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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a comedy routine (=the jokes that form a comedy show)
▪ He always has a brilliant comedy routine.
a dance routine/sequence (=a set of movements that are part of a dance)
▪ She was practising a complicated dance routine.
a dull/routine existence
▪ I was overjoyed at the prospect of leaving my routine existence behind.
a routine check (=happening as a normal part of a process)
▪ I went to the doctor for a routine health check.
a routine examination
▪ I made an appointment at the dentist's for a routine examination.
a routine flight (=a normal flight)
▪ They were on a routine flight when their helicopter developed engine trouble
a routine inspection (=an ordinary inspection that happens regularly)
▪ A routine inspection revealed that several lorries were not roadworthy.
a routine operation (=an operation that is often performed)
▪ a routine operation to remove an appendix
an exercise programme/routine/regimeBritish English, an exercise program American English (= a plan that includes different types of exercise)
▪ The athletes follow an intensive exercise programme.
▪ I’m finding it quite hard to stick to my exercise routine.
routine chores (=done regularly)
▪ Who does most of the routine chores in your house?
routine maintenance
▪ The theatres were closed on Saturday and Sunday for routine maintenance.
▪ It's become part of my normal daily routine.
▪ For corporate employees, getting up in the morning has been the beginning of daily routines basic to their individual lives.
▪ Cleanse your whole body Advocates believe that crystals can even play a big part in your daily beauty routine.
▪ Instead, they must work hard throughout the period of change until they have integrated new behaviors into daily routines.
▪ In the centre, we record part of my daily routine for self-help holistic medicine which includes pectoral muscle exercises.
▪ Ultimately the individuals must integrate new behaviors and skills into daily routines so that only one job remains.
▪ If not, there are simple relaxation routines which you can follow for yourself and fit into your daily routine.
▪ Flying out to Happy Valley became a daily routine.
▪ It's a familiar routine, as Bush continues to work the centre ground in his presidential contest with Al Gore.
▪ The familiar routine of anti-invasion preparations was soon well under way.
▪ But the surroundings grew familiar, a routine established itself.
▪ Caroline fell easily into the old, familiar routine.
▪ Seemingly familiar with the routine, she cradled my head in her arms in a practised manner and stood waiting.
▪ All too familiar routines Wherever I have described these results, I get instant recognition from executives.
▪ It's become part of my normal daily routine.
▪ Otherwise, there was no change in the normal routine.
▪ It's his normal cut-off-his-nose-to-spite-his-face routine.
▪ I continue with my normal routine after I run.
▪ Poindexter acknowledged that he had deleted computer messages, but claimed that this was part of his normal routine.
▪ However, people living normal routines also can benefit from a knowledge of what their body clocks are telling them.
▪ Do not try to perfect your normal eating routine.
▪ I had plenty to do between normal routine work at Felixstowe and preparation connected with taking over Searcher.
▪ It always took some time after her departure to get back into the old routine again ... into the old pleasant routine.
▪ We're back to the old routine now.
▪ Caroline fell easily into the old, familiar routine.
▪ Life took up its old monotonous routine.
▪ Instead I closed him out, continued without him and became absorbed in my old routine.
▪ It is expected that this in turn can be eliminated as part of regular daily routines.
▪ We want as few surprises as possible because we want to have our regular routine as much as possible.
▪ Therefore, a regular daily routine should be developed so that care of personal appearance and hygiene is automatic.
▪ Getting fit is about small amounts of physical exercise, starting slowly and gradually building up a regular routine.
▪ Once you build up a regular routine you will want to get outside whatever the weather is doing.
▪ If not, there are simple relaxation routines which you can follow for yourself and fit into your daily routine.
▪ In the past simple morphological systems have used simple affix-stripping routines to determine the morphemes present in a word.
▪ I'd like you, Sergeant, to get on with organising the usual routine.
▪ Late-night telephone calls, unexplained absences and other minor but significant changes in his usual routine.
▪ This will be quite different to their usual routine, of course, when they may sleep for quite long periods.
▪ In the autumn there was to be a break in his usual routine.
▪ Plan out some ordinary ways to increase exercise as part of your usual routine.
▪ They stopped my client, asked him what he was there for, his name and address, the usual routine.
▪ Many good exercise programmes stop when life and the usual routine starts to get chaotic or change for some reason.
▪ He did all the usual morning routine in silence.
▪ No experience is necessary and all dance routines will be taught by the club's choreographer.
▪ It's a very young role and she has to lead the gypsy dance routine.
▪ Suzi Hoflin came in with two of her pupils and put Ingrid through a reasonable enough gypsy dance routine.
▪ To the outsider the movements of a kata resemble a dance routine.
▪ She'd rehearsed a number at her house with our choreographer the evening before, a whole dance routine.
▪ Three o'clock in the morning, bopping through a weird limb-jerking dance routine, and she looks like a child at playschool.
▪ My costume fits O.K.; the tight velvet pants worked well in the dance routine work-through this morning.
▪ I've been practising this mega dance routine.
▪ Videos are often available of exercise routines so you can see exactly what you should be doing.
▪ The exercise routines are slow and easy to learn.
▪ Do encourage them to do this exercise routine too.
▪ He became interested in merging different exercise routines used in Western society and those used in Eastern society.
▪ As the 80s came to an end, punishing exercise routines had become almost an alternative religion for many people.
▪ Like clockwork the three nurses and I followed along with the male radio voice and did a ten-minute exercise routine.
▪ These exercises can easily be incorporated into an exercise routine, with each exercise repeated a number of times.
▪ So he changed his swing, changed his exercise routine and started a stretching program.
▪ Most hair care worries can be sorted out by changing your basic routine or using products to suit your hair type.
▪ Experiment with a different hair style or food. Change your daily routine.
▪ Your first battle will be changing the routine, gently but firmly so that everyone knows that things will be different from now on.
▪ So he changed his swing, changed his exercise routine and started a stretching program.
▪ Do something with your hands, tapestry work or knitting, change your daily routine or try relaxation exercises.
▪ As later chapters will show, advice can be given to travellers and shift-workers who have recently changed their routines.
▪ If you always crave the same food at the same time, change your routine.
▪ Such requests could be met by providing new processes rather than by changing existing routines.
▪ One engineer had established a part-time routine that she felt happy with.
▪ Not finding that possible in the established routine of a firm practice, he retreated to academe.
▪ Be positive and determined, and establish disciplined routines.
▪ Joe established a prison routine that sustained him through most of his time at Stanley.
▪ I had time to establish a routine.
▪ It is an established migrant routine.
▪ Take the time to sit back and listen and establish a routine for yourself.
▪ Take this book into the library and follow the above routine for yourself.
▪ It is necessary to follow the routines exactly to obtain the best results.
▪ Those choking fits, for instance, and the way in which she followed her routine so unerringly.
▪ At Canjuers we followed the same routine as at Orange.
▪ I followed routines and simple homely menus.
▪ I could not follow my routine.
▪ He follows the camp routines well, but at times he becomes disinterested and a little slow in carrying them out.
▪ These advanced techniques involve partnering up with a fellow student and following a step-by-step routine of attack, defence and counter-attack.
▪ Is it depressing to perform the same routines with the same people?
▪ With Marguerite she settled into an amiable routine.
▪ We quickly settled into a routine.
▪ Joining them, Charlotte settles into a routine, roving by day and writing at night.
▪ Our lives settled into routines, some old, some new.
▪ The Sunday school had closed on its opening day, but everything else was settling into a routine.
▪ That was when he started writing routines.
▪ With children it is important to start this routine at an early age.
▪ Dixie has shown me the circuit, today I start the routine.
▪ In true body-building style, the effects are cumulative so start your routine now!
▪ Do not be tempted to start a harder routine at the beginning as this will almost certainly detract from the potential gains.
as a matter of course/routine
▪ Voters expected as a matter of course that candidates would not keep all their promises.
▪ Blood samples should be taken to measure the client's electrolyte and urea levels as a matter of routine.
▪ By May first, I was able to walk from ten to twelve yards as a matter of routine.
▪ Enemy redoubts were strewn with booby traps as a matter of course.
▪ If they meet as a matter of course throughout the year they can review and plan on a regular basis.
▪ Search at the police station should not be undertaken as a matter of routine but only where justified under Lindley v. Rutter.
▪ Their general health is better and they do not suffer repeated or unwanted pregnancies as a matter of course.
▪ They are very learned about cooking in San Francisco-people seem to expect as a matter of course things which we consider luxurious.
▪ His routine consisted of work, dinner, then TV and bed.
▪ I was looking for a way out of the monotonous routine at the factory.
▪ Most babies soon develop a daily routine of eating and sleeping.
▪ She does not like having her work routine interrupted.
▪ The daily routine starts early, around 6:00 a.m.
▪ By representing words in the definitions as integers, storage requirements decrease dramatically and efficient sorting routines become easily applicable.
▪ Now, with hearing loss, the routine needs to be reviewed, to plan when to talk and when not to.
▪ Still, others managed to maintain their daily routines.
▪ The starlings' daily routine in the Park begins at dawn.
▪ These routines are written in assembly language but called as procedures or functions from Pascal modules.
▪ This practice should be based on proven principles, acceptable to all, and not on routine and ritual.
▪ You should still play a full part in Arrange definite times and a workable routine.
▪ The formal processes of the law, indeed, do not loom large in the field officer's routine activities.
▪ Thus, girls generally spent more of their time than boys on work and associated routine activities.
▪ Only junior representatives were sent to sessions of the Council in order for routine business to be carried out.
▪ She deals with all routine business other than reservations, keeps the general accounts and calculates wages.
▪ Even in the years of his greatest fame, he continued with the routine business of publishing.
▪ When the two men drove away, the Garda stopped them on a routine check.
▪ The reporters had learned of him while making some routine checks.
▪ But doctors did not spot the hairline fracture until a routine check on the plates after she left.
▪ Forty thousand pounds worth of the drug was found in a car that was stopped in a routine check.
▪ Earlier in the day, a police officer was shot and wounded during a routine check on a van.
▪ He was carrying a false passport when he arrived from London but was recognised during a routine check.
▪ Hakkinen was taken to the circuit for a routine check after suffering minor concussion when his car crashed into a barrier.
▪ Consideration of some of the routine day to day techniques of molecular biology allows this to be illustrated.
▪ We never had a routine day, it varied from day to day.
▪ A memorable strike from Paul Scholes and a deserved goal for the influential David Beckham completed a routine day for the champions.
▪ I tried to forget about it and to go about my routine day as usual.
▪ Ray Shepherd looked up at them as coolly as if he had just driven in to work on a routine day.
▪ It was a routine day at the cricket, according to the Sri Lankan Board's media relations officer.
▪ It is dangerous therefore to allow people to think they have routine jobs.
▪ Capable accountants and auditors should advance rapidly; those having inadequate academic preparation may be assigned routine jobs and find promotion difficult.
▪ What's more, routine jobs bore people.
▪ His tip was for handrails to be provided around the Laundry Building, to prevent people falling during routine maintenance access.
▪ Mr Stanley had been carrying out routine maintenance work.
▪ Checklists Checklists are used in the pre-start mode, for routine maintenance and for fault-finding.
▪ They were noticed during routine maintenance checks.
▪ In the routine maintenance revenue account the resurfacing of Beech Hill and the construction of a footpath were being treated as priorities.
▪ However, it is not at present a routine matter to extend such measurements over an appreciable portion even of one vibration-rotation band.
▪ It was a routine matter concerning a query on an invoice, something to do with prices.
▪ Neither are lorries subjected to delays by Customs as a routine matter.
▪ They claim that he removed healthy wombs and bungled routine operations, leaving them with bladder, kidney and liver damage.
▪ For one, with so little time in the field, there was insufficient information about routine operations.
▪ It would be very different unloading the skip across the beach to the routine operation in Marchwood Military Port.
▪ An Ayrshire man is considering legal action against Crosshouse Hospital after his wife died following a routine operation.
▪ The simulations involved real-time, interactive, routine operations, such as the actions of hanger and flight deck operators.
▪ For a routine operation in which everybody knows what they are doing high involvement and high intensity are less critical.
▪ In other words, the routine operation of reason is not just a matter of routine.
▪ It is now a relatively routine operation available in the national health service.
▪ Parading captives on the screen is now a routine part of war.
▪ All these sorts of considerations are also aspects of routine policing.
▪ What in Northern Ireland does routine policing consist of?
▪ After that, it was a matter of routine procedure.
▪ Application Forms Using application forms Application forms are not just a routine procedure.
▪ Administrator: carrying out routine procedures. 5.
▪ To deny older women access to routine screening is both contra-indicated and explicitly discriminatory.
▪ But routine screening of milk for contaminants should have disclosed higher lead levels by mid-October.
▪ The germ, a strain of klebsiella which is resistant to most antibiotics, was found during routine screening.
▪ Automatic equipment meant that many of the relatively routine tasks could be done more quickly and more accurately.
▪ When the first tourists of the morning arrive, he joins other workers below for the routine tasks of the day.
▪ I have little patience with routine tasks such as washing up, filling in forms, etc. 2.
▪ He had to devote all his attention to the routine task of driving, finally pulling over to recover.
▪ A good forward planner, he delegates detailed and routine tasks.
▪ Driving instructors say most of the time they spend in cars with students is occupied by routine tasks.
▪ She was undergoing what were described as routine tests.
▪ Most insurers cover routine tests for older women, however.
▪ In Britain there's no routine test for toxoplasmosis in pregnancy, in spite of evidence that two in 1,000 women here are affected.
▪ Despite the routine use of cyclosporin only two patients had a plasma creatinine concentration above 175 µmol/l.
▪ If this is done, then two of the three products of ilmenite reduction will be in routine use.
▪ Possibly, selected or routine use of intraoperative cholangiography could have prevented or diagnosed some of the injuries.
▪ The performance is then monitored and maintained in routine use by means of control charts.
▪ Much of the improvement in survival has resulted from the now routine use of cyclosporin as an immunosuppressive agent.
▪ Much of the routine work was done by girl students eager to earn a little extra towards their fees.
▪ There were no other petitioners waiting, and they had routine work to do.
▪ At present, crews typically rotate between 999 and routine work making it difficult to designate crews for higher pay.
▪ Luckily the weather was so awful that nothing was flying, so there was only routine work to attend to.
▪ Here he gained valuable experience and, though occupied with much routine work, commenced innovative research.
▪ But in her routine work there is ample opportunity for teaching.
▪ It is exhilarating, stimulating personnel in a way that routine work can not do.
▪ A major electrical fault was found during a routine safety inspection.
▪ Do you mind if I ask you a few questions? It's just routine.
▪ It was on a Saturday 15 years ago that during a routine visit to the doctor, I learned I had cancer.
▪ My job at the newspaper had become routine.
▪ Police found the heroin during a routine inspection of a ship.
▪ Systems need to be updated on a routine basis.
▪ The fault was discovered during a routine check of the plane.
▪ The hospital carried out some routine tests.
▪ The infection was detected during a routine blood test.
▪ But United, lacking six regular players, dismantled Leicester's presumptuousness with the routine efficiency of a surgeon removing an appendix.
▪ Cabinet scandals in every administration, regardless of party, are practically routine.
▪ His frustration with not carrying the ball at this time of year is as routine as the end of daylight savings time.
▪ I stay through two more routine calls, and we've run out of subjects by five-thirty.
▪ Stick rigidly to saying things that are routine and standard.
▪ There were no other petitioners waiting, and they had routine work to do.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Routine \Rou*tine"\, n. [F., fr. route a path, way, road. See Route, Roterepetition.]

  1. A round of business, amusement, or pleasure, daily or frequently pursued; especially, a course of business or offical duties regularly or frequently returning.

  2. Any regular course of action or procedure rigidly adhered to by the mere force of habit.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1670s, from French routine "usual course of action, beaten path" (16c.), from route "way, path, course" (see route (n.)) + noun suffix -ine (see -ine (1)). Theatrical or athletic performance sense is from 1926. The adjective is attested from 1817, from the noun. Related: Routinely.


a. 1 According to established procedure. 2 regular; habitual. n. 1 A course of action to be followed regularly; a standard procedure. 2 A set of normal procedures, often performed mechanically. 3 A set piece of an entertainer's act. 4 (label en computing) A set of instructions designed to perform a specific task; a subroutine.

  1. adj. occurring at fixed times or predictable intervals; "made her routine trip to the store"

  2. found in the ordinary course of events; "a placid everyday scene"; "it was a routine day"; "there's nothing quite like a real...train conductor to add color to a quotidian commute"- Anita Diamant [syn: everyday, mundane, quotidian, unremarkable, workaday]

  1. n. an unvarying or habitual method of procedure [syn: modus operandi]

  2. a short theatrical performance that is part of a longer program; "he did his act three times every evening"; "she had a catchy little routine"; "it was one of the best numbers he ever did" [syn: act, number, turn, bit]

  3. a set sequence of steps, part of larger computer program [syn: subroutine, subprogram, procedure, function]


Routine may refer to:

Usage examples of "routine".

As I went through my antemeridian routine, I discovered that I harbored the same mixed mood that had pervaded my weekend, and I can only describe it as being precariously happy.

But he attended assiduously in his place and learned thoroughly the routine and business of the House.

If we erase that routine, your probes will start up our nanites but stop short of assimilating them.

It rarely happened that a human was attacked by a kren, but the humans feared it so greatly that they drilled their medical teams in antivenom routine.

But those acts raised the specter of the antiviral routines, and Gina was growing more frightened by the day at how far out of hand her behavior had gotten.

Have developed a routine in which he is a Tex-Mex astronaut coming home after eleven months on the Moon, she pregnant.

The subject he had expected to be raised came up after a routine report on various financial interests-outside the hotel business--on which Lemnitzer astutely rode herd.

An automaton is someone who acts in a routine or monotonous manner and lacks active intellect.

She kept up the routine when she got to the autostrada as well, although the suddenly uncooperative nature of her bladder and the fact that for the first time in her life she felt carsick meant that she had to stop frequently.

From the time she had been a toddler, she had crawled into this bed on Sunday mornings, dragging her stuffed animals and blankies with her, her menagerie as much a part of the weekend routine as the funny papers and the croissants and jam and tea that Delphine always brought upstairs on the breakfast tray.

Oval Office routine: holding the document steady on the blotter for Daniel Galbraith to sign with his left hand, while the useless arm hung down at his side.

There was something soft about Breger, something tired, as if he had grown comfortable in a routine that was being shattered by his younger, more enthusiastic partner.

This is when Stone starts threatening and Breger holds her back and the whole madcap mad-cop routine plays itself out.

Those first weeks of basic training quickly took on the quality of a challengea challenge to our sharp-edged smart-ass individuality which we were supposed to submerge in humility, prayer, the tedium of routine, the constant busyness, the sounds and smells of a religious dorm.

A bony, craggy Scotsman, with a square fighting head and a bulldog jaw, he had conquered the exclusiveness and routine of the British service by the same dogged qualities which made him formidable to Dervish and to Boer.