie say-sos, Cass knew Noreen of the pouty lips thought she was the star.

Cragg was a useless wassock, but he wouldn't have phoned the solicitor without George's say-so.