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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
initiation rite/ritual
▪ initiation rituals for young boys at puberty
last rites
satanic ritual/cult/rite
▪ The children were abused as part of a satanic ritual.
▪ I said you would be permitted to observe our sacred and ancient rites.
▪ They cling to their religion, its strict kosher rules and ancient rites of worship.
▪ Here, perhaps, within living memory, the ancient rites were enacted and may yet be again.
▪ Whitewater led to Paula, who led to Monica, who led to the ancient rite of impeachment.
▪ The presence of stone objects suggested that the site might have been used for religious rites.
▪ What is difficult for Westerners to grasp is the importance and real meaning of these religious rites.
▪ There may be special religious rites to be observed.
▪ Under these circumstances it would not do to conduct religious rites at approximately the same time each year.
▪ Perhaps the technicians who control the mast are descendants of the shamans who presided over religious rites here.
▪ And that, I would say, is what we, in our own religious rites, had best be doing too.
▪ In western as in eastern Christendom coronation was a religious rite which began with the anointment of the ruler with holy oil.
▪ Often the toga was drawn over his head to make a veil, worn at the performance of religious rites.
▪ This is now part of the Roman Catholic rite, which has never had problems of rampant tuberculosis because of the cup.
▪ This feature was particularly emphasized in the early history of the Roman rite.
▪ I said you would be permitted to observe our sacred and ancient rites.
▪ But Latinus, locked in his palace, was not available for the sacred rite.
▪ Still others, who are initiated by those making a craft of sacred rites, are worthy of astonishment and pity.
▪ He had been sent on to bid her make all ready for the sacred rites.
▪ Yet, the work's direction is quite the opposite of that conventionally assigned to the fertility rite.
▪ Those assembled along the hill lines are keeping alive one of the world's most ancient and wide spread fertility rites.
▪ She is an accomplished mage and oversees all the complex fertility rites of Avelorn and Ulthuan.
▪ In it the whole idea of the fertility rite is exploded, using the very forms and devices of the traditional ritual.
▪ The Cocopa and the Hopi respectively exemplify extremes of emphasis and of de-emphasis in the observance of funeral rites.
▪ The question then arises: what purpose do Hopi funeral rites serve?
▪ This will be a new experience for Mr Major, the last and hardest of his political initiation rites.
▪ Spirit baptism was not just an initiation rite, it was a mystical encounter.
▪ His appearance is essential to the tribes' fertility, and he is petitioned in initiation rites for young boys at puberty.
▪ Hence, the recourse to alcohol or other drugs, which is commonly featured in initiation rites around the world.
▪ Your initiation rites do not conceal your destitution.
▪ Lois was tempted to ask the young man if he thought she had undergone an initiation rite.
▪ So he did what he has become accustomed to doing - gave the last rites.
▪ But they can not perform Catholic sacramental duties, such as hearing confession, offering Communion or giving last rites.
▪ Both were given last rites before being taken into the operating room.
▪ They leave their mundane business and material world outside the garden, and perform the rites of the perception of beauty.
▪ I imagined a sorceress inside performing her rites behind the window, with a red kerchief.
▪ Upstream and downstream, and on the far bank other villages were performing the same rites.
▪ She spoke for me: No one performed the proper rites of the dead.
▪ Finally, they perform rites to obtain children, preferably male, and for the safety and health of their children.
▪ Whenever a member of her household became ill, she called a medicine woman to perform a magical rite.
▪ Mme Guérigny insisted that I watch closely while she performed this rite.
▪ The presence of stone objects suggested that the site might have been used for religious rites.
▪ Some accounts say the gallae stored them in underground chambers to be used in mystery rites.
▪ Problems have arisen because of the belief that none of the well-known and loved musical settings could be used in the new rites.
the last rites
▪ A cleansing rite was performed before building started.
▪ A priest was called to perform last rites for the dying woman.
▪ Buddhist rites
▪ The Batak chieftains perform the traditional initiation rite.
▪ The body cannot be buried until the funeral rites have been performed.
▪ And we find the same thought expressed in the final instructions delivered to the departed in the Ainu rites of burial.
▪ Boyhood pledges and rites of passage, boy pages learning skills of survival from men of iron.
▪ One of these couldn't read or rite.
▪ Perhaps the technicians who control the mast are descendants of the shamans who presided over religious rites here.
▪ These rites mark the cycle of life - birth, puberty, marriage, death.
▪ They are shunned in any auspicious rites, especially marriage.
▪ This feature was particularly emphasized in the early history of the Roman rite.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Rite \Rite\, n. [L. ritus; cf. Skr. r[=i]ti a stream, a running, way, manner, ri to flow: cf. F. rit, rite. CF. Rivulet.] The act of performing divine or solemn service, as established by law, precept, or custom; a formal act of religion or other solemn duty; a solemn observance; a ceremony; as, the rites of freemasonry.

He looked with indifference on rites, names, and forms of ecclesiastical polity.

Syn: Form; ceremony; observance; ordinance.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

early 14c., from Latin ritus "religious observance or ceremony, custom, usage," perhaps from PIE root *re(i)- "to count, number" (cognates: Greek arithmos "number," Old English rim "number;" see read (v.)). Rite of passage (1909) is translated from French rite de passage, coined by French anthropologist Arnold van Gennep (1873-1957).


Etymology 1 n. A religious custom. Etymology 2

a. (informal spelling of right English) adv. (informal spelling of right English) interj. (informal spelling of right English) n. (informal spelling of right English)

  1. n. an established ceremony prescribed by a religion; "the rite of baptism" [syn: religious rite]

  2. any customary observance or practice [syn: ritual]


A rite or ritual is an established, ceremonial, usually religious, act. Rites in this sense fall into three major categories:

Rite (disambiguation)

A rite is an established ceremonious act.

Rite also may refer to:

  • Autonomous particular church within Roman Catholic Church
  • Rites (album) an album by Norwegian saxophonist Jan Garbarek
  • Rites, a.k.a. Quarry (novel) by Ally Kennen
  • The Rite (1969 film), a Swedish drama film
  • The Rite (2011 film), an American horror film
  • RITE Method, game usability criteria
  • RITES Ltd, an Indian company
Rite (album)

Rite is an ambient album by Julian Cope and Donald Ross Skinner, released in 1992. It is the first album in the Rite series and has been described as "a series of lengthy, mostly instrumental jamming freakouts influenced by both Krautrock and psychedelic funk."

Usage examples of "rite".

And the rumor that crossed the waters was this: The Cruarch of Alba was dead, slain, it was said, by his own son, who sought to overturn the old matrilineal rites of succession and seize rulership of Alba for himself.

There has cum a leter for a sertun persen this morning, with a Lundun posmark, and i do not now hand nor sele, but bad writting, which i have not seen wot contanes, but I may, for as you told me offen, you are anceus for welfare of our famly, as i now to be no more than trewth, so I am anceus to ascest you Sir, wich my conseynce is satesfid, but leter as trubeled a sertun persen oufull, hoo i new was engry, and look oufull put about, wich do not offen apen, and you may sewer there is sumthing in wind, he is alday so oufull peefish, you will not thing worse of me speeken plane as yo disier, there beeing a deel to regret for frends of the old famly i feer in a sertun resent marrege, if I shud lern be chance contense of letter i will sewer rite you.

She it was who bestowed his Messiahship by ritually anointing him with spikenard, and if the idea that she was wealthy is correct, then perhaps her influence made the initiatory and magical rite of the Crucifixion possible.

With Druidical religious rites were blended Arkite and Sabian superstition.

At that period I still went about and was able to continue performing in person my duties as high pontiff and as Arval Brother, and to celebrate myself the ancient rites of this Roman religion which, in the end, I prefer to most of the foreign cults.

His rite accomplished, the traveler receives the reward of his liberation: the little stone, dry and smooth as an asphodel, that he picks up on the cliff.

But all the other things which the Church observes in the baptismal rite, belong rather to a certain solemnity of the sacrament.

Further, it is a greater thing to baptize, than to perform the other sacramental rites of Baptism, such as to catechize, to exorcize, and to bless the baptismal water.

So bimeby mother come up and i made beleeve i was asleep and mother set down by the bed and said are you asleep Harry, and i said yes before i thought, and then she sorter laffed and began to talk to me and told me how sory it made her feel to see me so cross and doing bad things and she wanted me to be better and not wurry her for she dident feel very well and gosh before i knew it i was balling rite out.

He recalled the response from the Litany against Fear as his mother had taught him out of the Bene Gesserit rite.

Not long after they mixed libations in honour of Zeus, with pious rites as is customary, and poured them upon the burning tongues, and bethought them of sleep in the darkness.

Jim had belonged to an order of Knights, who lengthened the rites with a picturesque ceremony of their own, and at first Bibbs wished to avoid this, but upon reflection he offered no objection-- he divined that the Knights and their service would be not precisely a consolation, but a satisfaction to his father.

Here, on the conversion of the Birts to Christianity, the sacred rite of baptism was performed by immersion in the waters of the Severn, and when they died, our Edwards, or Ealdwulfs, and their Ethelgifas were laid in the grave to the ringing of the passing bell.

Cawcaw fishes when the feller which is skiping gets a bite he lets him have it a minit and the feller whitch is padling the bote padles towards the shore and then the feller whitch is skiping gumps rite out as soon as the water aint over his head and gives a big yank, and the pikeril goes saling into the field.

Nipper went to set down and he set rite down on the floor bang and grabed the table cloth and pulled of his plate and cup and sauser and Beanys sauser and they came rite down on his head and broak to smash.